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The Poverty of Colonialist Mathematics (FWR-07.19.2012) — TheAngryindian speaks with ANG health-editor Zashnain Zainal who reports from Bangkok, Thailand about the plight of those living on the margins of capitalist society in Southeast Asia and practical remedies for both relief and progress; the second part of the show features an exclusive interview with Bro. Ashahed M. Muhammad, assistant editor of the Final Call newspaper an enlightening and frank discussion about a hard subject: the documented pattern of targeted executions aimed towards American Africans within the United States by both law enforcement and opportunistic ‘privateer ‘vigilantes’ . To obtain your PDF copy of this public report please visit: www.finalcall.com or mxgm.org 01:31:50—128Kbps mp3

Word is Bond (FWR-10.26.2011) — Words of interest, thought and consequence with Luqmon Abdus-Salaam, Liz Mariani and a special interview with Indigenous Peruano spoken word artiste Rodrigo Sanchez-Chavarria. 1:35:27—128Kbps mp3

Feminism and Media Discrimination (FWR-03.17.2012) — TheAngryindian speaks with Jillian C. York, Director of International Freedom of Expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation about women and the lack of visible female participation in mainstream and alternative news media. Ms. York is on the Board of Directors of Global Voices Online, and has written for a variety of publications, including Al Jazeera, The Atlantic, The Guardian, Foreign Policy, and Bloomberg. — http:/www.jilliancyork.com : 44:00—128Kbps mp3

4th World Radyo – Crime And Punishment (FWR-04.01.2012)A frank discussion on African human rights with Irish activist Ms. Darcy Delaproser : Editor – [irishgreeneyes-welcometomyworld.blogspot.com]   00:54:05—128Kbps mp3 

Soul of Female (FWR-03.18.2012)TheAngryindian speaks with US poet Liz Mariani about the souls of women within the public and private spheres of modern political consciousness. — Performances: Road Less Traveled Theater (2009), Starlight Studio (2009), Urban Legacy Performance (2009), Colored Musicians Club (2008), Rooftop Poetry Club (2008), Rust Belt Books (2008), Saberfrog- Film (2008), Spoken Word Sundays (2008), Tru Teas (2008), Buffalo Small Press Book Fair (2007), Hardware Cafe (2007), International Dub Poetry Festival (2007), Lizzard Ball 2007 (2007), The Way Up -Podcast (2007), University at Buffalo, SUNY (2007), Spirit Morph Studio (2006), Hamilton Public Library (2005) — http://about.me/lizmariani   01:09:47—128Kbps mp3

TheAngryindian In Conversation With Bob Kincaid of Head On Radio (FWR-07.31.2012) — TheAngryindian sits with talk-radio host Bob Kincaid of the H.O.R.N. [headonradionetwork.com] to discuss the environmental and human rights crisis that is Appalachia due to the US coal industry’s insistence that employing mountaintop removal methods is necessary for the good of American capitalism.  01:58:17—128Kbps mp3

Insight Malaysia (FWR-2012/5/21)Interview with ANG Correspondent Zashnain Zainal [Malaysia]   01:16:04—128Kbps mp3

Witnessing AfriKristallnacht (FWR-01.25.2012) — Discussion with Israeli journalist David Sheen [@davidsheen] concerning the recent spate of anti-African attacks taking place in the State of Israel. 01:00:52—128Kbps mp3

Gender Bias, Immigration and National Status (FWR-06.14.2012) — This dispatch features a discussion between APNSPR host TheAngryindian and Peruvian-American blogger and activist Carlos in DC who reports on Indigenous Peoples, LGBT issues and the politics of immigration and colonialism in the Americas.01:08:41—128Kbps mp3

Bill Campbell Interview (FWR-02.21.2012) — Bill Campbell is a native of Pittsburgh and an alumnus of Northwestern University. Throughout his varied and illustrious career, he has done everything from assembling Christmas toys in Cleveland; loading trucks, bookkeeping, and being an AmeriCorps volunteer in Atlanta; coordinating an elementary school literacy program in D.C. to teaching English as a second language in the Czech Republic. He’s also the former publisher of the independent magazine, Contraband, and the music trade magazine, CD Revolutions. Bill came out with Sunshine Patriots, a semi-satirical, military science-fiction novel, in 2004, My Booty Novel, which he calls “fluff for nerds,” in 2007, and a collection of essays, Pop Culture: Politics, Puns, and “Poohbutt” from a Liberal Stay-at-Home Dad, in 2010. Koontown Killing Kaper is his fourth book and third novel. — [http://www.koontown.com]  00:53:32—128Kbps mp3

A Question of Native Identity (FWR-01.26.2012) — A freewheeling discussion between APNSPR host TheAngryindian and Lekwungen/ Wsanec homelands resident Prof. Jeff Corntassel (Cherokee Nation) about the mainstream and First Nations media attention given towards the Native identity scandal surrounding US politician Elizabeth Warren while more pressing issues facing American Aboriginals are not being addressed.  01:14:01—128Kbps mp3

Fourth World Radyo : JP Montano sits With Sharon Venne (FWR-06.02.2012) — Ms. Sharon Venne interviewed by JP Montano [@jpmontano] 01:09:25—128Kbps mp3

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