We read and analyzed the Mueller report to save you some time. Bottom line: it is politically ruinous for President Trump and contradicts AG Barr’s claims. Source: A Page-By-Page Guide To The Redacted Mueller Report | Rantt Advertisements

Originally posted on The Most Revolutionary Act: https://bit.ly/2GfK0VC Community activists and leaders from the Philadelphia region will hold a news conference 12 noon, Thursday, April 18 at the Octavius V. Catto Statue on the south side of Philadelphia City Hall to discuss today’s decision by District Attorney Larry Krasner to finally relent to Pennsylvania Common… via […]

In 2017, Susan learned that she carries a genetic mutation that may elevate her lifetime risk of developing breast cancer to 72 percent. Her doctor explained that individuals who have this mutation in the BRCA2 gene have choices in treatment. Some people opt for a preventive double mastectomy. But Susan could instead choose to undergo […] […]

Newsweek actually exposed this. The crimes of US administrations are myriad and span decades. These war crimes came back and attacked America’s own soldiers. U.S. NERVE GAS HIT OUR OWN TROOPS IN IRAQ via “Gulf War Sickness” was US-produced nerve gas (from 2015) | #chemicalweapons #gulfwarsickness — Political Film Blog

Labour Party candidates seeking council seats in the local government election are advised to contact their constituency party and local …Continue reading → via Local Labour candidates warned to prepare for new Sunday Times anti-Semitism witch-hunt — Vox Political

Here’s how Fox News is spinning the Mueller report Source: Here’s how Fox News is spinning the Mueller report

RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): I’m going to tell you, whenever you hear anywhere on the left an attack on white nationalism or white supremacy or white this or that, what they’re really talking … Source: PACIFIC NORTHWEST ANTIFA NOTES // #33456820


MuckRock is a collaborative news site that gives you the tools to hold the government accountable. — Antifa and White Supremacist Groups — Source: MuckRock

London cops switch off wifi in the tube to make it harder for climate protesters to organise Source: London cops switch off wifi in the tube to make it harder for climate protesters to organise

This video says about itself: Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is welcomed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan before their meeting at Presidential Complex in Ankara, Turkey on November 18, 2015. By Phil Miller in Britain: Thursday, April 18, 2019 Jack Straw gives Erdogan’s wife humanitarian award Critics say was ‘designed to whitewash Turkey’s […] […]

A senior Thai government official on Friday urged a U.S. man and a Thai woman on the run from a possible death sentence for building an off-shore “sea home” to fight the charge in court. The two, Chad Elwartowski and his partner Supranee Thepdet, have been accused of violating Thai sovereignty by raising a small […] […]

Lyra McKee was killed in Derry last night. She was just twenty-nine years old. A reader pointed me to a moving letter she had written to her 14-year-old self. I am putting the first part here without further comment in tribute and in the hope it will be helpful to some. Letter to my 14… via […]

Right-wing Labour MPs including Stephen Kinnock, Gloria de Piero and around 38 others are calling for Jeremy Corbyn not to …Continue reading → via Labour MPs betray their party, asking Corbyn not to jeopardise Brexit deal with referendum demand — Vox Political

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"I'm not racist, my wife is Asian!" What will happen when racist, anti-social, anti-diversity, conservative, anti-feminist, anti-black, anti-asian white men marry "traditional, family oriented," status-obsessed, racist asian tiger moms who hope their children look white for privilege - and produce half asian sons who look asian? what happens when half-asian sons grow up to look "too asian," and have a white dad and asian mom who are mocking asian men, while society is unapologetically racist against asian men? an honest appraisal of self-hatred and racism by the very worried son of a racist, black-hating, holocaust denier, Nazi-sympathizer and a racist, self-hating chinese woman.

Why does it seem that the men that pursue Asian women as a "last resort," are generally the most racist, spiteful and hateful people - especially against Asian men, other minorities and white women? If Asian women prefer White men - why is this, and what happens to the children - especially if they look predominantly Asian? Compiled by Asian-looking Eurasians and Hapas themselves. A community effort to explore the unintended consequences of "white fever" and "yellow fever", racism, fetishes, power imbalances, stereotypes, and the effect it has on a staggeringly large, growing, and unexplored new demographic. Why does it seem the children of Asian men and White women fare better and are more successful? Why is there such a double standard against Asian men and white women, whereas Asian women essentially default to White men? What happens when Half Asian sons resemble Asian men? Why do so many White supremacists, alt-rightists, and White Nationalists have Asian partners? Why do racist white men fetishize Asian women, and why do Asian women fetishize white men - and what does that mean for the children? compiled by the son of a neo-nazi and a chinese woman.

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