/ The Oakland police cannot be reformed

What broke this story open was the suicide of one of the cops who left a note exposing what he and his co-workers were doing. Investigators soon realized that his wife also died a year earlier, shooting herself in the head with two gunshots, or so it seemed, leading her family to believe that she was actually murdered by her husband, the cop who was committing statutory rape. This led the Oakland Chief of Police to note that it is not uncommon for people who commit suicide by gun to fire multiple shots. Yes, he really said that. At the height of the crisis, the City of Oakland fired him and two successive police chiefs in nine days before City Hall assumed leadership of the department.This scandal has broken in the middle of a growing national struggle against police terrorism, a struggle which has often had Oakland at the center. So if there is any place or time where there might be the political initiative for a substantial reform effort to curb police violence, it is in Oakland right now. There has in fact been a political initiative in the form of a proposed ballot measure pushed by the Coalition for Police Accountability which will create a new police commission, and yet the meddling of various allies has watered this measure down so much that it shows once again how various police “reformers” are not even willing to push for their own reforms. More and more police reformers–not to mention police abolitionists–have become resigned to the fact that this commission will have hardly any power at all and might even make police defender and Mayor Libby Schaaf stronger.

Source – The Oakland police cannot be reformed

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