Worried about the US being led by a tyrant who may destroy the earth? Blame Alex Jones | Opinion | The Guardian

Jones, an ardent Trump booster, has made such claims over and over again on his too-popular-for-comfort radio programme, the Alex Jones Show, as well as on his websites, the best known of which is Infowars.com. He’s called Clinton a “demonic warmonger”, a “damn demon”, and an “abject, psychopathic demon from hell” who attends a “witches’ church” and has “personally murdered and chopped up and raped [children]”. If she won the election, Jones warned his followers last year, Clinton would “try to destroy the planet”. He once accused former secretary of state John Kerry of membership in a satanic sex cult, in which devotees have “gay sex hundreds of times in coffins begging for spiritual entities to possess them. That get in coffins hundreds of times in giant pits of faeces and have sex with each other. OK? That’s who’s running things! … That’s what we’re dealing with, ladies and gentlemen.” Jones thinks the moon landing was faked and the government is putting chemicals in the water to turn people (and frogs) gay.

via Worried about the US being led by a tyrant who may destroy the earth? Blame Alex Jones | Opinion | The Guardian


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