APNS Editorial: America Needs Social Justice, Not ‘Soul Searching’

How the Obama Administration ‘s Apathy Concerning Institutional Racism Passively Allows the African in America to be Mistreated by the Far-Right



Other races were engaged in seeing their cause through — the Jews through their Zionist movement and the Irish through their Irish movement — and I decided that, cost what it might, I would make this a favourable time to see the Negro’s interest through’.

— Negro World March 6, 1920

If everyone waits until the other man makes a start, the messengers of avenging Nemesis will come steadily closer’.

— Leaflet #1, ‘The White Rose’

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African people in the United States have always been aware of one particular truth that dare not speak its name, that ever since our ancestors were forced to set foot in the Americas, the lives and welfare of Africans have never mattered very much in the minds of the self-appointed ‘Master Race’. In fact, the African’s well-being doesn’t seem to matter very much to quite a few assimilated American Blacks either. That is, unless or until their assumed social status fails to protect them from what traditionally happens to the rest of the non-White population. In particular the African population of the United States.

We saw this play out when culturally-conservative professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. was racially-profiled by the local Cambridge, Mass. police force inside his own home. To date, this was the first time that President Barack Obama had ever addressed a specific case of blatant police brutality against the African community. And it was the last time he has done so. And what a spectacle is was. Obama did poorly. So bad that he actually, perhaps by design, set American race-relations back at least 100 years. Back to the time-frame the US far-right is convinced when everything was perfect. A time when Negroes knew their place. We were fooled at first because of Mr. Obama’s initial response to the Gates incident. It was accurate and fair, despite the vocal complaints from professional law enforcement and conservative White folks who wish to deny the obvious:

Now, I’ve – I don’t know, not having been there and not seeing all the facts, what role race played in that. But I think it’s fair to say, number one, any of us would be pretty angry; number two, that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home. And number three, what I think we know separate and apart from this incident is that there is a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately. That’s just a fact’

— ‘Obama Criticizes Arrest of Harvard Professor’, The New York Times, (7.22.2009)

It was great. Finally, someone in a position of power said what needed to be said1 whether the ever-so-delicate ‘Good German’ sensibilities of the general Euro-American population liked it, or not.2 As expected, the White supremacist ego of the country had a convulsion and demanded an apology for telling the truth. Police do racially profile Black and Brown men and it is entirely disingenuous, and cowardly, for any literate White American to deny that. And it is worse when professional law enforcement representativesdo everything possible to refute the reality that is the utter failure of the system.

3 In allowing their trade to be militarised for the benefit of the capitalist-class, the concept of law and order has rapidly devolved into a vicious subculture of officer entitlement, institutional overreach and a thuggish frame of mind that may take decades to correct. That is, if we actually started dealing with these issues as a symptom of a social system that is expanding its capability to forcefully marginalise traditionally marginalised and often targeted segments of the general US population.4   The United States, the ‘Land of the Brave and the Home of the Free’, incarcerates more human beings of colour than any other nation on the planet.5 And that list includes the evil, omnipresent anti-western bogeymen we are all psychologically encouraged to politically-profile as the ‘bad states’ who frown upon the freedoms we dim-witted Americans, they say, ‘take for granted’. Whatever its crimes, say the apologists for Pax Americana uber alles, the United States stands alone among the nations in regards to its own sense of Christian-centred morality.6 It is impossible, they say, for the United States to act in any way that could ever be considered ‘wrong’, ‘misguided’ or ‘villainous’. America, they say, is perfect. And always was.

This illusion still persists. Even after the cold-blooded killing of Trayvon Martin, a young American African shot to death by a White man with a clearly White racist chip on his shoulder, America can do no wrong. This is a lie. A conscious lie that continues in large part due to the abject silence of any credible political leadership in government, law enforcement or the African community. And thanks to that contemptible trait of establishment apathy, the case of young Bro. Martin has become aggressively morphed into a back-door rallying call by conservative White Americans, backed up by the right-wing noise machine and the National Rifle Association (NRA), to push for more legislation to support other potential Mr. Zimmerman’s all across this already disgustingly gun-happy country.7 8 9 In brief, less than one month after yet another young Black man was killed simply for being Black, and in a moment of extreme social uneasiness, the true face of White America has finally emerged from behind the pink petticoat of its race-neutral facade.10

If one did not know any better, an intelligent observer could logically come to the conclusion that there are a sizable number of White Christians on the far-right who are hoping for some sort a religious-based ‘race war’, a return to the type of widespread, indiscriminate racial violence that used to plague the US through most of its disheartening history. And although I can already hear screams of cerebral pain from many of my Caucasian and Negro readers, I wish to point out here that I am not at all alone in this view. The entire politically-conscious American African community feels this way and always has.

We are not fools. We are intelligent enough to know that the struggle against the African in the Americas has never ended. Our people have always been the target of White fears and insecurities. We understand that most Blacks simply allow White folks to pretend that nothing adverse is happening to us in this country. Because when the issue is raised, and no matter how conciliatory the approach, most White people, conservative as well as liberal, always vociferously argue that there is no problem with race in the US. In fact, most if not all Whites, when asked, will maintain that ‘racism in America is over…’, with the queer qualifier, ‘if, it really ever existed in the first place’.

Nothing is happening because we say that nothing is happening. White makes Right. End of story.   This is the real essence of the Europocentric tragicomedy we are witnessing in the wake of the murder of another innocent Black life by another frightened White man who felt the need to use a gun in order to maintain the ‘natural order of things’. The American layer cake of Europocentric bias: Whites on top, non-Western European ethnicities layered in accordance to ‘industriousness’ with the poor African half-human residing squarely on the bottom of the social pecking order. We know what this is. It is the ‘Curse of Ham’ actualised as a sociopolitical philosophy and a moral code for acceptable indignation. And the western capitalists ask why Marx angrily denounced religion as an enabler for human exploitation?

Theology is nothing less than a weapon in the hands of the White power structure and White American racism makes full use of its enormous, mind-numbing, logic-stomping power. Racism, the practise, denotes the institutional use of ethnic hierarchies and marginalisations, not attitudes. Ethnic bias is simply a symptom of what lies underneath the denial. White society and European individuals have always assumed the right to define both the practise of racism and the opinions surrounding the subject and this is a major part of the problem.   The victim isn’t even considered. If this were not the case, George Zimmerman would be sitting in a tank and the subject of intense mainstream media condemnation. Instead, the usually boisterous Nancy Grace11 and the pathological lying arse-clowns of FOX non-News have chosen to sit this one out.12 Moreover, not one of the republican candidates who loudly argue the ‘racism is done’ line during all of the useless ‘debates’ they held have yet to make any public statement about the bias issues behind the Martin Killing. Ostensibly because they truly ‘believe’ that White racism is indeed over if we’d all just ignore it. Even when it kills innocent young Black people walking home with a bag of candy and an soft drink in a predominately White neighbourhood.

Oddly enough, the ‘weapon’ Zimmerman claims he needed to defend himself from was a container of Arizona Iced tea, a beverage named after the state that recently painted over the Indigenous and African faces depicted in a public mural in order to ‘make it fair to Europeans’.13 This is the same state that fought to reject the federal Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday14 and is currently mulling a holiday to honour the ‘White People’ who developed the region after it was forcibly stolen from Mexico on February 2, 1848 through the Tratado de Guadalupe Hidalgo.15 16 The fact that this was a blatant act of lebenstraumpolitik, Euro-settler style, is ignored in favour of using Manifest Destiny as the ideological basis for American Christian prosperity. This is why many US conservatives have openly praised African slavery as a force for economic good that provided work and a ‘space’ for Blacks in what they feel is an exclusively ‘White’ America.

