Embattled Trump finds allies and inspiration in the lunatic fringe

Embattled Trump finds allies and inspiration in the lunatic fringe – LA Times – Imagine a presidency steered by the fierce fantasies of someone like Alex Jones, a Trump fan and radio host who Rolling Stone magazine dubbed “a giant in America’s conspiracy subculture.” Jones has come up with some interesting ideas. He has said the horrific slaying of schoolchildren and teachers at Sandy Hook was staged by actors to drum up support for gun control. He has said terror attacks in Orlando, San Bernardino and on 9/11 were engineered by sinister forces inside the U.S. government. He has said military maneuvers in the Southwest were a ruse to cover up a federal takeover of Texas. He has said the government has a weather weapon that “can create and steer groups of tornadoes.” He has said that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was murdered by the Obama administration and that Bill and Hillary Clinton have been responsible for numerous homicides throughout their political careers.

Source: Embattled Trump finds allies and inspiration in the lunatic fringe

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