Trump’s Net Worth Isn’t His Only Claim That’s Fake | The Fiscal Times

The past 24 hours have confirmed what many observers already suspected: The Donald Trump candidacy is much like the Donald Trump hairdo. The longer you look at it, the more you’re convinced not only that there is much less there than meets the eye, but also that what actually is there has been carefully constructed to hide something.Take Trump’s fortune. Yes, the guy is ridiculously rich, but Bloomberg on Tuesday released an analysis of his 90-plus page personal financial disclosure filed with the Federal Election Commission suggesting that he’s nowhere near as rich as he repeatedly, relentlessly, claims he is.Trump had claimed that his net worth is something north of $10 billion, but once Bloomberg’s Billionaire’s Index started peeling away The Donald’s extraordinarily optimistic assumptions about the value of his brand and his properties, the number began to look smaller. Bloomberg’s final verdict: $2.9 billion.

Source: Trump’s Net Worth Isn’t His Only Claim That’s Fake | The Fiscal Times

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