Mama Yosepha Met Pacific’s Catholic Church Leaders admin23 April 2018 Mama Yosepha Alomang, Markus Haluk, and the interpreter were talking to Cardinal Ribat and Cardinal Mafi – Jubi Jayapura, Jubi – After the closing of the Federation of Bishops’ Conferences of Oceania that held in Port Moresby from 12 to 16 April 2018, Mama […] […]

Late last week, this article from Politico started making the rounds: But the Trump administration contends the tribes are a race rather than separate governments, and exempting them from Medicaid work rules — which have been approved in three states and are being sought by at least 10 others — would be illegal preferential treatment. […] […]

Manhunt Underway for Tennessee Shooter Who Killed 4 People of Color | Democracy Now! – In Tennessee, police have launched a manhunt for a killer who opened fire on a Waffle House restaurant in suburban Nashville early Sunday morning, killing four people and wounding four others before being disarmed by a patron and escaping on […]

WorldStage Newsonline– Nigerian Army has announced plans to hold Operation LAST HOLD in Lake Chad Basin of Northern Borno in order to destroy the remaining Boko Haram activities. Source: Boko Haram: Nigerian Army plans Operation LAST HOLD exercise in Lake Chad Basin

“I wasn’t targeting Muslims,” Alexandre Bissonnette said, according to a statement read at his sentencing hearing. “It could have been anybody. I wanted glory” Source: Quebec mosque killer confided he wished he had shot more people, court told

Journalists and experts says a widely-shared report about Syria from The Independent bolsters talking points for the Assad regime and the Kremlin. Source: Critics Slam Viral Stories Claiming Douma Chemical Attack Victims Died from ‘Dust’

The Gujarat Anti-Terrorism Squad today filed a charge sheet in a court in Ankleshwar town of Bharuch district against two suspected ISIS operatives who were arrested last year. Source: // ISIS suspects planned attacks on Jews in Mumbai, says Gujarat ATS

. Yesterday marked the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. Below you can download a number of histories and firsthand accounts of the revolt, and below that read an article Marcus Barnett wrote on the subject last year for Jacobin. Roughly 300,000 Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto were killed by gas or bullet over a… […]

Is anyone paying attention to the damage being inflicted on the U.S. Constitution or are we all happily fighting each other over whether or not the sexual predator and economic terrorist donald trump colluded with Russian gangsters and puts his own country as risk while trying to kiss the ass of his current favorite dictator […] […]

After Getting Sued for Libel, Alex Jones Concedes Sandy Hook Wasn’t a Hoax | pluralist – The lawsuit was filed on Monday by the parents of two of Sandy Hook’s 26 victims, 6 year-olds Noah Pozner and Jesse Lewis. The plaintiffs filed separate defamation cases against Jones, ​claiming he had prolonged their suffering after the […]

Dr Kishti Sen* | ANZ | 20 April 2018 Papua New Guinea’s real gross domestic product averaged around 2 per cent per annum in 2016 and 2017. This is a significant step down from the previous two years when growth averaged over 10 per cent thanks mostly to the sizeable liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports. […]

The number of police-reported hate crimes against Muslims jumped by 60 per cent in 2015 compared to the previous year, according to Statistics Canada. Source: Anti-Muslim crimes in Canada up 60%, StatsCan reports | CBC News

The spiritual leader of the Rojava revolution in Syria, Abdullah ‘Apo’ Öcalan, remained isolated physically and intellectually in his Imrali island prison as Turkish tanks and F-16s demolished a canton in Northern Syria constituted on his own political teachings. According to the Stockholm Centre Source: Isolated on an island prison, Kurdish leader Apo Öcalan remains […]

Assaf Gavron tells Haaretz about the inspiration for his new book, and his decision to take part in an anti-Occupation book project Source: Israeli author Assaf Gavron on the importance of airing Israel’s dirty laundry abroad

The Merced, Calif., Police Department has launched an internal investigation after a black man was brutally beaten and injured while in custody. Source: California Store Clerk Calls Cops on Black Man Who Asked for Refund; Black Man Gets Beaten Bloody 

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (KABB) – Caught on camera is what looks like a San Antonio Police officer dragging a 16-year-old girl along the counter in her school office.Both the girl in the video and the San Antonio Police Department say this all started because of Source: VIDEO: Teen says officer used excessive force while handcuffing […]


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