This is why I say it is pointless and misdirected to raise the numerous Asian MOB’s and their hapa offspring standing in the queue at the local Wal-Mart to ‘prove’ that racism in the Americas is over. They are not Americans according to the White supremacist’s own stated rhetoric, but they do help provide a ‘softer’ view of a thoroughly xenophobic nation that hates Asians almost, but but not quite, as they do Africans. If the reader doubts this, I might suggest a solid reading of the late Edward Said’s theory of ‘Orientalism’ to correct your uncertainty about the political capital in having ‘Model Minorities’ married to ‘Superior White men’ when it comes to doing the business of imperialism in Asia. It simply and superficially makes things look much more benign and promising than they really are.   This also helps us correctly understand the political propaganda value of a Barack Obama, he makes the third re-colonialisation of Africa appear legitimate in the eyes of the Africans that are being exploited under his watch and his direction. And as expected, the ‘race question’ is never raised in regards to Africa, even by the far-right, as it would be if it were a White face that was fronting the multinational corporate takeover of the African Motherland. This was the plan from the very beginning. The issue of race isn’t even raised as a fair question because for all accounts and purposes, Barack Obama is ‘Black’ and ‘African’ by blood (and birth if you wish to believe ‘Birther Movement’ nutcases like the Moldavian-born Orly Taitz) and therefore it is far ‘better’ that he be the face of AFRICOM and not a White man who will be challenged about his true motivations. It is a marriage of political convenience, not egalitarian respect.

The simple fact is that Black politicos like Mr. Obama, Allen West, Herman Cain, J.C. Watts and Michael Steele believe in White America more sincerely than most White people do and are willing to do whatever it takes to maintain that world order. Even if that form of governance is ultimately detrimental to their own peoples. This is the Sambo character again, dancing a jig of acquiescence for a master than no longer legally owns him. He just feels loyal without caring enough to ask why. This is mental slavery and this is why the GOP says that the country should return to the good old days of racial segregation and African servitude. Because in replicating the past they believe that they can secure a future for White people in America, as if that future was ever really in doubt to begin with.

This is the true religion of the White man of Europe, not Semitic Christianity. This is also the religion of empire, a faith built on the purported ‘purity’ of the ‘Master Race’ theory. It is a callous theology of materialist self-indulgence that favours placing the ultimate blame for the existence of ethnic stratifications and exploitation upon the chosen victims of the injustice. White man’s racism, White man’s rules. They will decide is there have been any offences done to the African, not the victim lying on the ground, bleeding profusely from top to tail begging for relief if not justice. It is left for the White man to decide for he has greater knowledge about the African than the African does. Just ask him. He can tell you everything about his family groupings, their dances and rituals but not a thing about his heart and how it feels to be crushed at every turn by an angry White man hell-bent on racial purity and proving his manhood with volatile phallic symbols that serve no other purpose than the extinguishing of life with malice. This is why the African and the Indian in the Americas asks with sincerity, ‘Who is really the savage here’?

Stokely Carmichael (later Kwame Ture) and Willie “Mukasa” Ricks with Dr. King

Stokely Carmichael (later Kwame Ture) and Willie “Mukasa” Ricks with Dr. King

White people and their pathetic sycophants maintain that ‘if’ a problem does exist, it is because non-Europeans (the victims) won’t stop talking about the traditional social divisions that used to be accepted as ‘normal’ during a time when ‘America was at its best’.17Slavery, we are led to understand today, was ‘good’ for African people18 And even highly articulate assimilationist Negroes like John McWhorter, (who apparently has never met a White racist he didn’t like) routinely argue in capitalist journals such as Forbes that ‘Racism in America is Over’ and that ‘It’s not a moral duty to keep it front and center’ any longer in the national discourse.19 He has however recanted, somewhat, by identifying the killing of Trayvon Martin as a crime of racism. I say ‘somewhat’ because I suspect that he only bothered to say anything about this case because he, as an individual, can relate personally to the more assimilationist aspects of this particular travesty.20

This is an important point. In all seriousness, does anyone in the aware African community really believe that McWhorter the conservative would have penned, ‘What Trayvon Martin’s Death Tells Us About Being Black In America’ for the neoconservative New Republic if our brother Trayvon Martin had been a troubled youth from the Black, inner-city ghettoes? Let us be frank for a moment. I wish to say here that I am not trying to single out Mr. McWhorter in particular, but it remains to be said that when racist acts, just like this one, have always occurred, African conservatives have been astonishingly silent. And generally when they do have something to say in front of a camera or a microphone, they join in on the ‘bad Nigger’ rhetoric by boorishly blaming the victims for their own oppression.

This is true. Even the centrist Puerto Rican newspundit Geraldo Rivera has already suggested that Trayvon Martin’s hooded sweater was partially responsible for his being shot. An odd opinion coming from a former associate of the Young Lords Party. Other conservative news commentators are gleefully pointing out the legal muckwater that prevents the shooter from being held responsible21 and still others, namely the NRA,22 are simply calling him Zimmerman a ‘hero’23   The killing of Trayvon Martin is the final straw. And its time to face it, the United States has a serious problem with racism whether it wants to hear about it or not. And it has a full-time hate programme against Black men. Don’t believe me, read for yourself whatWhite intellectuals have to say about it.24 This is the main problem facing in the US and always was. Again, don’t believe this writer, just read the 1968 National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders report popularly known as the Kerner Commission. They said it, not the Black Panther Party for Self Defence or Malcolm X, the White House under President Lyndon Johnson said White racism was the main cause of civil unrest in the United States.25 And like McWhorter, some Black assimilationists, the late Carl Rowan for one, had been saying for a long time that as long as White people continue to ignore the issue, the worse things are going to get: [WashingtonPost.com: The Coming Race War in America: A Wake-up Call – 1996 ]

Nothing could be clearer. The African in the Americas is in danger and always has been. And it isn’t as if we have not seen this coming. Like most normal people we hoped that if we played our cards right, made the ‘correct’ decisions and minded our P and Q’s that we, as a people, would be o.k. We were wrong. The concerted efforts made to move the Anglophone world towards the far-right since the Reagan-Thatcher years have received a reactionary boost from the racialist fall-out that followed the election of Barack Obama. Faced with the reality of a genetic African male in the Oval Office, White America has been forced to live up to its lyrics and to accept the Obama family as their political and cultural representatives. And as we have seen, White conservative America, Canada, Australia and the UK have been having conniptive fits about the ‘loss’ of White social power ever since.

The second Mr. Obama was sworn into office, the White world was forced to deal with its own lies. And we can see what happened. They say, not me, that they want to ‘Take America Back’, from the clutches of this non-American Kenyan Socialist-Nazi-Communist-Muslim who Glenn Beck says hates the White man to his core.26 And of course, if Beck says it, it must be true, right?27 This is the very same right-wing chap who publicly compared himself to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King while denouncing what the man actually stood, fought and died for.28 And he is not alone. Even the Obama administration got in on the act by releasing an official statement claiming that Dr. MLK, a committed pacifist, would have approved of the invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. An open-ended insult this writer still has a hard time accepting actually took place under the watchful eye of a Black president.29   When we hear the right-wing squeal about ‘White Rights’, we all know full well that what they really mean is ‘Reinstate visible White Power in America, NOW’! And no one, and I mean no one in the United States of America, wants to admit that this is the immense alabaster-skinned elephant in the room with the Charlie Chaplin moustache defecating freely upon the concept of popular democracy cowering helplessly upon the floor.

White leftists have not been of much help either, as many are torn between passively supporting, as they always have, traditional White racism or taking the considerable social risks of standing up against it. A decision many well-meaning White people do everything possible to avoid.   This is not difficult to understand objectively. Most White Americans live in denial. This is why it is entirely appropriate to identify the denial of institutional racism in America with the widespread phenomenon of German denial following the defeat of the Axis Powers is more than fair, it is incontestable. White Americans, even in the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting, are still grasping for straws, anything to rationalise both the murder of this young Black man and the dishonesty that claims White racist hate and violence is a thing of the past. Like the Germans who where caught-up in the social chaos of the Third Reich, Euro-Americans too suffer from a conscious selectivity where it concerns who their societies have treated as ‘the Other’.

White people, and White Christian non-Catholic protestant Americans in particular, live under the delusion that they are the superior peoples of the world. This is their statement. This is their belief. And it is unshakable. And no amount of empirical evidence will suffice once one has resigned to review the entirety of the American saga exclusively through the lens of the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant narrative. It is two steps short of impossible to prove a negative to those who refuse to acknowledge the science of the authentic Euro-settler historical record. The Euro-colonialist mind simply cannot accept the truth about its origins because to do so would demand not an apology but an accounting for what is being done and to whom. And this is a discussion most White people, left, right and politically centre, do not wish to see take place.

