Communique from Antifascist prisoner Jock Palfreeman: Greek company exploiting slave labour in Bulgarian prison //

It isn’t hard to work out who the prisoners are who have bribed the management as they are the ones who receive more then 4 work days. Said prisoners can earn up to the full month of 22 work days, which would mean that they would have had to have made almost 10 000 bags, which of course is impossible. When these key prisoners have stolen enough paper bags many more paper bags are not declared as having been made by the victim workers because for every bag made the prison receives a percentage. As little paper bags are declared as possible means that the paper bag company MKD96 doesn’t have to pay the prison their percentage and again doesn’t have to pay taxes either. Of course we don’t care about the company MKD96 embezzling from the National Prison Authority – Prison Works Fund (Фонд затворно дело – ГДИН) because this is the most corrupt institution in Bulgaria where millions are embezzled from the taxpayers and prisoners. Of course it can’t be said that we either sympathize with the company MKD96 not paying their taxes, but when they embezzle and tax dodge the work of the prisoners is not recorded and so they are not paid and more importantly they are not accruing work days so as to reduce their time in prison.

via Communique from Antifascist prisoner Jock Palfreeman: Greek company exploiting slave labour in Bulgarian prison | Insurrection News

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