“Great Debate” Demonstrates: America Was Never Great….and Has NO Answers!

We’re told that presidential elections, and especially presidential debates, epitomize why America and its democracy are so great. That’s when people supposedly get to choose, through open and serious debate and discussion, which leader will address their most pressing needs and concerns. Billions around the world are suffering terribly. Syria, Yemen and much of the Middle East have been turned into infernos of death and destruction, thanks mainly to decades of U.S. domination and aggression. In the U.S., Black, Brown, and Native people are being relentlessly murdered by police. There’s nowhere on the globe—including America—where women aren’t subject to abuse and dehumanization, whether modern or medieval. And the planet itself is in the grips of an environmental crisis more threatening than anything we’ve ever faced since modern humans first emerged 200,000 years ago.

Source: “Great Debate” Demonstrates: America Was Never Great….and Has NO Answers!


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