Why is this? Mostly because those of us who harbour some degree of a moral centre have allowed themselves to be bullied into mute submission by the reactionary arrogance of the far-right.   When the neo-Fascists shout, bitch like Banshees and wail at the top of their lungs, the left-wing and the progressive lobbies collapse into puddles of ineffective rhetoric, explanation and compromise. Afraid to challenge the insanity of conservative paranoia or their, ‘Our way or the highway’ view of the world, the left allows the American brown-shirts to get their way. Which is foolish since conservatives in the US haven’t had an original idea since Eisenhower left office. Their brain-dead political objectives are pushed through simply because they shout louder than the rest of us are are always willing to engage in aggressive tactics. Slash and burn, just like Lord Nelson used to teach his underlings when he carried out English foreign policy on the high seas. ‘Don’t think, engage’. And like the political left, the American in the United States is losing by insisting on trying to be reasonable will a sociopolitical viewpoint that is fundamentally unreasonable by it very nature.

Capitalism, as it has been maintained, is systematic human-on-human exploitation. It is not a coincidence that when the US and NATO-supported rebels in Libya started their anti-government revolt, they began the offensive by killing Black Libyan citizens, residents and migrant workers on sight in Tripoli and other major cities.30 Reports of indiscriminate shootings, lynchings and sexual assaults against Black Africans have yet to be addressed by US or NATO officials despite numerous, credible reports that can be found in the international alternative news media of these incidents.31 The White world is just not interested in the mass-murder of Black people. Specially when it is being done for their material and emotional benefit.

Why do German people behave so apathetically in the face of all these abominable crimes, crimes so unworthy of the human race? … The German people slumber on in their dull, stupid sleep and encourage these fascist criminals….[The German] must evidence not only sympathy; no, much more: a sense of complicity in guilt….For through his apathetic behaviour he gives these evil men the opportunity to act as they do…. he himself is to blame for the fact that it came about at all! Each man wants to be exonerated ….But he cannot be exonerated; he is guilty, guilty, guilty!… now that we have recognized [the Nazis] for what they are, it must be the sole and first duty, the holiest duty of every German to destroy these beasts.’   — Leaflet #2, ‘The White Rose’

In 1930’s Europe, it was possible to choose between two extant personal positions. Either you stood with the burgeoning fascist power structures who were hustling your Roma, Jewish or Homosexual neighbours away in the night, or, you did not. You made a decision. Those that chose to actively organise against the rising tide of ultra-conservative political violence were routinely interrogated, tortured and killed. Members of the White Rose Society, the Munich-based student’s organisation that produced and disseminated anti-fascist materials hoping to inspire a popular intellectual uprising against the fascists were beheaded. As were the members of the French Resistance by both the Nazis and the Vichy collaborators who were perfectly willing to turn-in their fellow countrymen to the foreign fascists.   In the wake of the Trayvon Martin killing, the question of who the African is to trust is paramount to our survival as individuals and as a people. It took a month before the first Black president could say anything about the case and so far all has said is that, ‘If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon…’ O.k., now what? What exactly is the African community in America supposed to take away from that kind of a statement? This is not leadership.32 And it is a documented fact that he has had more to say about defending the State of Israel33 and the sanctity of White women like Callista Gingrich34 who may have been offended by a clever political joke by US actor Robert DeNiro than the White racist terrorism that is still happening to Trayvon Martin and his family.35 For the officials Obama administration, racism is a fiction, even when it is standing right in front of you.36 

And after what Andrew Adler wrote and published in his newspaper, the Atlanta Jewish Times, on January 13, 2012, the entire Black community should be up in arms, but we aren’t.Not about this. Mostly because the US news media cowardly ignored and intentionally under-reported this story and also because we do not care enough to pay attention to how we figure on the world political scene.   Let’s be real here, there was more interest in Black America about hip-hop celebrity births and sports scandals at the time than communal African concern about what extremes the Israeli government and the Zionist bloc might be thinking about doing to push their zealous anti-Iran movement forward. This, despite everything Mr. Obama has done, including financially short-changing the American-African community, to pay for Israel’s defensive and social welfare bills. And to be blunt, if Mr. Obama and the US government put 1/10th of the resources they expend, daily, to the State of Israel towards the upliftment of the Black American community things would be very different and the United States of America would be an even stronger nation.

But White in the US have never really wanted to share what they have stolen from the American Indian through superior wit, violence and guile. America is theirs and exclusively theirs. This is their argument. And this is why George Zimmerman felt justified in killing our brother Trayvon Martin. His history as the son of an American White man, not the son of a Peruvian mother, told him it was the right thing to do.37

It is clear from everything that has been gathered that Zimmerman sees himself as a White man, like many other assimilated Spanish-speaking Indigenous people do once they have ‘achieved status’ in the US. Since the bar for acceptance is measured against Blacks racially and Native Americans in terms of the ‘land question’, once Latinos learn to say ‘Nigger’ with feeling and purpose, they too can be accepted as ‘White’. The next time you see a Border Patrol agent with a thick urban-cholo accent intensely interrogating a suspected ‘illegal’, think about that. Just how many generations back was it when his family were illegally ‘occupying’ lands that belonged to their people for generations. Despite the new pseudo-scientific work being done to ‘prove’ that White Europeans had conquered the Americas first.38 The perpetual chess game of White supremacy it seems will never end. But we are all required to remember the first rule of the game: the White man moves first.

Black America needs social justice, not just a weak plea for ‘soul searching‘.39 And we are not being intelligent at all if we are still waiting for the Obama administration to protect the Black community from these kinds of abuses. He won’t. If he won’t stand up against racial profiling by US police why would ha say or do anything meaningful about this Particular case? Did he say anything about the lynching of Ayanna Jones and how the Chicago police tried to frame the grandmother for her death?

40 Again, Mr. Obama will do nothing more than talk about it and he never intended to do anything more than that. And truth be told, had not enough people from the progressive White community not challenged his silence on Trayvon Martin This is why the NAACP’s junket to Geneva is a farce. Voting is vitally important. But if you are being racially profiled on your way to the voting booth, who cares about assimilationist-class concerns over working our way further into a thoroughly racist social system?   The NAACP could have gone to Geneva over COINTELPRO, police brutality, unfair and racist sentencing laws and other pressing issues that effect Black people daily, not just voting. How many of the nearly three million US Americans held in detention are African? There are thousands of Black and Brown men serving time, often in solitary, who never belonged in the correctional system. And there are still people who were caught-up in the Jim Crow-era who are still incarcerated even though the system knows full well that they are completely innocent. Because of Hollywood we have heard of Hurricane Carter, but his story is just one of many such stories in America. And this is not an area where the Black assimilationist lobby wants to focus their efforts. They have as much disdain for the Black poor as the White rich do. Perhaps even more than most in the African community are willing to admit to themselves.

Even then, if voting was really their main interest, why did they wait so long? They had an excellent case in 2000 and 2004 and several incidents before and after that involving Black vote blocking but did nothing more than lodge a series of complaints to the White House and the news media about ‘unfairness’. Nothing else was discussed or pursued in regards to African community empowerment on this particular issue. Nothing. And Al Gore has been graciously forgiven by the Black community for presiding over a grand opportunity to serve social justice when he denied giving his support to the Congressional Black Caucus when they challenged the election’s tainted results. All the CBC needed was one honest senator from any state in the union to affix his or her signature to the document and Gore simply used his gavel to silence the controversy once and for all.41

Dr. King & The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

His randy boss in the WH fared little better when it came to supporting African and Indigenous Americans. As president, Bill Clinton passed the ‘New Crimes Bill’ Which basically criminalised every non-White male in America.42 Especially African males. This was before he promised the Native community that he would pardon American Indian leader Leonard Peltier.43 And didn’t. So much for the race-neutral, Black-friendly, let’s all just get along Clinton-Gore administration. They helped make mainstream White supremacy acceptable again. Being that Clinton was the ‘First’ Black President,44 his innate ‘coolness’ made people forget about the irreparable damage his policies have done to not just Africans in the US, but to Indigenous Tsotsil Mayans in Acteal, Chiapas State45 in Mexico;46 his role in the violent dismantlement of the socialist state of Yugoslavia;47 his anti-labour passage of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)48 and GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade)49 and the 2004 Haitian coup d’état thatremoved the elected president, Dr. Jean-Bertrand Aristide, from power and into exile in Africa.50 And later, just to add salt to the wound, Clinton and Bush the Younger headed up the UN effort to’re-stablise’ Haiti after the devastating earthquake of 2010, as if their actions as US presidents had not previously, to quote Kim Ives of Haiti Liberté created ‘…a political earthquake — with an epicenter in Washington, DC…” that deprecated the rebellious slave-state no less harmfully than ‘le tremblera’ did.51

African destabilisation has always been a major component of the international capitalist and neoliberal programmes. And facts repeat themselves in regards to the US perspective where in concerns the their African brothers and sisters. There is great talk of concern, but none of it can be believed. The self-described White man, like the fictitious Devil of the Semitic faith, is a liar. He pretends to be a friend with a Bible in one hand and a revolver in the other. He promises everything and delivers nothing but demands everything of you without precondition. This is the theme found in Kipling’s ode to global White Power, ‘The White Man’s Burden’ and most of the pro-capitalist editorials found in the New York Times and the Australian-Saudi owned FOX Network.52   It is also the theme of the Black assimilationist movement who ‘s primary job is to deny that the ‘African in America’ exists any longer as an identifiable group separate from the general ‘American’ population.

