Communist India News:  Two women killed after attacking riot police headquarters in Istanbul / 3/3/2016 « Signalfire

Two women carried out an attack on the Riot Police Headquarters in Bayrampaşa this morning. The attackers threw hand grenades and used rifles during the assault, and sought refuge in a nearby basement after a few minutes of clashes. One police officer was wounded during the attack. Riot police used street cameras and helicopters to identify the location of the attackers, and cornered them in the basement of a building in Gazi Street. Riot police squads attacked the basement and were met with attackers’ resistance. However, the two attackers were killed after an hour of armed confrontation in and around the basement.501-260The militants have been identified as DHKP supporters Berna Yılmaz and Ferhat Tüzer who previously served 19 months in prison for unfurling a banner demanding free education during a speech by Erdoğan in 2010.

Source: Armed struggle in Turkey/Kurdistan update 3/3/2016 « Signalfire

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