Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton lied about a school providing a Muslim-only classroom | Mic

The Council of American Islamic Relations, the largest Muslim civil advocacy organization in the United States, called Paxton’s open letter was an “cheap Islamophobic publicity stunt.”

“Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office appears to have made its ill-informed statements without first contacting school officials,” a statement from CAIR’s Texas chapter read, according to the Independent. “That apparent lack of interest in the facts of this case would seem to confirm suspicions that the ‘concerns’ about Muslim prayers have less to do with religious neutrality and more to do with exploiting growing Islamophobia in our state and nationwide.”

The First Amendment has been a frequent area of concern for Paxton. In December 2016, Paxton sued a middle school principal to keep a Bible quote on the door of a classroom under what he labeled as “anti-Christian discrimination.” But Paxton’s lambasting of a high school for providing Muslim students a space to pray seems to make his case for religious freedom insincere.

via Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton lied about a school providing a Muslim-only classroom | Mic

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