Ceremony To “Legitimize” Native Hawaiian Roll An Insult To Hawaiian Kingdom Ali`i

The Committee of Hawaiian Nationals opposes the formation of the Native Hawaiian Roll Commission and its objectives for three primary reasons.

The State of Hawai`i has no lawful authority either under its domestic law (the US Constitution) or under international law, to form a body politic for a separate and distinct Native Hawaiian government.

The Native Hawaiian government that the State of Hawai`i proposes is not the proper remedy for the usurpation and occupation of the lawful, sovereign, independent nation known as the Hawaiian Kingdom.

The Native Hawaiian Roll is exclusionary to non-Native Hawaiians and the Native Hawaiian Roll is exclusionary to Hawaiian Nationals.

The desire by parties within the State of Hawai`i and the United States of America to establish a “Native Hawaiian governing entity” is the latest attempt to legitimize the “State of Hawai`i”, a puppet government installed by the United States to conceal the its unlawful usurpation and occupation of the Hawaiian Islands.


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