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Analysis of Radio Frequency Identification RFID Chip Prevalence in 3 Discrete United States Populations – WIT

Three discrete human populations, defined by geographic location, were assessed for the presence of RFID Chips. Population Midwest MW contained 958 individuals from Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Population Northeast NE contained 987 individuals from Maine, Rhode Island, and New Jersey. Population South West SW contained 1,010 individuals from Arizona and Nevada. Volunteers were recruited using […]

Union pulls black college support after Koch gift – Democratic Underground

In a letter made public Thursday, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees said it will no longer partner with or raise funds for the fund, known for its iconic motto, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”AFSCME President Lee Saunders said the actions of the college fund’s president “are not only […]

Blackwater Founder Erik Prince To Advise Chinese Firms In Africa

Former Navy SEAL and Blackwater founder Erik Prince has a new security venture. This time he is helping Chinese firms to “take the drama out of Africa” by consulting on how the businesses should establish themselves and operate throughout the continent. Africa has become a major target for Chinese investment to secure access to the […]

Church House conference centre should not promote warfare

This month, in the space of three weeks there have been two conferences sponsored by some of the world’s largest arms companies at Church House, which also houses the administrative headquarters of the Church of England.The Church House conference centre is run by a charity, whose president is the Archbishop of Canterbury and whose council […]

Kentucky Lawmakers Attack Climate Change Science In Discussion on Carbon Regulations | WFPL

“I won’t get into the debate about climate change,” said Sen. Brandon Smith, a Hazard Republican. “But I’ll simply point out that I think in academia we all agree that the temperature on Mars is exactly as it is here. Nobody will dispute that. Yet there are no coal mines on Mars. There’s no factories […] 10 ways Facebook is actually the devil

There has always been a lot of ethical discussions around experiments being run. From the simplistic, i.e. will this be disruptive in a way that would simply annoy users, to the more complex, i.e. is the perceived benefit from the understanding that we will get from this test worth the potential negative effect on users […]

Iraq seeks to recover over $40 billion from US

Iraq is trying to recover nearly $41 billion after the US has refused to deliver the F16 aircrafts the Iraqi government had paid for, Anadolu news agency quoted an Iraqi official as saying.A member of the Security and Defence Committee in the Iraqi parliament, Hakim Al-Zamli, said: “The US has not complied with the agreement […]

Cross-party outrage at German NSA double agent allegations | News | DW.DE | 05.07.2014

The agent was reportedly suspected of selling information to the United States National Security Agency NSA directly concerning the German parliamentary comittee investigating NSA activity, according to a joint report from public regional broadcasters WDR and NDR, combined with the daily Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper.”This case must now be explained without any gaps,” said the interior […]

Sale of 4,000 U.S. Missiles to Iraq Is Readied – Bloomberg

Sale of the laser-guided missiles made by Lockheed Martin Corp. LMT would be in addition to 500 previously purchased, of which about 400 have been delivered.The U.S. has pledged military aid to Iraq in its fight against the Islamic State, an extremist Sunni group that’s seized a swath of territory north and west of Baghdad. […]

NSA monitored calls of 35 world leaders after US official handed over contacts | World news | The Guardian

The confidential memo reveals that the NSA encourages senior officials in its “customer” departments, such as the White House, State and the Pentagon, to share their “Rolodexes” so the agency can add the phone numbers of leading foreign politicians to their surveillance systems.The document notes that one unnamed US official handed over 200 numbers, including […]

Blackwater Threatens to Kill CODEPINK Activist | PINKtank

On Wednesday, February 24, at the Senate Armed Services hearing on Blackwater, a former Blackwater employee known as Johnnie Walker threatened to kill CODEPINK activist Tighe Barry.The hearing, entitled Contracting and Counterinsurgency: An Examination of the Blackwater-Paravant Contract and the Need for Oversight, was convened by Senator Carl Levin to look into Blackwater personnel’s reckless […]

Why are Greenpeace and the EFF working with extremists who want to nullify welfare programs and the EPA? | PandoDaily

I understand that opponents of mass surveillance seek allies wherever they can. In its press release for the airship, Greenpeace is quick to call its group of partners “diverse.” That’s putting it lightly. The Tenth Amendment Center has praised efforts in Arizona to nullify “all rules imposed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.” I […]

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