This was exactly the type of argument Prof. ‘Skip’ Gates used to make. That is, until he was racially-profiled

53 Before this, Prof. Gates has actually made the argument for American African racial-profiling by US police. And even more damming is the fact that he had openly admitted after his negative police encounter that the biggest issue to him was not that the police would unfairly racially profile any random Black American, but that the police would dare profile ‘him’, an upstanding, highly educated, racially-mixed proud American Negro with mixed-race, i.e., ‘White’ children and a White Euro-settler ex-spouse.54 According to Mr. Gates, ‘good’ Black people like him should not be the focus of the aggressive police tactics that are routinely levied against the rest of the American African community.55 According to Mr. Gates, that sort of ‘corrective’ policing should only occur in the inner-cities and to those who refuse to accept their second-class citizenship in the United States. Later, on the popular housewife’s choice television chat show ‘Oprah’, Mr. Gates claimed that he had ‘moved on’ after the incident and the much-lauded ‘Beer Summit’56 and that he and the arresting officer (who falsified his report by adding a racial elements that the 911 tipster did not mention)57 , Sgt. James Crowley, are in fact biological kin. It seems they both are proudly descended from a common European ancestor, a long-dead ancient Celtic king.58   Well, that’s good for Prof. Gates, but it does absolutely nothing for the rest of us who do not feel that we should be any more forgiving than we already have been for the past 500 years. How much more is the African in the Americas supposed to be silent about racism while anti-African racism runs rampant across the twin continents? While Mr. Obama, Prof. Gates and the rest of the Black bourgeoisie may be content with their tenuous positions within the Euro-settler society, other Africans are raising their voices and saying what needs to be said. We need competent, thoughtful and dedicated African leadership. Not further appeasement of the racist elements of the political right or left wing. This is the modern struggle, the complete exposure of the plutocratic US political spectrum as a tool of anti-African and anti-Indigenous oppression in the Americas and abroad.

Neither Prof. Gates nor Barack Obama can claim to be warriors in the struggle against American racism. And it would be a complete lie if either of these men ever claims to have been ideologically in support of the anti-racist movement. That would be a huge deception and a blatant insult to those of us who never stopped fighting and demanding nothing more than what the American narrative promises to provide for all who work for it. We have never received our 40 acres nor the mules we were promised, (Special Field Order No. 15 – 1865) nor the basic ‘respect’ that comes with needing the 13th Amendment to abolish slavery, the 14th Amendment to give us citizenship and the 15th granted to extend voting rights to African males. A ‘right’ that has not been fully supported since Reconstruction. How many White people in the United States, Canada or Mexico will say that this ‘legality’ means nothing more than ‘progress’? How many still argue with a straight face that the US Constitution’s measurement of Black humanity with the 3/5th’s rule, was not a statement on the humanity of Africans but simply an issue of mathematics:

Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free Persons, including those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons’.   — Article 1, Section 2, Paragraph 3 of the United States Constitution

How White Americans can logically disassociate the racist tone and tremor of this political compromise between two factions of colonialist, enslaving, Indian-killing White man and Europe’s brooding issues with traditional Judenhass is beyond me. They are exactly the same. Exactly the same. And our sheepish African House Negro leaders know this, especially people like Prof. Gates, who should have undergone an academician African awakening on his personal road to Damascus having finally had his ‘Black Experience’. But instead, he choose to return directly back to the hallowed halls of cognitive Valhalla where smart Black men like him gleefully spit-shine the boots of Nathan Bedford Forrest and take pride in it. The Black American, according to their perspective, is supposed to honour the European as the master of civilisation.

As assimilationist-immigrant and former Untouchable-caste GOP intellectual Dinesh D’Souza put it, ‘We who are minorities in this society owe these dead white men a debt of gratitude’.59 Of course, White America loves Black and Brown people who talk like this, especially the White ‘liberals’ who see it as their role to paternalistically tell us that things are ‘getting better’ all the time.   Why would White Americans not support those of African and Native descent who say forget the big jackboot on our collective necks? Why would they not favour a victim who revels in his or her sub-citizen status? Be serious, please. What oppressor does not wish for their victim to acquiesce to their oppression? To ignore this is to ignore the psychological power of institutional racism. And Negro libertarian support, what little there is, for Ron Paul’s candidacy empirically proves this out, despite the vile anti-African racism found in his foul publication.60 If an American African can read the blatantly racist out-takes of the Ron Paul Newsletter and come away in awe of the Nazi-friendly Texas gynecologist after that, frankly, their ‘Black Card’ is in jeopardy of being revoked.61

I only point out Prof. Gates and his encounter with everyday Blackness to address the total lack of connectivity in the African community between those who clam to lead us and those who actually live the life. Until ‘Skip’ was treated like a dollop of feces by a White racist with authority he didn’t give a damn about the rest of us. The same can be said about Barack Obama when it comes to his silence concerning Oscar Grant, Sean Bell, Ayanna Jones, Derrick Jones, Troy Anthony Davis and now Trayvon Martin. Saying that the victim of a White racist gunman ‘could have looked like he was your son if you had one’ means absolutely nothing to the African parents who actually ARE losing their sons (and daughters) to the institutional racism of the American system every day.   This is not a minor issue. Not to the African community and definitely not to those American Blacks not connected to the Internet and mental colonialisation of the mainstream media. And politically it says much about just how browbeaten the African is in the United States. For example, Prof. Gates should have become after his experience a staunch fighter for social justice for African peoples but he didn’t. He continues to support the White racist status quo. Which is odd, since situations such as his have gone on launch world changing movements that did much to disturb the established ideas surrounding the ‘natural’ hegemony of European sociopolitical dominance.

Think about this: both the Hindu Indian holy man M. Gandhi and the secular Ashkenazim Jew Theodore Herzl were staunch assimilationists radicalised by personal episodes of racist rejection from the White folks they thought were their friends and ‘equals’, situations which lead them to found movements that would later earn their respective peoples some form of national independence. I say ‘some sort’ of independence because in reality, neither country is truly independent as both are ultimately reliant upon foreign-supplied remittances to just stay afloat. There is a reason for this. In the case of India, the English may have physically left the region, but their influence over the nation’s economy lasts to this day. Further, there is good reason to understand the UK’s role in the frightful India/Pakistan split that resulted in more than a million deaths to see that what Gandhi was trying to achieve was not going to be allowed by the powers-that-be without accepting certain provisions. Namely, the British and other European interests will maintain invisible control over what appears to be in public an Indian-run political system. Little has changed but the window dressing. The old masters are still in complete control. Just ask Monsanto.62

In the case of the Secular State of Israel, their leadership has for the most part bought into certain ideas about what a functional Jewish national identity could look like. And in doing so, they have decided to make a bargain with the European Devil. Meaning, that the unspoken history of hardline Zionism’s more fascist leanings63 in its zeal to gain a national homeland for Jews, not just in Palestine, but anywhere the European powers were willing to sponsor them,64 lead them to make certain harsh choices. And the question of how a Semitic people, forced by European invasion and occupation under the Roman Empire into the Jewish Diaspora, could later adopt and internalise the principles of White racism is never investigated. Thus, all paths to universal enlightenment are closed. Unless, one is willing to go further to understand that the ‘fairness’ we all assume exists in the US is patently false. Especially where it pertains to the twin issues of race and racism.

