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‘Troop Buildup on the Border’–We’ve Heard This Before

It could be that Russia, for any number of reasons, has decided to move tens of thousands of troops to the area. They claim nothing out of the ordinary is happening, except for some training exercises. NBC correspondent Jim Maceda NBC News, 3/30/14 went to the border area to check out the claims of Russian […]

Ukraine: Helmut Schmidt hat Verständnis für Putins Krim-Politik | ZEIT ONLINE

Für falsch hält Schmidt auch den Beschluss des Westens, die Zusammenarbeit mit Russland im Rahmen der G 8 einzustellen. “Es wäre ideal, sich jetzt zusammenzusetzen. Es wäre jedenfalls dem Frieden bekömmlicher als das Androhen von Sanktionen”, sagte Schmidt. “Die G 8 ist in Wirklichkeit nicht so wichtig wie die G 20. Aus der G 20 […]

UK to buy gas from Russia despite Ukraine crisis Anadolu Agency

When Centrica was asked by Anadolu Agency on Tuesday if the contract was being revised in light of the recent crisis in Ukraine, AA was told that there would be “no change” to the 2012 agreement. At the time of signing the original contract, Cordi O’Hara, Centrica Energy, Origination Director said: “Centrica is at the […]

HMRC criticised for using terror laws against tax whistleblower | Politics | The Guardian

The MP told Homer she was particularly surprised “that you made a request under Ripa, which is there to deal with terrorism”. She asked for assurances that HMRC would “never again use these powers on a whistleblower”.However, Homer declined to offer Hodge the desired reassurance, responding: “You know that we cannot offer carte blanche assurances […]

For 1st time, German Army officer to be USAREUR chief of staff – Europe – Stripes

“U.S. Army-Europe is currently in discussion with the German [Ministry of Defense] on the opportunity to have a German brigadier general serve as the USAREUR chief of staff. The details are still being worked,” said Joe Garvey, deputy chief of Public Affairs for USAREUR.Garvey would not provide additional details or a timetable for when an […]

La NSA aurait infiltré les serveurs du géant chinois Huawei

Selon le magazine allemand Der Spiegel, qui fait également état de l’intérêt de la NSA pour Huawei, l’offensive numérique lancée par l’agence américaine vise aussi les dirigeants politiques chinois. La NSA, selon le New York Times, cherchait aussi à obtenir des renseignements sur des clients-clés de la Chine, dont « des cibles hautement prioritaires – l’Iran, l’Afghanistan, […]

Crimea? No, Venice! Independence referendum in EU goes almost unnoticed — RT News

The online referendum in the northern Italian province was launched on Sunday, the same day the majority of people in Crimea voted yes to seceding from Ukraine and joining Russia. But unlike the Crimean referendum, the Veneto one has not quite found itself in the media spotlight.Nevertheless, about 3.8 million eligible Veneto resident voters will […]

Armenia backs Crimea’s right to self-determination — RT News

Armenia has backed Crimea’s choice of joining Russia, supporting the right to self-determination for the peninsula’s population. In response, Ukraine has recalled its ambassador to Armenia.”Armenias principled position on the right to self-determination remains unchanged and has been repeatedly expressed over the years,” Armenias deputy foreign minister, Shavarsh Kocharyan, told Ukrainian Ambassador Ivan Kukhta, as […]

German Left Party promotes government propaganda against Russia – World Socialist Web Site

Their joint statement begins with the declaration: “We condemn the threatening military actions by the Russian Federation…” It continues: “The answer to the actions of the Russian Federation in Crimea, which are in violation of international law and which we condemn, must be diplomacy—war cannot solve any problems and should not be a policy option.”After […]

British Move Toward Censoring “Unsavory” Internet Speech | JONATHAN TURLEY

Brokenshire is quoted as saying that the government must do more to shape the dialogue of citizens by censoring content that is objectionable: “that may not be illegal but certainly is unsavoury and may not be the sort of material that people would want to see or receive.” He also wants more private censorship from […]

EU, US impose sanctions against Russian officials after Crimea referendum — RT News

The US has imposed sanctions against Russian and Ukrainian officials on Monday, with the White House stating that “the actions and policies” of the Russian government with respect to Ukraine “undermine democratic processes and institutions in Ukraine; threaten its peace, security, stability, sovereignty, and territorial integrity; and contribute to the misappropriation of its assets.”Obama’s executive […]

Home Secretary Theresa May says passport checks will be introduced for anyone who wants to cross the ‘border’ if Scotland votes for independence | Mail Online

First Minister Alex Salmond has said a separate Scottish Government would not ‘kick out’ migrants and would welcome more foreigners.UK ministers are convinced that, without border controls, a separate Scotland would become a ‘back door’ to England for migrants.Mrs May told delegates at the Scottish Tory conference that criminals would seek to ‘exploit’ the Border. […]

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