dailykos.com: Jewish guy declares himself alt-right. Alt-right promptly informs him they’d prefer him dead.

Sunday, Aug 28, 2016 · 10:36:34 PM PDT · kat68The comments ranged from go back to Israel to start your own ethno-centric group to crude cartoonish caricatures of Jewish money-lender types as well as calls for the author to jump into an oven and worse. I see now that the comments were deleted and can’t be accessed anymore. The screen-saved comments weren’t even the worst. It was truly the most depressing comment section I’ve seen in my life, wherein white nationalists loudly and proudly—often using their own names–dismissed a fellow believer based on his religion in the crudest, most disgusting terms. I felt I was living in pre-Nazi-Germany reading the comments; no wonder The Forward finally blocked them.Reading this thread was a sickening experience that brought home what this election is really about.

via [dailykos.com] Jewish guy declares himself alt-right. Alt-right promptly informs him they’d prefer him dead.

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