The purpose of my remarks in this commentary is not to criticise but to make a larger point. Leaders often make decisions that can be judged as right, wrong, foolish or even evil. But with the two examples I just mentioned, when one sets aside the issue of ‘rightness’ for a moment, it is clear that both of these leaders never strayed from their basic programmes of functional nationalism. They were seeking, by any means considered necessary, political and economic independence for their respective peoples because they were representing ethnic populations either being internally occupied or otherwise marginalised by the major European powers. No one today would dare say that Indians did not have a right to reject British domination any more than any modern US politician who gives a damn about their career would condemn Zionism for its vicious war against the British Mandate.65 History is written by the victors. And victims are seldom allowed the privilege of documenting and promoting their own version of their own story.   This is true. However it is also true that freedom is often just a comfortable word for ‘new oppressor’.

Just ask anyone who isn’t afraid to speak up in Iraq or Afghanistan what ‘freedom’ means these days. As Patrick McGoohan once said, ‘Freedom is a myth’ and the supposed ‘post-colonialist’ era bears this out. This is why it is entirely fair to point out at this junction that India, despite its projected image as a pious, peace loving Hindu utopia is in reality a hopeless mass of multi-dimensional hierarchies of ethnic oppression masked as religious devotion. Slavery, misogyny, territorial discrimination against the Indigenous and ethnic prejudice against Dravidians (the largest ethnicity found amongst the ‘Untouchable’ caste) still remain in force. Israel too cannot be said to be free of internal state oppression of ethnic, religious or political minorities. Women and even non-Ashkenazi Jews are biased against in the public square and are denied some basic civil rights and public accommodations by law. Looking at this an intelligent person just has to ask, where is the ‘freedom’?

Similar situations can also be seen in the political independence of the Republic of Ireland as it came at the price of separation from the northern half of Éire. The African National Congress (ANC) too made the ‘historic compromises’ That it said were necessary to ‘defeat Apartheid’ demanded more from the victim’s of social injustice than the perpetrators, enablers or enforcers of the ‘old’ system.66 We can also add the Philippines, (a virtual US military colony) Panama, (due to US colonialist domination over the American-made naval canal) and Cuba (in regards to Guantanamo Bay) to this list just to round out the framework of modern international neocolonialism before I move on to my fundamental argument. Barck Obama as an individual and as president of the United States is in no way an example of ‘Black Power’. And the White people who are pushing that nonsense are either complete liars or the ugly intellectually-misshapen gnomes of the anachronistic universe.

They believe that their nightmares of a Black and Brown planet are real. For this and for this alone they should be considered mentally-ill and asked to sit down quietly, out of the way and of the vision of normal, non-bigoted people who are simply trying to get along.   Racism and the discussion of it is a ridiculously difficult subject in the United States, mostly due to the jaundiced perspective most people have about the issue. This is a discussion that is being roundly ignored by the US general public and by the American African community in particular. And what I referring to now is the role of institutional pro-White bias in Black leadership. I point to the existence of what I term a Europocentric Propaganda Model, (EPM) as the ideological infrastructure that defines what Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman have expertly describe as a generalised model of establishment propaganda. Further, they show that such manipulation lends itself to an establishment-directed framework of popular belief:

In countries where the levers of power are in the hands of a state bureaucracy, the monopolistic control over the media, often supplemented by official censorship, makes it clear that the media serve the ends of a dominant elite…and aggressively portray themselves as spokesmen for free speech and the general community interest’.

— ‘Manufacturing Consent’ (1988)

When Professors Chomsky and Herman wrote the above they were discussing the particulars of state-sponsored propaganda as it relates to the political and social news data fed to the reading public by corporate-owned information services. While the issue of racism was not directly focused upon in their analysis, it was made pretty clear that non-White and non-European victims of political violence are often portrayed as ‘unworthy victims’ while White or European peoples in similar circumstances are, as a general rule, typified as ‘worthy victims’.67 News stories involving ‘worthy victims’ as the authors suggested are the stories we usually hear about in the mainstream press. While ‘unworthy victims’, the people deemed by the establishment to be either useless or expendable, are not given much coverage or even brief mention within the mainstream media.

I mention their work in this area here because I feel that it is important for us all to understand that US media is no less propagandistic than any other nation’s media organism. Especially when it comes to issues and situations surrounding the dynamic of race in America.   It is subconscious and unintentional, or it is conscious and thus purposeful when US news services habitually frame conflicts between Whites and non-Whites through a prism of Europocentric rubbish? And why isn’t this a question? When we, as African people and as a Diaspora, soberly investigate the revolting details behind the killing of Trayvon Martin, we understand that this young brother was criminalised by both his assailantthe police and much the press simply because he was ‘Black’. Nothing else. The EPM in full-effect. He is a victim of exactly the sort of institutional anti-African racism White Americans and assimilated Africans such as President Barack Obama and other ‘Talented Tenth’ Black elites swear up and down does not exist any longer. And as we watch this travesty work itself out in the corporate media, it becomes immediately clear that both journalists and local law enforcement have jaundiced the public’s view of this situation by presenting a clean-cut vita for the alleged shooter, George Zimmerman, an image we now know to be patently false.68

Further, and despite his ethnically-Jewish last name, the media has gone out of its way to depict him as a ‘Mexican’, as if that made any difference.69 Why? Because this is one way of diffusing the argument in the public’s mind that ‘race’ was at the centre of this abominable dilemma. What’s worse is the troublesome fact that the first genetic Black president has yet to speak to the African community about this issue is real terms.   His tepid ‘soul-searching’ comment meant nothing. Which is no big surprise since he has steadfastly refused, the entire time he has been in office, to empirically address institutional anti-African racism at all. Anywhere. Remember, this the US president, a Black man who has won the Nobel Prize for Peace, who boycotted two international conferences on racism in a row in ‘moral’ defence of Israel’s racist policies against Indigenous Arab Palestinians70 and who is currently overseeing an expanding US military global footprint in ‘post-colonial’ Africa. And this is not counting the ‘collateral’ Arab lives brought to an abrupt end by the remote-controlled ‘tinker-toys of death’ circling above them each succeeding day the west imposes itself upon the world stage.

In other words, this is a man who will not fight for the human rights of anybody other than White racist capitalists, hardline Zionists and the landed US gentry. Just as every US president before him, his priorities reside with the interests of the moneyed classes and the friends of the affluent. No one else. He is not interested in Black people. And he has shown his apathetic contempt for our community in public several times, most notably during his last address to the NAACP where he told us to ‘Stop complaining’ and ‘Get to work’.71     Who was he speaking to? Without the help of the Black community, many who were people who had never voted before, he would never have won the election. His community supported him. Not just becaue he is Black, but because he represented the best answer to our concerns as a community. But despite what the right-wing lie machine will say about Mr. Obama, he works harder for their interests than he does ours. In fact, he does nothing for our interests as a community or as a people at all.

And this is perfectly fair to say. Mr. Obama’s record of overt personal and political support for the neo-fascist Zionist lobby, the Stepford-Gays of the politicised GBLTQ community and as of late, the jovial Friends of Ireland is a matter of the public record. As is the fact that these are communities he does not actually belong to or is particularly pledged to represent politically. We are told over and over again that the US president must represent all of the people of the nation and Mr. Obama has never missed an opportunity to remind Black Americans of this. Yet, he has had more to do and to say about the social welfare of every group in America except the African living and suffering in the Americas.   He did not support Shirley Sherrod, the Black farmers or the Black people of New Orleans after the Bush administration used Hurricane Katrina as an excuse for clearing out the city for urban redevelopment. And correct me if I am wrong, but the job of making the world safe for White racism should not be the role of the first African president of the US. It simply looks bad for the rest of us. Black, White and otherwise who thought, wrongly, that the beautiful African man that was given the Nobel Prize for Peace would do things differently.

In Black America the mood is grim. And contrary to the prevailing republican-promoted myth, reasonable, rank-and-file Africans in America are not happy with Mr. Obama’s performance.72 Not a bit.73 Especially the more militant-minded brothers and sisters whose frustrations are often articulated in Kenté cloth, Afrocentric verse and the boisterous platitudes of our more grandstanding brothers clad in surplus camouflage jackets purchased from the very same places the right-wing White Christian end-timers do their shopping. The latter example itself is a direct result of, as veteran newsman Mike Wallace once put it, ‘The Hate That Hate Produced‘, the response to White racism many White racist intellectuals try to use as a justification for their own false political arguments .74And while both are two sides of an originally European-minted coin, White racists always avoid this discussion: if White racism exists, why is it unbelievable or inconceivable that there would be an angry Black reaction to their historical marginalisation?

