Raybon Kan: This spying game has a funny side – National – NZ Herald News

What’s the bet they chose Arrowtown because it sounds like a macho code name?I’m no expert on espionage but – shouldn’t spies be meeting in an underground bunker? Preferably wallpapered in tinfoil? And perhaps, in secret?Wouldn’t they at least name the conference something else? Instead of landing in plain-packaged aircraft – the most conspicuous aircraft of all – in a country where shoplifted cheese makes the front page – couldn’t they invent a convention of, say, stamp-collectors, or grape-peelers, or magician’s assistants, and supply everyone with fake glasses, new fingerprints, fake lanyards, and do the whole thing incognito?Full disclosure: when I first heard Five Eyes, I misheard it: as FlyBuys. So, couldn’t they have called it a FlyBuys (wink, wink) conference? Five Eyes is definitely a loyalty programme; and the goal is to score points.I imagine attendees span the spectrum, from the John Le Carré shade of grey, to the volatile Jason Bourne type: during a dry PowerPoint, (“Flip for Profit: How To Turn Double Agents into Triple Agents”,) his suppressed memories suddenly erupt, and he attacks people either side of him with the complementary Biro.

Source: Raybon Kan: This spying game has a funny side – National – NZ Herald News


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