Scary images show CIA’s secret blacksites where prisoners are held under American order | Daily Mail Online

These haunting images curated by British photographer Edmund Clark and counter-terrorism investigator Crofton Black confront the nature of contemporary warfare head on, and in doing so reveal the invisible mechanisms of state control.One picture shows The Salt Pit, the CIA’s first prison in Afghanistan, upon which the visiting Federal Bureau of Prisons commented they had ‘never been in a facility where individuals are so sensory deprived’. Gul Rahman, a young Afghan detainee, died of hypothermia there in November 2002. He was buried in an unmarked grave. And in Lithuania, a windowless warehouse surrounded by woodland was secretly built by the CIA to use as a prison facility. George W. Bush’s 2001 declaration of the ‘war on terror’ until 2008, an unknown number of people disappeared into a network of secret prisons, according to the exhibition’s research.These have been organized by the CIA-transfers without legal process and are known as extraordinary renditions. No public records were kept to trace the detainees as they were shuttled to different outposts around the world.

Source: Scary images show CIA’s secret blacksites where prisoners are held under American order | Daily Mail Online


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