Anti-Fascists Shut Down Nazi Rally at California State Capitol : Indybay

A diverse showing from across Northern California came out in solidarity. A militant antifa force of anarchists, punks, anti-racist skinheads, white, Black, Latino, Asian, cisgendered, queer, and trans folks set out to deny the Nazis their rally — and they succeeded.Despite claims by CHP’s George Granada, there were never thirty Traditionalist Workers Party supporters present on Capitol grounds at any one time. He was correct that there were roughly 100 police present, on horses, in riot gear, with bikes and crowd control weapons, not to mention plenty of live ammo, mostly on the perimeter of Capitol grounds.If the Nazis could have even gotten three dozen racists to show up together in public, the anti-fascists had already out-organized them and arrived in the hundreds well before the permitted rally was set to begin. Antifa covered the grounds, keeping their eyes out for approaching Nazis, and repelled them as they arrived, usually alone or in pairs.

Source: Anti-Fascists Shut Down Nazi Rally at California State Capitol : Indybay


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