JUST IN: WIKILEAK’s Julian Assange Working To UNLEASH Trump’s Buried Tax Returns (VIDEO)

Bucking a 40-year tradition, Trump has resisted making his tax information public. Since the New York builder’s presidential campaign is running on his credentials of being a successful businessman, his tax returns are critical.

So, what could the public learn about Trump from his tax returns?

  • Where Trump’s money comes from and how much he has actually made.
  • What kind of tax rate the candidate has. Mitt Romney had many millions of dollars but paid the low, low rate of 14 percent. Why? Most of his income comes from dividends and capital gains.
  • Whether he is conservatively or aggressively paying taxes.
  • How charitable he is and what charities he decides to promote with his donations.
  • Finally, tax returns would show how honest the candidate is. Could Trump’s returns be filled with boast-shattering realities that would cause his facade to crumble?

Assange is not fond of Hillary Clinton, so an announcement directed at Trump is a surprise. CNN’s Anderson Cooper of “Anderson Cooper 360” questioned whether Assange has it in for Clinton.

Source: JUST IN: WIKILEAK’s Julian Assange Working To UNLEASH Trump’s Buried Tax Returns (VIDEO)


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