We Should Be Shocked, Shocked, at Reports of Russian Interference in US Elections | The Nation

Cyber-espionage is a serious threat, no question. But who is the villain? When the US Treasury Secretary pressured Beijing to stop its relentless invasions of US government and industry computers, the People’s Daily shoved back. Washington, it said, is the “real ‘hacking empire.’”Many Americans will reflexively dismiss that assertion as Red China agit-prop, but the Commies might have it right. When intelligence officers give the president his daily morning briefing, most of the information has been collected by our cyber-spies at the NSA and CIA. “It’s at least 75 percent, and going up,” said Mike McConnell, director of national intelligence for George W. Bush (kudos to Michael Riley of Bloomberg for his smart reporting on this in 2013.)

Source: We Should Be Shocked, Shocked, at Reports of Russian Interference in US Elections | The Nation


"In a time of universal deceit, to tell the truth is an act of revolution." ~ George Orwell


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