Are Jews hated today in the US for steadfastly struggling against Judeophobia? No, you don’t. If there are fools shouting ‘White Power’, especially since White Power is already a fact of life and has been for more than five hundred years, why would it not be ‘rational’ for African people who are not by their own will defined as ‘Black’, not identify their political liberation as ‘Black Power’? We never called ourselves Black. The White man re-named us the same way he disarticulated the identity of the Indigenous American. Native Americans are not ‘Red’. We, inclusive of this writer, accept this appellation, like we accept the reservation system, begrudgingly, because we have no other choice. We must be Black and we must be Indian because that is what we are. And no matter what the White racists may do, that fact will remain.

And if we support Barack Obama it isn’t because he is Black, but because we have more to fear from the reactionary primitives of the right-wing than we do the acquiescent lames of the democratic party Mr. Obama currently represents. Make no mistake, the US republican party has become the new face of the neo-Confederate movement.75 Of this there is no doubt.76 And each day the president ignores this pressing issue the worse the situation gets. Not just for his re-election chances but for the well-being of the country at large, and perhaps the world as a whole. Although the US news media is still doing its very best to ignore this, but Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian far-right Christian-Zionist terrorist77 was heavily influenced by the very same US neoconservative movement that opposes the Obama administration simply because Mr. Obama is a Black man.78 Breivik’s clear connections to the international far-right are being ignored or downplayed in the US press.79 And aside from the blogosphere, no one in America seems to think that his insane outburst of neoconservative rage has anything to do with the steady rise of far-right political violence across the European and American states. And almost no one said anything, including Mr. Obama, when Glenn Beck identified Breivik’s victims as ‘Hitler Youth’.80

Yes,I know, I know: there is only so much one man can be expected to do. We have heard this all before. Many times before. This is the lament of the Black bourgeoisie and when balanced against equally measurable historical examples it is pathetic, useless and in the end, self-defeating. While media-savvy White conservatives are busying themselves making use of Mr. Obama’s weak-arse Trayvon Martin case comments to accuse him of overt racism against Whites, the Black political and economic elite are praising the ‘maturity’ and ‘sadness’ they think they heard in his ineffectual remarks about the murder of an innocent African youth. They are backed in print by the ‘liberal’ White-owned and operated mainstream press who identify his remarks as a ‘One for the history books‘ instead of an example of just how emasculated the African has become in the United States.

The American African community at some point in time must come to grips with the fact that if Barack Obama as president will not stand up against vociferous White racism in his own country in defence of his own people, he will not defend anyone else’s international, human or civil rights. As the British journalist Robert Fisk said some time back, ‘No one listens to Obama any more’. And this latest episode of weak-kneed Black American politick in the heat of neo-fascist hatred has only proved Mr. Fisk to be embarrassingly correct on all counts.

I wish to be clear here. This writer fully supports Mr. Obama’s right to personally support whatever issues and causes he chooses. But the question many of us in the African Diaspora are asking ourselves is this: what is preventing the first Black US Head-of-State from speaking about the realities of White racism in the United States and across the entire African world? Why the silence? And, what is preventing him, if anything, now, from saying out loud what the rest of us already know, that the killing of Treyvon Martin was a racist act of traditional, White supremacist panic? This was without a doubt, a modern, White racist lynching by a violent, anti-African coward on a personal mission from his perception of the Semitic God to ‘cleanse’ his ‘pure’ White community of the ‘Black Menace’.

Why is this Black politician so reluctant to speak with clarity about the number one social issue, aside from Native American affairs, that still haunts this land? Why is this not a question? Many will ask what gives me the right to say this. Especially those from the assimilationist Negro community who regard any and all grassroots African criticism of this president with a large degree of misguided left-wing scorn. In short, because I read, like most other international readers, that Israel’s political leadership wasted no time in identifying, with justification, the recent shooting of a Jewish family in France as an act of blatant Judeophobia.81

I have my issues with Israel as a political entity, but what they did was correct. As a political leader of Jewish people PM Binyamin Netanyahu he did what he was supposed to do, he lead. He made a public statement of support for the rights of his people to be free from racial violence. Even if you intensely despise the political actions of the State of Israel, one cannot fault Mr. Netanyahu for calling the attack what it was, an attack upon France’s Jewish population. No one condemned him for his statements. Including the French President Nicolas Sarkozy who immediately cleared his calendar and penned a personal letter of regret to Israel’s PM condemning the viciousness of the act. Now, it would have been fantastic if both Nicky and Bibi had mentioned the three uniformed French soldiers of African descent that were shot dead earlier this month, but like the neo-Nazi attack upon the US-based Holocaust Museum in Washington DC in 2009, the darker victims of far-right violence are not generally accorded the same level of respect as are their lighter-skinned brothers and sisters. Even in cases of blatant racist victimisation.

Just look at how the Trayvon Martin case is being handled. Were it not for the independent bloggers of all races and nationalities documenting the family’s struggle for justice no one would know or care about this case. Just one more dead Nigger who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.82 This isn’t my language, this is exactly how this tragedy is being described by our mentally-sick White brothers and sisters in the mainstream US media, [Hannity On Trayvon Martin Killing: ‘Is It Possible That It Was Just A Horrible Accident?’- mediaite.com: http://tiny.cc/sloqbw ]. I also know this because I have personally heard such language myself straight from the lips of White people who after saying such things vociferously declared themselves to be ‘racist-free’. In fact, they went on in many of these incidences to accuse me of being an anti-White racist simply for raising the issue. I was supposed to simply accept that because the White man’s word is bond. If Mr. Charley tells you that he loves you as he watches the thugs abuse you while sipping a lemonade on the porch the Negro is expected to believe him.

This is the Sambo mentality of the plantation days, the ‘Happy Negro’ that ‘wants’ Massa’ to degrade him so that he could feel comfortable within his caste and within his own mind, the slave mentality that lingers in every living African everywhere we are in the physical world. The cross we bear is invisible to all except to those who carry it bravely and do their best to carry on with some degree of personal human dignity. This is a quality that cannot be said of our selected leadership. Very few of them have an integrity that can match-up to the solitary African struggling to survive in a world dedicated to his destruction as a person and as a people. We survive because we have to. Not because any Negro in political power ever did anything to save us. Not one.

‘This is equally true of the Arabs. Our Peace-mongers are trying to persuade us that the Arabs are either fools, whom we can deceive by masking our real aims, or that they are corrupt and can be bribed to abandon to us their claim to priority in Palestine , in return for cultural and economic advantages. I repudiate this conception of the Palestinian Arabs. Culturally they are five hundred years behind us, they have neither our endurance nor our determination; but they are just as good psychologists as we are, and their minds have been sharpened like ours by centuries of fine-spun logomachy. We may tell them whatever we like about the innocence of our aims, watering them down and sweetening them with honeyed words to make them palatable, but they know what we want, as well as we know what they do not want. They feel at least the same instinctive jealous love of Palestine, as the old Aztecs felt for ancient Mexico, and the Sioux for their rolling Prairies’.

– Ze’ev (Vladimir) Jabotinsky (The Iron Wall) 1923

What does any of this have to do with Binyamin Netanyahu? This: my point here is that when Mr. Netanyahu stood up and defended his community against indiscriminate ethnic violence, he was respected. But to date, President Barack Obama, the titular leader of the African Diaspora, has said absolutely nothing of substance about the Treyvon Martin case nor any other incident of aggravated violence of discrimination against African people in the US. Not one case. Unless you count the abortive, ‘Beer Summit’ which only showed how even the Black elite can be rudely manhandled by bigoted, power-mad police officers in upscale neighbourhoods, Mr. Obama has remained eerily quite about the role of racism in American life. Netanyahu on the other hand seeks every possible opportunity to remind the world that everybody hates his countrymen just because they are Jews.

This is true. And while I will for the record defend his right to his particular perspective, I have to state here that there is more empirical evidence for widespread global anti-Africanism than for modern Judeophobia.   This is not to say that hatred against Jews is done away with, that would be harebrained to even suggest, but it is a grand falsehood to generalise the entire world’s population as anti-Jewish when the whole planet has been turned upside-down not only just to establish the State of Israel, but to maintain it at a ridiculously high human and material cost. No other country on Earth receives the considerations and ethical leeway the State of Israel gets from the world internatonal community. Israel stands alone amongst the nations as a country that will not hesitate to resort to whatever actions it claims is necessary, ethical or otherwise, to ‘protect itself’ from the widespread hatred of Jews.

