Article: What’s it mean to be a good American today? | OpEdNews

The same can be said for Bradley now Chelsea Manning, again out of conscience, who exposed the US military’s murderous brutality in the Iraq war, particularly the scene of helicopter gunships firing and murdering civilians and Reuters correspondents caught on video then exposed by WikiLeaks.Yet he was found guilty in a military court martial, sentenced to 35 years and incarcerated for the past 7 years in a military prison. His sentence was “commuted” by President Obama in January and she’s to be released next month. Yet some Americans believe Obama commuting Manning’s sentence was wrong and he should have served the full 35 years.It’s as if “things” have turned upside down and dystopia has taken over and become prevalent in America. Maybe not Orwell’s “1984” though a peculiar American version where “official” lies are portrayed as the truth-think Colin Powell’s charade at the UN in February 2003 purporting to show Saddam Hussein had WMD and justified the US invading Iraq in March of that year.Now it’s lately North Korea’s testing ballistic missiles as a “provocation”. Of course it’s not Trump and his minions threatening the country by sending an “armada”, Vice President Mike Pence at the country’s demilitarized zone telling North Korea’s leader Kim Jong un “all options are on the table” and “don’t test the resolve of the US” or our new president.

Source: Article: What’s it mean to be a good American today? | OpEdNews


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