Metropolitan police say 30-year-old man was detained in Somerset, while officers search woods in south Devon Source: : Member of British forces arrested over alleged Northern Ireland terrorism offences

“I was scared for my life,” Legend told the News. “I was thinking that they were going to shoot me.” He was soon surrounded by neighbors and friends who shielded him from the blundering cops. “This is a child!” they screamed. “He matches the description,” the cops countered, according to Legend’s mother, who shared her […]

The USNS Harvey Milk is the first Navy ship to be named after a member of the LGBT community—and, like the brave advocate it is named after, it will take its message of equality everywhere. Source: How The U.S. Navy Named a Ship After Harvey Milk To Show Its LGBT Pride

Also known as the Jalaur River Multipurpose Project Phase 2 (JRMP II), the project is expected to displace 17,000 Tumandok individuals, affecting 16 indigenous people’s communities. The building of the dam will submerge houses and agricultural lands of the Tumandok.These were the findings of the International Solidarity Mission (ISM) from July 16 to 18 organized […]

The one-minute video showed the military jeep pulling up in front of the Palestinians. As the vehicle begins to drive off, a grenade is seen coming from the back of the truck. From the footage, it is not clear whether words were exchanged by the two parties.The four men are then seen jumping up and […]

A spokesman for Clinton was quick to seize on the findings, arguing that they demonstrate “just how routine it is for government bureaucrats to go overboard” in keeping information secret from the public. Senior Democrat Harry Reid called it “a watershed moment”.The findings come after nearly a year of controversy over Clinton’s decision to set […]

The CNN report says that other firms that had been involved with Manafort have also been caught up in the Justice Department investigation, including the Podesta Group. However, the report does not list Mercury as being part of the probe.CNN cites law enforcement officials saying that prosecutors “haven’t ruled anything out.” The Podesta Group on […]

Although no militant group has openly claimed responsibility, local community sources however said a new militant group, Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate, was behind the attack. Report equally revealed that a technical team of NPDC and security officials have been deployed to the area to prevent the spread of spilled crude to other communities. Source: […]

The NPD denies that it is behind violence, and says it is being unfairly targeted as a group over the behavior of some individuals. Reuters was not able to verify independently any relationship between the party and Bauer’s former groups. The upper house of parliament is trying to impose just such a ban. It has […]

On August 20, 2012 President Obama called the use of chemical weapons by Syria’s Assad regime a “red line.” Four years on with the Syrian war still raging, DW asked three scholars to assess Washington’s Syria policy. Source: Obama’s policy failed to contain Syrian crisis | World | DW.COM | 19.08.2016

In the wake of critical reports, the deputy attorney general told officials to reduce or decline to renew deals with contractors. Source: Justice Department says it will end use of private prisons

Native Americans from Wyoming, Colorado and as far as Oklahoma are pulling up by the busload to protest an oil pipeline in rural North Dakota. Construction began near the Missouri River section of the 1,200-mile Dakota Access Pipeline last week. This week, more than 1,500 protesters arrived at the border of the Standing Rock Sioux […]

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