The Final Days Before the Murder of the KKK Grand Imperial Wizard

Mass Appeal — The Final Days Before the Murder of the KKK Grand Imperial Wizard – Malissa was very active in spreading awareness for the need to rescue stray animals. Mostly cats. Posts involving pictures and videos of cats make up a bulk of her Facebook posts. It’s oddly reminiscent of that weird aunt you may have. There are also several disturbing and graphic videos she’s posted showing dead animals that were purposefully abandoned.

Her son Paul had some interesting posts, too. A Facebook status update on January 19th informed his friends and followers that he didn’t “care what anyone believes. i did not rob Roy’s car wash. No one knows the story. Yes I was there, but i took no part in it. i will not be blamed for something I didn’t do. Believe what you will,” which seems like an odd thing for anyone to post on the internet. His posts are a little less frequent, but there are numerous posts that suggest he enjoys playing the acoustic guitar. Although this past summer he posted “All I want to do is trade this life for something new.”

Looks like he’s getting what he wanted.

There are other posts that could indicate Malissa wasn’t happy, or at the very least showed that her mind wasn’t in the best of places. On February 5th she posted a FOX29 story with the headline, “Kids tell teachers their father stabbed their mother to death,” two days earlier a story that was titled “Deputies arrest woman for kidnapping romantic rival.”


"In a time of universal deceit, to tell the truth is an act of revolution." ~ George Orwell


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