#Mapuche Resistance Group, Weichan Auka Mapu, Claims more than 30 Sabotage Attacks | Warrior Publications

The current reality of our Mapuche Nation is a product of colonization. That is, to live in reservations and in poor urban peripheries, the implementation of large landed private estates on ancient Mapuche territory and its subsequent exploitation and destruction by forestry, energy and mining companies. These entities were able to instate themselves in our ancient territories, due to the theft and usurpation of land through a military occupation, only to later create laws that would legitimize the theft of our lands, which currently protect the invaders. That is, large landed estate owners, large companies, and their investors, which are currently protected under so-called “rule of law.” Consequently, due to the heretofore mentioned, the disintegration of one of our most essential forms of organization called Lof has been reduced substantially.

Nonetheless, our traditional authorities have remained vigilant, as with our spirituality (Mapuche ceremony), and the essence of our national Mapuche identity.

We express the following to our Mapuche nation as a whole, whether it be within reservations, or in large urban centres driven out of their lands as a consequence of displacement, as well as to the Chilean people within and beyond Mapuche territory:

We are an expression of an organic alliance with principles and ideals connected to the theory and practice exerted by our ancestors in their process of cohabitation, as well as a dignified strategy of resistance unto the usurping enemy and oppressor.

via Mapuche Resistance Group, Weichan Auka Mapu, Claims more than 30 Sabotage Attacks | Warrior Publications

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