Motherboard: Police Agencies Want an Easier Time Serving Warrants to ISPs

Police Agencies Want an Easier Time Serving Warrants to ISPs | Motherboard – In the most innocuous cases, this problem can just be a waste of time, but in others it can present an urgent dilemma, FBI Supervisory Special Agent Robert Flaim told Motherboard in a phone call. According to a presentation from Flaim and other staff from the DEA and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), one case involved the online sexual extortion of a young girl. Because the WHOIS information was inaccurate, it took three months before law enforcement found the right ISP, all the while the girl was continually victimised. The issue is that it can take several attempts for agencies, including public safety and law enforcement, to find the right ISP to serve that court order on, because of how IP addresses are handled and allocated down a long chain of companies and organisations.

Source: Police Agencies Want an Easier Time Serving Warrants to ISPs

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