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Body painting among the Bororo of Brazil.
Photo credits: Carlos Fernández González.

Carlos Fernández González is an Archaeologist and Anthropologist from Spain. He is currently living in England.

In simple words -what does an Archaeologist do? And an Anthropologist?

An Archaeologist rebuilds the past through the study of the material culture of a past society. The material culture includes not only the artefacts produced by that society but also aspects such as the management of the environment. What does that mean? Well, for instance, the Amazon rainforest is to a large extent the result of the controlling and development of certain trees and plants species by the indigenous populations.
As for Anthropologists, well, they study the human being. I would say that Anthropology is a very broad discipline which includes, from my point of view, Archaeology, Ethnography, Sociology, Art History, among other fields of study.
Carlos, how did you become…

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