Republicans Introduce Resolution to Repeal FCC Internet Privacy Rules – InsideSources

Republicans Introduce Resolution to Repeal FCC Internet Privacy Rules – InsideSources – Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake introduced the measure late Tuesday alongside more than 20 fellow Republicans co-sponsors. The Flake proposal seeks to unwind the rules via the Congressional Review Act, allowing for a simple majority vote in both the House and Senate to repeal the rules and prevent the agency from passing substantially similar regulations in the future.

The internet privacy rules passed in October ban providers like Comcast and Verizon from collecting and monetizing virtually any subscriber information without prior user permission, including browsing history and app usage.

Ajit Pai, the new Republican chairman of the FCC, stayed the rules last week just before they were scheduled to take effect. In a statement with acting Federal Trade Commission Chairwoman Maureen Ohlhausen, both said they want to return privacy enforcement to the FTC. The agency exercised lighter-touch privacy rules over internet providers before the FCC reclassified broadband as a common carrier service subject to FCC jurisdiction in its 2015 net neutrality rules.


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