Source: Jeremy Corbyn and British Labour Friends of Israel

The Obama administration won’t seek legislation to force technology companies to decrypt communications, FBI Director James Comey told Congress in a public hearing on Thursday. Source: Obama opts for “good cop” approach with encryption backdoors

Islamic State militants fired mortar rounds containing mustard agent at Kurdish peshmerga fighters in northern Iraq, Kurdish officials say. Source: Islamic State ‘used mustard gas’ against peshmerga – BBC News

Fast forward to 2015, this past Saturday, when Bernie Sanders, an increasingly viable contender for the Democratic presidential nomination, held one of his biggest campaign rallies to date, drawing more than 20,000 people to an event at the Boston convention center. Among those visitors were a number of young activists from Boston Students for Justice […]

Rudy Giuliani’s attack on President Obama for urging stronger gun control laws was so cynically political and personally dishonest that we verged on explicitly stating what he is full of.Like a trained seal, the former mayor, who boasts of taming crime in New York, showed up on “Fox & Friends” to offer his opinion on […]

A video of an unidentified New York Police Department officer pepper spraying a man and allegedly taking more than $1,000 in cash from his pocket has surfaced online.In the below clip, 35-year-old Lamard Joye is pushed against a chain-link fence by the unnamed officer. Joye then demands that the officer return his money. The officer […]

John Fetterman talks inequality, immigration, drug legalization, same-sex marriage, “bittergate,” and how to revive post-industrial America. Source: This Tattooed, Head-shaven, Straight-talking Mayor Wants to Be the Next Senator From Pennsylvania

An anti-Islam group has called on “patriots” to hold demonstrations in front of mosques across the country in October. Responding to the call, protests organized under the name “Global Rally For Humanity” have already been scheduled for Oct. 9 and 10 in at least 20 locations, including Charleston, South Carolina; Atlanta; Dearborn, Michigan; and Phoenix, […]

The IS had also claimed responsibility for killing the Italian aid worker, Cesare Tavella, 50, who was gunned down by men on a motorcycle in Dhaka’s diplomatic Gulshan area earlier this week. “There will continue to be a series of ongoing security operations against nationals of crusader coalition countries, they will not have safety or […]

A right-wing extremist group of goods posted on its Facebook page a list, available on the names of politicians, private volunteers, associations, pastors and a whole school – and for people who are committed for refugees. The neo-Nazis also call on you to forward information on those named to it. Police and state security shall […]

Dozens Müritzer find their names on the back of a far-right group Warener Facebook page. They all have one thing in common: They want to help. A right-wing extremist group of goods posted on its Facebook page a list, available on the names of politicians, private volunteers, associations, pastors and a whole school – and […]

Now France’s government is about the make the same error as the U.S. practice with its new “Surveillance des communications électroniques internationales” bill, currently being rushed through the French Parliament. As an open letter led by France’s La Quadrature du Net and signed today by over thirty civil society groups including EFF, states, France’s legislators’ […]

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