Originally posted on colouredjustice.wordpress.com: The morning of Thursday, May 19, the tragic news that there had been another victim of police terrorism spread throughout San Francisco. #antiracism #policebrutality #racism Source: People’s movement and another SFPD murder force Greg Suhr to… via People’s movement and another SFPD murder force Greg Suhr to… — FIRST NATIONS

Press TV: How stacked are Israeli courts against Palestinians? And do you feel this report of injustice stops at just hate crimes? Catron: Well I think the numbers speak for themselves. We have just heard about the overwhelming impunity for Zionist crimes against Palestinians or perhaps I should say the crimes of individual Zionists against […]

“Let me tell you something. I’m from the United States of America and I say kill ’em all.” And yet they wonder why half the world hates us… US invader announces his intention to kill all the #Syria|ns in the city of #Raqqa pic.twitter.com/bea48WCyIS — Partisangirl (@Partisangirl) May 27, 2016 US Soldier in Syria […] via […]

The current reality of our Mapuche Nation is a product of colonization. That is, to live in reservations and in poor urban peripheries, the implementation of large landed private estates on ancient Mapuche territory and its subsequent exploitation and destruction by forestry, energy and mining companies. These entities were able to instate themselves in our […]

by Gordon Hoekstra, Vancouver Sun, May 27, 2016 The Haisla Nation, which supports two of the leading proposed major LNG projects in B.C., is in a tough waiting game as the projects remain in limbo. Activity on both the $25-billion to $40-billion Shell-led LNG Canada project and the $12-billion Chevron-led Kitimat LNG project proposed for […] […]

The move follows rising criticism by U.S. lawmakers of America’s support for the oil-rich monarchy in the year-long conflict. Washington has sold weapons and provided training, targeting information, and aerial refueling support to the Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen. It has also sold Riyadh millions of dollars’ worth of cluster bombs in recent years. Asked […]

“Corrective action has been taken,” he added. The photos, taken by an Agence France-Presse photographer, showed U.S. troops riding in the back of an armed military vehicle, with some of them wearing the patch of the Kurdish forces they are assisting. Warren said although the “Special Forces community has a long and proud history of […]

Trump’s companies have been engaged in battles over taxes almost every year from the late 1980s until as recently as March, the analysis of court cases, property records, and other documents across the country shows. At least five Trump companies were issued warrants totaling more than $13,000 for late or unpaid taxes in New York […]

Summary: (Warning: Rough Language) As Western feminist attention is hopelessly drawn-in by the unnecessarily heady, intellectual brain-drain and capitalist-driven neo-Feminism romance between Beyoncé and her adoring fans, fellow Black female entertainer Azealia Banks has decided to wail herself into a ban on Twitter and an ejection from the roster of a UK music festival for […]

This Greenpeace video says about itself: The Greenpeace ship Esperanza documented FAD free purse seine tuna fishing operations in Papua New Guinea west and central Pacific in November 2011. By Te Ipukarea Society of the Cook Islands, 26 May 2016: BirdLife Cook Islands partner, Te Ipukarea Society, takes a stand against purse seine fishing and […] […]

Once all the verifiable REVEAL numbers are nailed to the mast alongside the COMMIT values, the entire set of REVEALs are hashed together to form the SRV. The theory here is that as long as one or more of the REVEALs really is decently random, then stirring in other non-random data won’t reduce the randomness […]

A leaked conversation between the EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton and Estonian foreign affairs minister, which has emerged online, appears to finger Maidan leaders as the culprits behind the Maidan shootings. “There is now stronger and stronger understanding that behind the snipers, it was not Yanukovich, but it was somebody from the new coalition,” […]

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