As a nation-state Israel is allowed to do whatever it pleases.83 From instigating military conflicts against rock-throwing youths to cold-blooded assassinations on the high seas,84 Israel, apparently, can do no wrong.   Any and all criticism against the state is frowned upon, no matter how barbaric the nation’s policies are to the world’s peace. Israel, apparently, can do no wrong. And due to expert manipulation of the mainstream corporate information media by the zeal of the Zionist lobby, one would believe that it is Israel, and not Palestine, that is the country being occupied, its people forced to live without water, employment, basic facilities or safety from White racist terrorism. Like the African in the Americas, the Indigenous Palestinian is not seen as a real human being. And he is being purposefully prevented from developing a mindset that is conductive to building a healthy and functioning society for himself. And like the African, the Palestinian struggle is not just to be seen, but to be heard and to be respected as a fellow-member of the human family, not as a human punching bag for the reactionary White racist sociopolitical mob. We all have a right to peace. Not just some of us.

This dear reader is the ethical crux of the debate. Is the African in the United States a human being or not? And if so, why doesn’t the world’s most powerful Black man just say so without first genuflecting to the White racist conservative bully-boy pressure groups of the GOP? Barack Obama is the US head-of-state, he has the power to guide the nation’s consciousness towards not just a recognition of the issue of anti-African racism but an accounting for what has happened and to whom. And this simple and humanistic demand for justice, not revenge, but simple justice, makes White men urinate in their shoes. They can’t stand it. The live it fear of it. And it is this fear, the fear of the unknown, that drives them to act like non-committed Klansmen in search of a cross to light because they still fear what they cannot see in the dark.

Dr King & Min. Malcolm X

Dr King & Min. Malcolm X

The African does not hate the White man. I repeat, the African does not hate the White man. What we hate is how many White people treat us simply because we are Black people. To expect us to think otherwise is to assume that we are not intelligent enough to know when we are being offended. Just because Barack Obama and others of his ilk do not speak to these issues does not mean that the rest of us are mute on these subjects. This is what we discuss around the dinner table. And those of us who know our history and understand the ideological roots of the struggle cannot in any way not call Mr. Obama into account for his lethargic and soft-soaked response to the Trayvon Martin killing. His tepid remarks are being twisted like a pretzel by the media vultures of the neoconservative propaganda mills and frankly I, for one, cannot believe that he and his advisers did not see this coming. If he had spoke to the issue clearly by identifying racism as the root cause of the tragedy instead of trying to sound profound, he would not have left room for the republican reality-changers to 
radically re-articulate what little he did actually say. Even Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum had more competent things to say on behalf of the family of the victim, but they are not representing the African community across the world, Barack Obama is. And his leadership at this crucial moment in American African history is severely lacking in both credibility and common-sense. Meaning, his failure to stand-up for the African community in the face of blatant racism imperils the entire Black community. If George Zimmerman, who the press wants us all to know comes from a Peruvian/European parental mix with a family that includes, gasp, Black folks, who y’know, is just a regular chap who just wanted to protect his community from the ‘bad people’.85 No harm, no foul.

We all like to think of the United States as a nation that is uniquely free of the political mayhem and social oppression our leaders tell us the US must struggle against to preserve our freedoms. Afghanistan was lulled into submission with a passion found only amongst the most sadistic of Catholic schoolmasters. If it was standing it was demolished. Iraq suffered a similar fate. No WMD’s were found. No matter. The rape rooms and torture chambers were re-opened the moment Saddam left town86 and whatever assassination programmes the Hussein government were running were replaced with new ones that suited the changing circumstances. Now Africa is host to the US military who claims to be in search of more ‘bad Niggers’ such as Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), another band of crackpot Christian end-timers who practise a Scorched Earth policy of slash and burn upon all those they regard as the unbelievers and dissenters of Africa in the name of Jesus the Christ. Its all total madness, but this has not stopped the European powers, China and Iran from taking advantage of the fact that Africans are not, and never have been, in charge of Africa. We have always been at the feet of outside forces. Not because were inferior but because we never used warfare as a way of life.

This is not to say that Africa did not have internal conflict, it did. So has Europe throughout its entire formative history. But is Europe judged today on that aspect of its history? No, it isn’t. But the African is still to this day being judged by all White men around the world for ‘allowing’ ourselves to be enslaved and defeated by them multiple times over the centuries. This is the reality of the situation. And this is why White men react so strongly when Black men stand up and speak for themselves as ‘men’. This was the meaning and purpose behind being called a ‘Boy’ on the plantation yesterday and in the workplace today. A cognitive reminder of the Dred Scott decision: [Dred Scott v. Sandford, 60 U.S. 393  (1857)] that told Africans you can never be ‘American’ no matter if you are slave or free because:

‘It would give to persons of the negro race, …the right to enter every other State whenever they pleased, …to sojourn there as long as they pleased, to go where they pleased …the full liberty of speech in public and in private upon all subjects upon which its own citizens might speak; to hold public meetings upon political affairs, and to keep and carry arms wherever they went’.   – Dred Scott v. Sandford – Wikipedia – en.wikipedia.or…

As the late US president John F. Kennedy said before his bright young light was dimmed in a hail of hatred for a man who attempted to bring reasonable domestic and foreign diplomacy to his country, we can change laws, but laws cannot change what is in a man’s heart. The need to pass legislation to guarantee race-neutral social justice is proof that there is social injustice in the first place. This is why the far-right should be ignored. They reject history, science and common-sense and should not be taken seriously except as a barrier to American progress, peace and fair-play. This is not much to ask for considering everything that has happened between Blacks and Whites that can be attributed to the negative in favour of White prosperity and hegemony.

As the post-Apartheid Reconciliation Hearings in South Africa has proved, the African is capable of forgiveness and compassion for those who have harmed us.   Only an ignoramus  would suggest that the African was ‘supposed’ to be gracious to the White South African. The African is forgiving because that is our nature. This is not a metaphysical argument as much as it is a matter of the established historical record. We have rarely, despite our often dire circumstances, decided to take revenge against our oppressors. We want and have fought for peace with White people just as strongly as we have struggled for equal education, housing, employment and social justice. And we also want respect. Because we have earned it with our blood, sweat, tears and our lives in defence of ‘The American Way’. And we deserve better than we have received for our efforts to realise our destiny in the United States while suffering the stings of racist oppression and injustice. No White man, no matter how blinded he may be by his own bigotry, can deny us the right to state that fact. He simply does not have that right.

Your ‘America’ would not exist without us and the genocide of the Indigenous Nations Europeans violently liquidated to make room for themselves. The fact that there are any Natives left is an accident of purpose. We were not supposed to survive. Neither were Africans after the direct-slavery era. So they made use of us in other ways, as Buffalo Soldiers to help them clear-out the prairies of ‘Bad Indians’ for the Euro-Settlers; in Cuba and the Philippines to challenge Spain for their colonial territories and today in Iraq and Afghanistan to secure mineral and petroleum resources for the corporate personalities that make up the 1%. What has the African gained from these ventures? Nothing. Nothing but a lap-full of more problems brought to them courtesy of the ‘Master Race’ and the unfaithful, enabling bastards of our own communities who are willing to sell-out their people and their entire continent for a few handfuls of gold coins and a chance to be king amongst the common rabble.

Should an African speak intelligently, on subject and with an eye towards intellectual and cultural rather than militant tactics, he or she is neutralised. They are removed from the scene leaving the tin-gods of the thug world to take the reigns which only serves to perpetuate the colonialism albeit in a different form. The major visible players are Black, but the puppet-strings are always controlled by non-African hands. And the more militant these actors act and sound the more justification they figure is provided to explain the need for European intervention and the international calls for ‘control’ of the continent.

This is the state of the world. And if this is the ‘post-colonial’ period, why is this still an issue? This was my point in raising the Zionist penchant for swift, reactive action when they believe that their interests are at stake. They waste no time and they set their own rules of engagement. Because of this, they have a country. It isn’t a just situation, but it exists nonetheless. And while I deplore the methods the Zionists used to attain their state, it must be admitted that it was in essence not their stopping to violence, which was deplorable as were their ties to the German Nazi apparatus,87 but their steadfast refusal to submit to their own demise as a people. They refused to lay down and die for the European fascists and the ultra-conservative elements of Catholic Church just because they were told to. And let us not pretend here that this story of resistance was always honoured by the goyim either.

