(U//FOUO) DHS Intelligence Assessment: Sovereign Citizen Extremist Ideology Driving Violence | Public Intelligence

(U//FOUO) For this review, I&A counted only violence perpetrated by identified SCEs for ideological reasons that involved shootings, assaults, plots to commit violence, and credible violent threats against law enforcement, government personnel, and public officials. All incidents were reviewed by multiple I&A analysts to validate ideological motives. This data set may not be comprehensive of all SCE violence and threats of violence, and is limited by the difficulty in discerning the ideological motivations behind some crimes, which could increase the number of violent incidents by SCEs that were not recognized or reported as stemming from ideological reasons. Additional information from state and local partners could assist efforts to better understand the nature and breadth of these activities.

Source: (U//FOUO) DHS Intelligence Assessment: Sovereign Citizen Extremist Ideology Driving Violence | Public Intelligence


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