Rally for Trayvon Martin Tomorrow in Front of ALEC Headquarters | Center for Media and Democracy

MEDIA ADVISORY, March 28, 2012CONTACT: Tim Rusch, 917.399.0236, Tim@fitzgibbonmedia.com, Naomi Seligman, 310.617.4577, Naomi@FitzGibbonMedia.com—Rally Against ALEC “KILL AT WILL” Laws that are Protecting Trayvon’s ShooterProminent National Organizations Urge ALEC to Disavow Lethal Law after Murder of Florida Teen – Will Deliver Demand Letter to DC Headquarters WASHINGTON, DC — On March 29, a diverse coalition of advocacy organizations, activists, and national leaders will protest the American Legislative Exchange Council’s ALEC paid promotion of deadly “Kill at Will” legislation written by the National Rifle Association NRA. The attendees will also deliver a letter to ALEC headquarters at 1100 Vermont Ave, NW in Washington demanding that the group disclose all NRA funding and publicly pledge to end its promotion of “Kill at Will” bills.Organizing sponsors include the National Urban League, NAACP, ColorOfChange, Moveon.org, AFL-CIO, SEIU, ProgressNow, Center for Media and Democracy/ALECexposed.org, Presente, Public Campaign, Common Cause, People For the American Way, UltraViolet, Faith in Public Life, National Council of Churches, USAction, and more.A FLIER FOR THE EVENT CAN BE FOUND HERE PDF.ISSUE: The Florida “Kill at Will” law is being used to justify the killing of Trayvon Martin – an unarmed African American 17-year-old – and may prevent the successful prosecution of his shooter. Since the NRA wrote this law into Florida’s books in 2005, the “justifiable homicide” rate there has jumped 300%.ALEC has used its deep relationship with conservative lawmakers in state legislatures to pass similar legislation in 30 states and at least 34 states have some form of expanded “Kill at Will” laws. ALEC also promotes legislation that serves the financial interests of its corporate funders while undermining voter rights, workplace safety, and more.WHAT: Rally in Washington, DC, to protest the ALEC campaign to pass the “Kill at Will” laws that protect Trayvon Martin’s shooter, and delivery of letter to ALEC headquarters demanding disclosure of NRA funding and immediate cessation of “Kill at Will” legislative advocacy: WHERE: ALEC Headquarters, 1100 Vermont Ave., NW Washington, DCWHEN: March 29, 12:00pm SPEAKERS: — Hilary Shelton, NAACP — Marc Morial, National Urban League — Liz Shuler, Secretary — Treasurer of The AFL-CIO — Rashad Robinson, ColorOfChange — Lisa Graves, CMD/ALECexposed — Mike Livingston, National Council of Churches — Diallo Brooks, People For the American Way — Doug Clopp, Common Cause — Rev. Jennifer Butler, Faith in the Public Life — Members of Congress TBA Organizers anticipate a large, vocal and high-profile turnout to expose the NRA/ALEC partnership and its horrific “collateral damage” in America’s communities and attempt to deliver their demand letter to ALEC leaders.

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