When the Vikings reached Greenland and the North American coastline, they called the less-than-welcoming inhabitants of those places “skraelings”. Source: Who Lived and Thrived in Greenland Before the Vikings Arrived? Advertisements

That deal, according to media reports, would involve Hamas returning all Israelis they are presently holding in the Gaza Strip. In return, the Gaza Strip would be given an airport and seaport, and further easing of the blockade which is causing dire economic problems in the area. Source: Hamas Negotiating ‘Comprehensive Deal’ for Truce With […]

Vine Deloria was born near the Pine Ridge Oglala Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota and grew up in a family of mixed French and Native American influence. He has written much about the necessity of restoring tribal rights and ending some of the horrific atrocities being committed against Native Americans—like the complete destruction of […]

(The following declaration was published today (June 22, 2018) on social networks. You may also read the original in Arabic.) Palestinians and opponents of colonization in Haifa and beyond, We call on you to boycott the pride events in our city, Haifa, for there is no pride in occupation. Our pride is in our liberation. […] […]

via Trump attacks children, British poem

A security researcher says he’s found a way to guess iPhone lock codes without getting blocked after 10 mistakes. via iPhone pwned? Researcher says he can unlock iOS without running out of tries — Naked Security

Radio New Zealand | 22 June 2018 An Australian company has been granted an environmental permit to extract coal in Papua New Guinea’s Gulf Province. Mayur Resources has been given the green light to proceed with an exploration licence, owned by the company’s subsidiary in PNG, Waterford Ltd. It’s the first time that the Conservation […] […]

41 home-made bombs were seized from a pickup truck in Narathiwat via Bombs recovered in ThaiSouth made in Malaysia? — bedlamfury

The report says that Zak Ringelstein, who is challenging Independent Maine Sen. Angus King, was arrested at a facility in McAllen, Texas, after being told he was not allowed inside. “Zak is being arrested right now after trying to deliver toys, books, water, and blankets to children imprisoned in @realDonaldTrump’s internment camp,” a tweet from […]

Since the last July 25th International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners, the worldwide struggle against the nightmare of fascism and the far-right has grown and intensified. The news bulletins steadily report the racist and bigoted attacks, the harassment of journalists, the demonization of refugees and migrants, and the increasing presence and violence of […] via […]

Here are the materials so far in Aguilar v. Rodriguez (D.N.M.): 1 habeas petition 9 santo domingo answer 11 magistrate report via Federal Magistrate Recommends Dismissal of ICRA Habeas for Failure to Exhaust [Santo Domingo Pueblo] — Turtle Talk

That is, until Wednesday. Amid a media firestorm about the administration’s immigration policy, the ATSDR—a division of the Department of Health and Human Services—quietly published its 852-page review of perfluoroalkyls, or PFAS, which are “used in everything from carpets and frying pan coatings to military firefighting foams,” according to ProPublica. “All told, the report offers […]

US justices say law enforcement needs a warrant to follow your digital footprints. Source: Supreme Court says warrant necessary for phone location data

The man, a former Border Patrol agent, worked directly with children. Source: Southwest Key Hired Child Case Manager Previously Arrested for Child Pornography

WASHINGTON (AP) — Virginia’s governor ordered state officials Thursday to investigate abuse claims by children at an immigration detention facility who said they were beaten while Source: Governor orders probe of abuse claims by immigrant children

A confidential manual, which Unicorn Riot has obtained in full, guides the US Department of Homeland Security’s little-known investigative arm, Homeland Security Investigations, in targeting and stripping citizenship from naturalized foreign-born Americans. This is the first story in Unicorn Riot’s “Icebreaker” series, which aims to promptly release this information in complete form, with your support. […]


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