German YPG fighter: ‘I joined the Kurds in war on ISIS to change the world’ – ARA News

But he says it is difficult for ISIS militants to resist the YPG guerilla tactics when backed by US-led coalition’s airstrikes in the countryside in Rojava–Syria’s Kurdish region. “If you combine guerilla tactics with airstrikes, this is effective in the villages, but in the cities it’s different,” he told ARA News. “In the city [like Raqqa] there are snipers, and it is a war of the city and war of mines, and ISIS militants are experts in the use of mines. It would be a very heavy fight if we would do it [attack Raqqa]”, he said.In reality, the YPG doesn’t want to take Raqqa, but they are recruiting more Arabs to support the YPG in the fight against ISIS in Raqqa–the group’s de facto capital in Syria . “We don’t want to take Raqqa; once we have cleared up Raqqa, we will hand it over to an Arab force. We have to build up strong Arab forces, to manage the social life of the Arab society; there is no Arab force now that is capable of managing the society’s affairs. There is no other movement [apart from the YPG] that can do this,” he said.

Source: German YPG fighter: ‘I joined the Kurds in war on ISIS to change the world’ – ARA News


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