4th World Radyo: Anglophonic Hyper-Normalisations: The Postmodernist Political Theory of Relative Quantity

Summary: This dispatch finds @TheAngryindian speaking further about the ‘intellectual disconnect’ infecting the wider Anglophone political discourse and how Fourth World communities and other Peoples of Colour (PoC’s) in North America and around the world are coping (bravely) against the new social realities of politicised White Supremacy after World War Two. Under the watchful eye of the far-right Trump Administration, MAGA (Make American Great Again) ‘movement’ foot-soldiers are committing acts of domestic terrorism – in Trump’s name – across North America; #StandingRock, #NoDAPL and #StopSabalTrail water protectors (especially Native women), civilian observers and certified journalists face physical and legal abuse from both law enforcement and private security contractors; mass immigration round-ups have begun and the NRA is talking about launching an ‘alternative security force’ to protect this ‘New World Order’. In response, the US far-Left and many non-European political pundits have decided to downplay the damage being done (and threatened) by the GOP in favour of hyper-normalisation by promoting the (false) notion that Trump and his Holocaust-denying compatriots are (perhaps) no less dangerous than the DNC and maybe less so. Clearly, something is seriously wrong when the political Left in a given society is willing to mimic their neoconservative opposition by adopting their ideological positions, including their false political propaganda and revisionist memes rife with Judeophobia and anti-Progressive ‘sheep-dipping’. Does this have to be the ‘new normal’?

EXTRAS: Audio excerpts pulled from ‘Hyper-normalisation’ and other bits and pieces of information not allowed on corporate-owned North American talk-radio programmes operating over the AM/FM transmission bands.

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Credits: Hypernormalisation: Adam Curtis [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fny99f8amM]

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