That was the whole point behind the cry, ‘Never Again’. Because most non-Jews simply did not want to hear about the European Holocaust after the war was over. And most Christians, if you believe the fundamentalist Zionist argument, are by nature anti-Jewish and is this intrinsic hatred, it has been suggested, that is inseparable from the core political or theological views of the western paradigm.88

I leave it to the reader to judge whether or not that concept is true and I warn that it would be a good idea to also consider the grey areas as well. No issue is monolithic. Especially the issue of racism. And it is always best practise to look beyond the reductionist Europocentric argument of racism as an issue of attitudes and understand its true meaning as a descriptor for systemic social engineering on the basis of race. In short, the practise of racism is Eugenics for political purposes. And if it was wrong for the fascists of the last century, it is wrong in the United States today as well.   It goes without saying that there are complications that will come with declaring one’s independence from European oppression. White’s will reject it. They will belittle it and accuse us of disloyalty to the American cause. But what what can be more ‘American’ than standing up for one’s natural, civil and human rights? Is that not the justification given for forcibly returning the popular ‘Arab Spring’ that began in Africa towards a long winter of neoliberal discontent? Can the African too say ‘Never Again’ without being accused of hating his oppressor? Never again should we have to hear about a case like Trayvon Martin’s. And never again should we accept Black leadership that does not represent us or our interests as a people.

Let’s be serious with each other dear reader, can you really imagine leaders of the Jewish community waiting around for a solid month before they finally make a few weak statements about an incident of blatant anti-Jewish racism? Of course not, because you and I both know that such a situation is virtually impossible. The hasbara-jackals simply would not stand for it. You know this as well as I do. But in the case of brother Trayvon Martin, all the African in America can look forward to is another round of shoe-shuffling, chitterling-dripping shuck-n-jive from our ‘leaders’ about how sad this incident is and why we all need to come together to deal with it instead of calling a spade a spade. No analysis, no demands for justice, just more shameful apologies to White America for what George Zimmerman is putting them through, instead of a frank discussion with the country about what White racism in America is putting us all through.

The African on the continent and in the Diaspora has never asked for anything more than what the world’s Jews have demanded for themselves throughout history: to be themselves without apology; free from violence and White Christian racist terror. Are they wrong for this? No. But it is unfair to consider that some groups deserve to defend themselves against overt ethnic bias while others do not have the right to do the same thing as a matter of ration self-preservation. No one can deny that the world’s Jews are not strongly defended today by their political leadership no matter where they are in the world and no matter what the cause. Right or wrong. And Africans in the Americas and elsewhere are no less human and no less deserving than any other people. We are now demanding the very same rights of survival that every other human group claims. We too have a right to be free from the evils of racism in our own country.   And the US is our country. We should not, in 2012, still have to remind White America of this.

We die on the battlefields of today for big oil just like the White guys do. We pay our taxes — when we are allowed to have jobs — and we contribute to the development of the United States because we live here. We care about America. Only we get less respect for our loyalty and dedicated service to a country that has hated us from the first time we came into contact with each other. When the very religious Christian English gentleman Sir John Hawkins captained ‘The Good Ship Jesus’, (the name of the first slave ship dispatched to ‘The New World) to Africa, he admitted that he achieved the feat of capturing more than 300 Africans as cargo, ‘partly by sword and partly by other means‘.89 He felt completely justified in making commodities out of human beings and history has been kind to him. What he did has been deemed ‘normal’ for his time therefore, he has been absolved of racist responsibility for his actions. If a Black man had written this history, how do you think it would have turned out?



No matter what White Power advocates like Newt Gingrich might say to reinvigorate his hopelessly bigoted base, [Gingrich: Obama’s Comments On Trayvon Martin Were ‘Disgraceful,’ ‘Appalling’ – Frances Martel: mediaite.com/onlin…] White people are not the victims in the Trayvon Martin case.

90 Black people are. And we are tired of half-arsed Negro politicians who cannot stand up to craven bigoted knuckle-draggers like Newt Gingrich, (the late) Andrew Breitbart91 serial conservative radio liars such as chat radio hostCurtis Sliwa and FOX non-News propaganda media darling Sean Hannity who earns a handsome living by pumping racial discord and uncertainty across the airwaves for the financial and political benefit of his Australian-Saudi neocapitalist handlers.92   White racism is always given a front-seat on the frontpage of every newspaper in the White world because that is the paradigm of the world we live in.93 Would editorialists such as the respected Howard Kurtz dare question the very Zionist republican Eric Cantor, the only Jew currently holding a seat in the US Congress, about his overt dedication and devotion the the Israeli government the way he has challenged the journalistic integrity Rev. Al Sharpton? No, he wouldn’t. This is true and because of that, this too needs to be said: Africans too ‘Have a God-given right to exist’ just any other people does. And it is high time for our leaders to start addressing the problems that plague Black people by talking straight and clear to those to openly threaten the safety and well-being of the Black community in the US and African people everywhere the United States has influence, which, is everywhere.   It is not and never has been fair to blame the victims of racism for the existence of the racism itself. And to date, this has been Mr. Obama’s operative line. That time has passed now that the killing of Trayvon Martin has happened. It is now time to sing another song, one of freedom for the Black man and everybody else, not just for the few. It is only fair. Not just to the surviving relatives of Trayvon Martin, but to the rest of the African family as a whole. We are Mr. Obama’s people, whether he wants to accept us or not. That is the price of being Black in a White man’s world. And we are never allowed to forget that.   It is time for Mr. Obama to step up and represent the African community in the United States. We have always supported him, even when we have disagreed with him and his policies. Our nickels and dimes helped pay for his campaign too, but apparently that was not enough to earn us his support in times of dire community crisis like this one. Our brother, Trayvon Martin, is dead. Killed by a White man who felt he had a right to take a Black life he felt did not deserve to be in his neighbourhood.   Jim Crow is supposed to be over. And this is not the time for political or personal cowardice from the most powerful Black man in the history of the world. Racism in America is a sickness. And in trying to pacify the reactionary bigots of the US far-right and of the republican party who have co-opted American politics for their own nefarious purposes, Mr. Obama is enabling them to further their ugly agenda of social retardation at our expense. The African community can no longer accept weak leadership from the Black bourgeoisie who are more concerned with their own social mobility than with communal empowerment for the African in America.   The past the republicans talk about was hell for the African in America. And we refuse to return. And if White folks don’t like that, that is too bad. For them. We are human beings and our lives have as much value as any other life. And Trayvon Martin did not deserve to die because a White man was afraid of him because he was Black. That is the reason Trayvon Martin is dead. And that is a sign of the inner-cowardice of the racist. He is afraid of the world and he is too confused to understand why he is afraid. So he simply hates. The Black man scares the White man. This is true. If this were not true, White people and their societies would be radically different. And we would not be having this discussion, would we?   Mr. Obama and the Black elite must step from behind the curtain of polite non-confrontation with America’s traditional history of anti-African bigotry and deal with it for the sake of the nation if not for Black people. We have seen the results of fascism and only a fool or a nihilist would want the same thing for the people of the United States. Black leaders must being leading Black people or they should step aside. This is not too much to ask for or expect from those of us who claim to serve in the public interest. The fact is that they have shown a marked hesitancy to speak up for African people, but they will speak on behalf of others who they think can help their class rise into higher levels of political or economic power. This is clear and it would be appreciated if this were admitted, but this is not likely to happen any time soon.   It is also clear that their reluctance to speak on behalf of their own social group is a visible lack of respect for the African community by Africans that is being observed and noted by the White racist lobby. They know the price of a contemporary Uncle Tom. And because of this, all African people everywhere pay a heavy price. When a Black man speaks and acts, he represents all Black men. So when a Black man cowers in the face of blatant anti-African racialist repression, it is more than insulting to the entire African family in the US and abroad. Would Mr. Obama and the CBC ever snub AIPAC this way? No, they wouldn’t, would they?   It is time to step up and defend your people against White racism in America, Mr. Obama. If you cannot do that, you do not deserve our support. Nor our vote.   Our lives matter too. And we should not have to beg for your support in our time of need.


[TheAngryindian is editor-in-chief of the Aboriginal Press New Service (APNS) and editor-General of the Aboriginal News Group (ANG) international Indigenous blogger’s guild.]

Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License

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