Klan Terrorism in the News

A history of the Ku Klux Klan as white supremacists hold a protest rally in Charlottesville – The Washington Post – [Michael S. Rosenwald] Their leader: William J. Simmons, a theatrical local preacher who a month earlier, after Thanksgiving supper, had bussed 15 racist men up Stone Mountain, made several declarations about purity and honor, then set flames to a cross, reigniting the KKK.

“The rites incident to the founding of the order were most interesting and the occasion will be remembered long by the participants,” the Atlanta Constitution reported in a story headlined, “KLAN IS ESTABLISHED WITH IMPRESSIVENESS.”

KKK robes unveiled at historical society, but owners kept hidden | Local | dailyprogress.com – [Historical society President Steven Meeks said the robes were donated in 1993 by a local resident who found them in a wooden crate in a shed in an eastern part of the city. He said a “Certificate of Knighthood,” dated June 6, 1926, also was donated to the Society at that time.

The robes were displayed publicly from 2005 to 2006 and from 2010 to 2015, when they were loaned to the Legacy Museum in Lynchburg, which specializes in African-American history.

Without consulting the donor, the historical society decided not to reveal who the items belonged to, where they were found or who had donated them. Meeks said they have identified the names of two Klan members associated with the artifacts.

David Duke urges followers to attend rally in Charlottesville | Local | dailyprogress.com – [The Daily Progress staff] A permit for the event, obtained by local right-wing blogger and activist Jason Kessler, estimates that there will be about 400 people gathered at the former Lee Park from 12 to 5 p.m.

Kessler was one of more than 100 people who gathered in Lee Park on May 13 for a torch-lit rally led by white nationalist Richard Spencer and others in response to the city’s decision to rename the park and remove the statue of General Robert E. Lee.

The event is taking shape as a gathering of far-right political activists and white nationalists.

KKK marchers say they will be armed Saturday at Charlottesville rally – The Washington Post – “It’s an open-carry state, so our members will be armed,” said James Moore, a member of the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, which is headquartered in Pelham, N.C., near the Virginia border. Moore said that if members are attacked, they will defend themselves.

The KKK is protesting the Charlottesville City Council’s decision this year to remove a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee from a public park and rename that park. Once called Lee Park, it is now Emancipation Park. A court injunction has halted the statue’s removal until a November hearing. On Thursday, a “Confederate Heroes” plaque attached to the statue was removed by city workers.

Lee statue vandalized before KKK rally | Local | dailyprogress.com – On Thursday morning, the city removed signage in front of the Lee statue. It is expected to be replaced soon by a new sign that features a new narrative on it, but the statue could remain for many more years despite the City Council’s 3-2 vote to remove it.

Mayor Mike Signer and Councilor Kathy Galvin opposed removing the statue from the park. Councilor Bob Fenwick, who at first abstained from voting for the idea, later became the third vote for its removal, suffered a loss in the June Democratic Primary election by a margin of about 1,800 votes.

Protest Emails Between Portland Police and Homeland Security: “It’s a Riot” – Willamette Week – In the emails, officials count the protesters present at several locations in downtown Portland—but pay especially close attention to the anarchists and antifascist groups in Chapman and Lownsdale plazas, describing them as “anticipated to have potential for violence.”

At least part of that supposed potential is described in the emails, which describe two Molotov cocktails seized in the parks. The emails cite “open source reporting” to describe the Molotov cocktails, and includes a link to a KATU-TV report.

No independent confirmation of Molotov cocktails has been produced in the wake of the protests. The KATU story now contains no mention of them.

Neo-Nazis Deny Obvious White Supremacism to the Media, as Joey Gibson Turns a Blind Eye · Rose City Antifa – White supremacists often try to hide their racism, because their aborrent ideologies cause the communities in which they live to rise up against them. While it will surprise few people that racists are also often liars, it is important to not let the misdirections distract us from their true aims. Anti-fascist and anti-rascist organizers often look out for what are called ‘dog-whistles.’ These signals, slogans, signs, and symbols may be easy for many people to miss, as they are not as blatant as a Swastika or Nazi uniform. They are, in fact, designed to be hidden in plain sight, or obscured by irony or other cultural cross-reference. However, to both at-risk communities and racists alike, these dog-whistles stand out as coded symbols, betraying the hatred that is veiled within.

Jake Ott (aka Jake Von Ott) is a regional coordinator for the violent white nationalist organization Identity Europa, who had previously been witnessed shaking hands with white supremacist murderer and Patriot Prayer rally-participant Jeremy Christian, immediately after Christian lowered his arm from a fascist salute. At that event on April 29, Ott posted photos of himself on his Instagram pasting up white supremacist propaganda on the main street of an immigrant neighborhood. Ott was also seen that day offering a fascist salute to passing traffic.


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