Those investigations bolster U.S. intelligence findings of Russian meddling to help elect Donald Trump, a conclusion the president-elect has disputed — although he conceded Friday after a private intelligence briefing that Russia was among the possible hacking culprits. “They’ve been very good at using the West’s weaknesses against itself, the open Internet to hack, the […]

“The frequency of assaults resulting in life-threatening injuries is quite simply among the highest I have observed in my 43-year career in corrections,” Steve J. Martin, who has examined hundreds of prisons nationwide as a corrections expert, wrote in a 2016 report prepared for a lawsuit over conditions at St. Clair. The prison reflected “a […]

In a statement put out Friday, Ajit Pai masked the impact of the decision by claiming that there needed to be a “comprehensive and uniform framework to protect Americans’ online privacy,” while failing to provide any details about when and how that framework will be developed. Pai also claimed that the rules were “not consistent […]

Families displaced due to violence in Chenalho Photo@:Quorum Informativo In March, faced with the context of violence stemming from the post-electoral conflict in the municipality of Chenalho, several organizations and the Coordination of the Parish of San Pedro Apostol of this municipality issued statements to express their concerns, demand that the State to disarm armed […] […]

The bill is virtually identical to similar bills proposed in North Dakota and South Carolina, reported The Register. If it goes ahead, any internet-capable device will, as of January 1 2018, have to block a range of content, most of it legal adult entertainment, by default. In practical terms, that means a cellphone, computer or […]

“The high civilian toll suggests that coalition forces leading the offensive in Mosul have failed to take adequate precautions to prevent civilian deaths, in flagrant violation of international humanitarian law.” Amnesty’s report is mostly focused on East Mosul, which was finally liberated in January. Yet the campaign to capture the west of the city – […]

Anti-apartheid activist Ahmed Kathrada, who spent 26 years in jail – many of them alongside Nelson Mandela – for acts of sabotage against South Africa’s white minority government, died in Johannesburg on Tuesday morning at the age of 87. He had been admitted to hospital with blood clotting in his brain earlier this month. Kathrada […]

Bislang unveröffentlichte Dokumente enthüllen einen “Psychologischen Strategieplan für Deutschland”, gesteuert und finanziert von der CIA. Der US-Geheimdienst beeinflusste die deutsche Kulturszene, unterstützte Medien, baute Gewerkschaften auf und bezahlte Politiker. In dieser Dokumentation wird nur die Spitze des Eisbergs angekratzt – aber immerhin. von Joachim Schröder, phoenix TV, BRD 2008 via Germany made in USA

Apple says it hasn’t been breached, but is facing a ransom demand, payable in cryptocurrency … or iTunes gift cards via ‘Turkish’ hackers threaten to reset millions of iCloud accounts — Naked Security

Flash – Russia ‘perhaps’ supplying Taliban: NATO commander – France 24 – General Curtis Scaparrotti, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander who also heads the US military’s European Command, told lawmakers he had seen Russian influence expand in multiple regions, including in Afghanistan. “I have seen the influence of Russia of late — an increased influence — […]

“Alfa Bank is exploring all available options to protect itself from malicious or tortious interference,” it said. “Those options include litigation.” In recent months, Camp posted the bank’s leaked computer logs on her personal website. She has repeatedly said “this computer traffic should be investigated” by American law enforcement. In its letter, the bank noted […]

Summary: This special dispatch is a recording of an unscripted on-air conversation between FWR host @TheAngryindian and Head on Radio host @BobKincaid of Appalachia, West Virginia speaking freely about the visible madness of the Trump Administration; its far-right fan base and the certifiable lunacy of the new Commander-in-Chief who has sold-out the United States to […]

At a strategic crossroads between Syria, Turkey and Iraq, the traditional Yazidi heartland has become a flash point for Kurdish political rivalries, fueled by the wider competing interests of Turkey, Iran and the Iraqi government in Baghdad. “We feel like a toy in the hands of the politicians,” Khalaf Bahri, a Yazidi religious sheikh, said […]

with Indian police, who in turn used hackers to illegally obtain the passwords of the email accounts of the campaigners, and some reporters and press photographers. Met presses undercover police inquiry to examine fewer officers Read more via Met police accused of using hackers to access protesters’ emails | UK news | The Guardian

“South Korea and the U.S. are aware of the missile launch and to their knowledge North Korea’s missile was not successfully launched,” the South Korean defense ministry said in a statement Wednesday. The defense ministry did not clarify what type of missile North Korea attempted to fire. The missile launch took place near Kalma, on […]

Manafort’s new spokesman is Jason Maloni, a former vice president at Levick who formed his own firm, called JadeRoq, late last year. “Paul retained me recently because he was getting a lot of media inquiries. Having some support in this area allows folks like you to get your answers faster and allows him to focus […]

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