Source: // From some rifles to an army: The history of the YPG Advertisements

Kellyanne Conway and Donald Trump Jr. pushed messages from an account operated from Russia’s ‘troll farm’—including allegations of voter fraud a week before Election Day. Source: // Trump Campaign Staffers Pushed Russian Propaganda Days Before the Election

The protections are a part of a new Advanced Protection Program, which provides what Google says are its strongest security features. Once users sign up for the program, their accounts’ security will be continuously updated by Google as it patches different vulnerabilities and beefs up its cybersecurity. Users will also be required to use two-factor […]

Since this article was published a week ago, the US Commerce Dept. has levied additional tariffs on Bombardier at the behest of Boeing, now amounting to some 300 per cent on a sale of the C Series of aircraft to Delta Air Lines Inc. Yesterday, Bombardier announced that Airbus SE, a European Union monopoly and […]

by Musgamagw Dzawada’enuxw Cleansing Our Waters, October 17, 2017 For Immediate Release RCMP, Marine Harvest, and Department of Fisheries and Oceans has just arrived on site to where Members from six First Nations of the Kwakwaka’wakw have been occupying fish farms, in their territorial waters for nearly two months near Alert Bay, B.C. via Tensions rise […]

The claims are related to a corruption inquiry into alleged links between the Gupta family and South African President Jacob Zuma, which has already had a significant impact on major UK firms including the public relations firm Bell Pottinger and KPMG. Responding to the news, Murray Worthy, Senior Campaigner on Banks and Corruption said: “It’s […]

Israel Detains 24 Palestinian Journalists – In addition, there are three journalists under administrative detention, including Nidal Abu-Akar, who spent 14 years inside Israeli jails before being placed under administrative detention. Rights groups estimate that 6,500 Palestinians are being held in Israeli jails, including 56 women and girls, 350 boys, 13 MPs and 500 under […]

YouTube has taken down a video demonstrating a vulnerability in the WPA2 protocol that was announced on Monday night by Belgian researcher Mathy Vanhoef. Source: // YouTube removes video of WPA2 vulnerability

According to RSA, a global cyber security company delivering Business-Driven Security solutions, ultimately, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation is not just a governance, risk and compliance issue. And RSA says GDPR spans the full enterprise and forces companies to adopt a healthier privacy and security risk posture in four critical areas: risk assessment, breach […]

The Couillard government has announced an overhaul to the province’s controversial consultations on systemic racism, including a change in focus and a new leadership mandate. Source: // Quebec’s controversial consultations into systemic racism get new mandate, name

After weeks of conflict in western Libya, United Nations agencies have been working around the clock to meet the urgent needs of the more than 14,000 refugees and migrants who had been held captive in numerous locations in the coastal city of Sabratha – approximately 80 kilometres west of Tripoli. Source: // Libya: Smugglers […]

Wearing bomber-style jackets, surrounded by military officers, peering through binoculars, all but one president since Ronald Reagan has gazed across the barren strip of land at the 38th parallel from an observation post — and been moved to talk tough. In April, Vice President Pence, undertaking the same solemn ritual, said he toured the DMZ […]

Macron sets out counter-terror programme for next five years – France 24 – Speaking in front of 500 people, including police and gendarmerie commanders, Macron aimed to boost morale amongst France’s internal security forces, which have been strongly mobilised since the 2015 Paris terror attacks. Macron began by paying tribute to the security forces and […]

Quebec passes controversial face veil ban | News | Al Jazeera – The law forces citizens to uncover their faces in order to receive or give public services in the French-speaking province. It applies to provincial and municipal employees – including doctors, nurses, teachers and daycare workers – and public transit workers. Shaheen Ashraf, a […]

Catalan leader Puigdemont told to act with ‘good sense’ | News | Al Jazeera – The reported offer is the latest development in a political back-and-forth between Madrid and Barcelona since the disputed October 1 referendum on secession from Spain. Hours before Catalan regional President Carles Puigdemont faced a 10am local time (08:00 GMT) Thursday […]

Pyongyang’s deputy envoy to the UN insists the entire US mainland is within North Korea’s strike range. Source: // North Korea warns nuclear war could break out ‘at any moment’

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