Lawmakers clash over race claims in Flint aid delay | TheHill

“There’s something about this poor community, this poor majority-minority community, that exempts them from the kind of help that we have provided time and time again to people in crisis in this country,” Kildee said.“I hate to come to the conclusion that there’s something about these people that causes this Congress to decide they don’t deserve that help. That is a shame,” he added. Kildee didn’t explicitly say that Republicans are being racist, but his comments drew a sharp rebuke from Rep. Rob Woodall (R-Ga.) moments later.“How dare you suggest that race is the basis of this?” Woodall asked fiercely.Woodall, who noted that he lives in a majority-minority county, described Kildee’s charge of racism as an example of why the public views Congress as dysfunctional.“This institution is better than that,” Woodall said. “That kind of vitriol is not going to get us to where I know you and I both want us to be.”

Source: Lawmakers clash over race claims in Flint aid delay | TheHill

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