How a man’ life was ruined due to a typo in IP address by Police

That’s when his nightmare began. Even though he was innocent, his arrest was carried out as a result of a typo in an IP address.

This means the person who was involved in the crime was never arrested while Lang went through hell due to a police officer who didn’t even bother to double check the IP address and the address they were going to raid.

Furthermore, the police went on to search his devices for indecent images, but since the content never existed in the first place, the Police found nothing but embarrassment. But it was too late for Lang who was terminated from his job immediately as a counselor for troubled teenagers.
Mr. Nigel Lang Image Courtesy: BuzzFeed.

According to BuzzFeed “Lang was bailed but under strict and devastating conditions. Social services had visited his partner at home while he was being interviewed to conduct a “safeguarding assessment,” and it was decided he could not live at the family home, visit his son there, or have any unsupervised contact with his son anywhere.”

It took police three weeks to search his device but failed to discover any evidence of criminality. Lang decided to find out what exactly happened on his own. He then filed a complaint against the police department accusing them of racially motivated arrest since his partner was white and the home Internet was registered in her name, but she was never questioned about the images whatsoever.

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