Videos compiled by on-scene Activist Post reporter, Derrick Broze, clearly show the FBI tactics used on activists at the RNC. Source: FBI ‘No Knock, No Warrant’ Raid on Activists During RNC

A United Nations report last month found that the Saudi-led coalition was responsible for killing more than 500 children in its year-long campaign of airstrikes.Oliver Sprague, Amnesty UK’s arms programme director, said: ‘It’s staggering that such a shameful admission is made at the eleventh hour on the last day of parliament.’The U-turn is a major […]

In other crackdown measures, Turkey has disbanded the presidential guard after already detaining nearly 300 unit members suspected of plotting against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and authorities detained Muhammet Sait Gulen, a nephew of the cleric who lives in self-imposed exile in Pennsylvania.Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag said in an interview with Turkey’s Kanal 7 television […]

Wherever the rats are scurrying, one’s likely to find some cheese close by – and the opium flows from Afghanistan bound for the Western world provide plenty of it. Buried among the headlines of the day was a story regarding Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base losing power during the attempted coup. When the lights came back […]

The groups, which held a seminar at Thammasat University yesterday, said the draft restricted rights on environmental issues and public hearings, and failed to address public health issues across the economic spectrum.Consumer rights groups said they were being denied a voice.The seminar also covered provisions relating to the tackling of corruption.Amarin Saichan of the Enlaw […]

The Democratic National Committee – a supposedly neutral organisation – apparently hatched a plan to try and undermine Bernie Sanders’ campaign against Hillary Clinton by getting someone to claim he was an atheist. The Sanders campaign for months complained that people in the DNC were biased in favour of the establishment candidate, Ms Clinton. The […]

Trump’s base, however, continues to be white men. An ABC News/Washington Post poll released early last month showed Trump with a huge 60 percent to 26 percent advantage among that demographic. It might not be enough for Trump to secure a general election victory — thanks to his unpopularity with others groups, Trump trailed Clinton […]

Buried in the headlines about the new Congress, and among the furious efforts of the Republican leadership’s attempt to change the subject, was the reprehensible case of Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.). As you might have heard, Scalise has now admitted to giving a speech earlier in his political career to a white supremacist group founded […]

Levi Shirley wanted to be a Marine. Instead, he died an American vigilante fighting ISIS in Syria. – The Washington Post – The younger Shirley had bad eyesight, however. He trained with other potential recruits, but was disqualified even after having surgery, said his mother, Susan. Instead, Shirley last year joined with other Westerners in […]

(U//FOUO) For this review, I&A counted only violence perpetrated by identified SCEs for ideological reasons that involved shootings, assaults, plots to commit violence, and credible violent threats against law enforcement, government personnel, and public officials. All incidents were reviewed by multiple I&A analysts to validate ideological motives. This data set may not be comprehensive of […]

“We don’t know which finger the suspect used,” he told me by phone. “We think it’s going to be the thumb or index finger—that’s what most people use—but we have all ten.”A 3D printed finger alone often can’t unlock a phone these days. Most fingerprint readers used on phones are capacitive, which means they rely […]

He said it somehow showed up on his page about a week ago and he immediately deleted it. Tuesday was the first time he’d heard the post had pushed Republican state leaders to speak up and distance themselves from him.“You’re telling me the House Republicans are getting upset about it,” he said.“The post was abhorrent. […]


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