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ANG Condemns ‘Operation Protective Edge’ as an Act of Anti-Palestinian Genocide

ANG / The Fourth World / 07.11.2014 — The editors of the Aboriginal News Group (ANG) demand a complete end to the State of Israel’s recent act of colonial desperation codenamed, ‘Operation Protective Edge‘ and an immediate de-escalation to all hostilities levied against the civilian population of the Gaza Strip.

As of this writing, United States (taxpayer) funded Israeli fighter jets have deployed more than 1000 tonnes of weaponry upon an estimated 860 specific Gaza targets within the most densely populated Aboriginal concentration camp (reservation) in the world. This is reported to be far more military material (according to Israeli PM B. Netanyahu, ‘twice the force‘) than was used by the IDF during the Israeli attack of 2012. And this overwhelming use of force is entirely disproportionate to the limited military resources of the various political factions that represent the armed wing of the Palestinian resistance.

To make matters worse, reactionary politicians in the State of Israel have flatly rejected a ceasefire offer from the Hamas faction of the Palestinian Unity government (based on 2012 ceasefire terms) in favour of pursuing further air strikes and an impending IDF ground invasion, (The IDF has reportedly recalled nearly 1,500 reservists to support the escalation of hostilities: ‘Israel hits Hamas, Islamic Jihad leaders after rockets land north of Tel Aviv’ – The Times of Israel: July 8, 2014).

Clearly, OPE is a colonialist political manoeuvre that Israel has been seeking to engage in for a very long time. And while the far-right Likudnik government has claimed that OPE is an appropriate response to the killing of three Israeli settlers by Hamas, (which has denied any involvement) many international observers now suspect that this incident may really be a false-flag operation created by the Mossad to provide an acceptable casus belli for OPE.

There is little debate that the revenge killing of a Palestinian youth Mohammed Abu Khdeir by at least six Israeli fascists – he was burned alive by his captors – in East Jerusalem, the vicious beating and illegal detainment of his Palestinian-American cousin Tariq Abu Khdeir by the IDF and the resulting military shakedown of the Gazan community (more than 500 people were rousted, beaten and detained during aggressive house-to-house searches including some deaths) would inspire an angry, Palestinian response. What is in debate is the actual goal of this particular Israeli offensive.

Israel’s leaders, including PM Netanyahu, while officially condemning the killing of Khdeir, did little to quell calls to ‘Kill all Arabs‘ and other acts of vengeance from outspoken Israeli politicians and military personalities quoted in the Israeli media. In fact, US Zionists are using public funds to defend the killers in the SOI: (‘U.S. Taxpayers Are Subsidizing Defense of Alleged Killers of Palestinian Teen‘ – ProPublica – by Uri Blau, special to ProPublica July 10, 2014). And at least one analyst has connected OPE to Israeli interest in commandeering what remains of Palestinian petroleum sources to replenish the SOI’s own energy shortages: (See: ‘IDF’s Gaza assault is to control Palestinian gas, avert Israeli energy crisis‘ – Nafeez Ahmed for theguardian.com – Wednesday 9 July 2014).

These are important details to consider when evaluating the causes behind this crisis. And while the international news media narrowly concentrates (via official misinformation and a grand media distortion of the facts) on the Palestinian militants who continue to lob home-made rockets into Israel without causing significant structural damage or a single human casualty, Hamas members of the Palestinian Unity government on the other hand have been assassinated (and many of the common people standing within their vicinity killed) as the civilian Gazan death toll continues to rise.

Half of these casualties include women and children, with more deaths expected due to a severe lack of clean water; medical supplies; fuel and food because of the long-standing, illegal blockade of the Palestinian Territories as observed by the international community.

Through the use of sadistic military actions and other means of social marginalisation and political disenfranchisement, the SOI has, on numerous occasions, engaged in actions that have amounted to acts of ethnic cleansing against Arab Palestinians as well as African immigrants. And in each of these cases, the SOI has essentially blamed its actions on the refusal of their victims to simply lay down and die peacefully.

Under international law, these conditions are regarded as acts of genocide, (Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide: Adopted by Resolution 260 (III) A of the United Nations General Assembly on 9 December 1948) and should be roundly condemned by the international community.

The ANG recognises that the current attack on the Gaza, much like previous Israel Defence Forces (IDF) programmes – ‘Operation Cast Lead‘ (2008-09) and ‘Operation Pillar of Cloud‘ (2012) – is the latest in a long line of officially-sponsored attempts to systematically reduce the Indigenous Arab population of Occupied Palestine. We also agree with those who suggest that OPE is most likely a direct result of the revisionist Zionist government of Israel’s stated refusal to recognise the Palestinian Unity (Fatah-Hamas) government, despite their pledges to (yet again) officially recognise the existence of the Jewish State under US-mandated terms of political engagement.

The situation in Gaza is totally unacceptable!

End the aggression against Indigenous Palestine by recognising the Human Rights of Indigenous Palestinians!

Aboriginal News Group Information Bureau (ANGIB)

The Aboriginal News Group is an international association of Indigenist blog-journalists working to provide accurate under-reported Indigenous news items to the people of the Fourth World and others with a concern for human justice and Aboriginal sociopolitical issues.

For further information contact:

redaktoro@gmx.pt / ang-newswire.blogspot

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Aboriginal News Group Statement On ‘Operation Protective Edge’ | APNS Novaĵagentejo.



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