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Being in such a notorious prison, under the naked eye of the gun, rhetoric alone was not enough to overcome the southern slave systematic scheme used to operate this prison. With all of our theoretical views, it became absolutely necessary that we apply these theories to practice. It was through the practice of the above programs that we were able to win over many of the hardcore exploiters and eventually brought rape almost to a standstill.

In April of 1972, all of the inmates suspected of being “militant” were thrown in the dungeon as a result of the death of a prison guard. Shortly after the mass lock-up, Robert King, who also spent time among the Panther 12, came to Angola. Once security learned of his membership in the Black Panther Party, he too was accused of being involved in the death of the guard and immediately sent to solitary confinement. Our organizing never stopped.

When we came to the CCR (solitary confinement tiers), there were no TV’s, no fans, poor ventilation, no review board, no outside yard privilege, inadequate food, and no form of education was allowed.
White and black prisoners united; and we held joint meetings to fight our common enemy. To aggravate security, we posted signs up on our cell bars that read: “George Jackson Inn,” “Huey Newton Saloon,” “Bobby Seale Command Post,” and “Lil Bobby Hutton, Servant of the People.” There were many similar signs displayed by white comrades as well. When security came to use brute force on a white prisoner, black prisoners immediately went to his defense and white prisoners did the same when a black prisoner was

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