The Iranian Media and the War in Yemen

According to some major Western media outlets, the Houthis are Iran’s proxy with Tehran exercising meaningful operational control over the Houthis, using them to strike against Saudi Arabia and its interests in Yemen.There has, however, been no evidence, in the media or otherwise, suggesting the Houthis are indeed Iran’s proxy in technical or practical terms. Iran does not enjoy command and control over the Houthis, and has not played a critical role in shaping Houthi decision-making.Indeed, several senior Houthi officials have objected to the idea that they are Iran’s proxy. Rather than furthering Iranian interests, the Houthis’ main grievance is against the Hadi government, with demands centering around power sharing and reforms to the country’s constitution.Other Western media outlets have claimed that religion (Shiism) is the main reason for the alliance between the Houthis and the Iranian government. In reality, however, there are significant theological differences between the Zaydi branch of Shiism, to which the Houthis belong, and the Twelver Shiites of Iran.

Source: / The Iranian Media and the War in Yemen


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