Canada violates human right to safe water, says report by international watchdog – Thunder Bay – CBC News

“It’s really difficult to draw a direct causation between dirty water and skin conditions, but what was really clear is there’s a change in hygiene behaviour,” she said, adding that she saw “extreme measures” taken by parents and caregivers to limit exposure to contaminants.

The specific problem with the water system or source is different in each community, but the underlying legislative and funding framework that allows the problems to persist, for decades, is the same, Klasing said.

via Canada violates human right to safe water, says report by international watchdog – Thunder Bay – CBC News


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  1. We all must be ready for water to become the next oil as a commodity.i

    In US its the old Lead pipes they claim, but in our Urban Area’s due to Fracking, Tar Sands and the Dumping to our water and soil.

    We are being poisoned. As you probably are. I know here they have a different level of what is safe per area, we need to find one uniform test.

    I would appreciate any updated Intel, see if you can request a transparency of the levels of toxins.

    They have taken Mother Earth and Systemically destroyed her for Greed.



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