#DNCLeak: Questions People-of-Colour and Other Repressed Communities Might Want to Ask | The Modern [AfroIndio] Times

APNSPR_C#DNCLeak: Questions People-of-Colour and Other Repressed Communities Might Want to Ask | The Modern [AfroIndio] Times — While I’m glad to see the DNC leak, the bottom line is, the Russian government – from what I’m seeing and already know about – WAS behind the hack. This deserves mention and attention, because if the Putin government (which has hacked into US servers many times before) is behind this, that means that the RNC was willing to work with a foreign government against their own people. Bottom line. Partisan politics aside, NO GOVERNMENT should be allowed to do such a thing. And while it did happen to the US as opposed to the other way around, (as it usually does) does not remove the main issues of espionage and deliberate sabotage of a national election by a foreign power. Progressives are making a major error in joining with the reactionary right on this. Well, on anything, really.

However, people who see themselves as ‘Leftist’ should be concerned about this and it is notable that the right-wing – after all of their nationalistic shouting – isn’t. Anyone paying attention (like us) who are not ‘liberals’ in the accepted sense, knew early on. We could tell from the negative tone of the mainstream reportage and the DNC’s pro-Hillary attitude that Sanders was being worked against by the controlling members of the party. I truth, only a complete political nebbish didn’t see what was happening, which is one reason why I laugh at those who ‘just found out’ about what was going on. We all knew what was happening and did nothing because most libs here wanted Hillary Clinton. Mostly because they already knew who she was because of her husband AND because many women want to see a female president. Even if she is as politically corrupt as Hillary Clinton. That’s it. Hillary represents that White mainstream that likes to view itself as ‘progressive’, although in reality, they are really no more willing to put an end to Eurosettler exploitation than anyone else in a position to stop it. These same libs balked at the idea of a Socialist running, even though he’s been backing the very items that they say they want for decades, without very much help (morally or otherwise) from the actual DNC rank-and-file outside of his own region.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton, who helped initiate a nationwide anti-Black police brutality crime wave when she publicly identified ethnic minorities in the United States as ‘Super-Predators’ who needed to be ‘Brought to heel’. I personally remember being bullied by ‘Peace Officers’ telling us face-to-face (meaning myself, along with other young Black and Latino males, individually ans as groups) that we deserved the unfair treatment that we received as Blacks and that the president (then Bill Clinton) got it right when he passed the Omnibus Crime Bill, or, ‘New Crime Bill’, which legally brought back racial profiling into law enforcement and lead to the problem of mass incarceration which has damaged the Black and Indigenous communities in the states to a point of (possible) non-repair. An entire plethora of conditions ravaging Black America can be directly traced to the Clinton administration’s purposeful targeting of Black and Brown youths, including but not limited to:

  • Violent police encounters that often end in the ‘suspect’ losing his/her life and/or freedom due to false or misleading charges resulting in unnecessary imprisonment and/or fines which encourages economic depression.
  • It is a shame and a conscious oversight that the widespread damage occurring within the US African community because of HIV/AIDS is not connected to the Clinton administration. Because prison rape as well as consensual sexual contact within the prison industrial-complex has done more than anything else (far more than bisexual African men on the ‘Down Low’) to aggressively spread the illness within the domestic community.
  • Many progressives like to forget that it was the Clinton administration that initiated NAFTA and GATT and the neoliberal ‘Welfare-to-Work’ programmes that placed many poor people in the US into abject wage-slavery across the country. US mega-corporations such as Wal-Mart and many other industries took full advantage of this loophole and to this day, still pay below-average rates when workers cannot legally bargain for better pay and/or conditions.

The political left in the US has given a pass to this history because in effect, it shows that the Eurosettler-dominated conservative wing of the DNC did more to ruin Black and Brown futures in the Americas than the previous and openly racist government of Republican-actor Ronald Reagan materially did. And in saying this, please understand that I am not absolving the GOP of anything. While the Richard Nixon administration laid the groundwork through clandestine domestic counter-intelligence programmes such as COINTELPRO; CHESIMARD and NEWKILL which built the original police tactical units (such as SWAT) to suppress first White communist groups and then the Black; Indigenous and Puerto Rican political and liberation movements, it was political Democrats, even the much-liked and respected Jimmy Carter, who progressively increased both the budgets and mandates of domestic law enforcement specifically to quell what they perceived as Black and Brown ‘unrest’ in urban areas where Eurosettlers faced more direct resistance.


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