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Westmoreland County Coroner Ken Bacha (WTAE) The Raw Story A Pennsylvania coroner said this week that the state’s law required him to auction off guns that were used in suicides and other accidental violent deaths, even though his county has not held a similar auction in 30 years. Westmoreland…

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The Nigerian Defence Headquarters has confirmed that an entire battalion of soldiers fled the town of Mubi in Adamawa State earlier today in response to an attack by “insignificant” Boko Haram militants, but that an investigation is going on to establish why. A 155 Artillery weapon in Mubi,…

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February 2014: Arvanitis used the nazi salute in a party audience in Heraklion, Crete. Photo: Stefanos Rapanis (AMNA), via thetoc.gr/eng/politics/article/golden-dawn-mp-nazi-salute-explained Antisemitic references were made by Golden Dawn MP Michail Arvanitis, in the Greek Parliament, during the session of Sept. 30, 2014, during which the Parliament passed in principle the draft Bill on “The organisation of…

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Here (pdf): ?

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This shouldn’t bother me but as long as President Obama occupies the White House, it will always bother me… Liberaland Drew Walker loves America – his version, anyway. This angry Tea Party zealot has been posting insane rants on Facebook for quite some time, ranting about liberal “f*cking f*ggots”…

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by Scott Creighton UPDATE: Sweden officially recognizes Palestinian state, Israel recalls ambassador —– Another fine example of Zionist humanitarianism here in the states. [embed]https://twitter.com/MikePrysner/status/523476208575451136[/embed] At BlockTheBoatLA a little group of pro-Zionist counter protesters set up camp across the street from some human rights protesters who were there to promote the…

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Methods range between severe beatings, putting prisoners under cold water followed by hot water, cuffing or restraining them with their arms behind them and then tying them to a door or window for long periods of time, often lasting hours MEMO | October 29, 2014 Hundreds of torture methods used…

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“Do not expect any black police or corrections union or whatever they call themselves to back you. I’m not saying they won’t, I’m saying if they did it would be a Black History moment.” African Americans have morphed into the virtually the same conditions in 2014 that we criticized…

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by Sara Ahmed I am responding as one of the two ‘brown academics’ referred to in the article published here yesterday ‘Black – Political vs Ethnic’. I welcome the opportunity to discuss the words we use to describe ourselves, those of us who are ‘brown’ or ‘black’ and who stand…

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Election officials in 27 states, most of them Republicans, have launched a program that threatens a massive purge of voters from the rolls. Millions, especially black, Hispanic and Asian-American voters, are at risk. Already, tens of thousands have been removed in at least one battleground state, and the numbers are…

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He moved to defend himself from a dog attack, and they murdered him. 8 white cops, 1 black homeless man, 46 bullets

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I can no longer be silent from taking a clear stand regarding this November’s General Election.  While I refuse to turn human rights into a partisan issue on the World Human Rights blog and be overtly partisan when speaking of them; I will not hesitate to stand up for…

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