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A newly discovered memo from two weeks earlier, dated September 2, suggests an alternative explanation: a reporter had attempted to use his unreported relationship as a form of graymail (blackmail involving secret information) to coerce information from the Assistant to the Director of CIA.

On September 1st, the day before the earlier memo was written, CIA’s Executive Director-Comptroller received a call from the Assistant to the Director. Joseph Kraft, a respected journalist who would later be bugged by the Nixon White House, had tried to get information about Soviet leadership problems from someone at CIA. When he did so, Kraft revealed that he had been in contact with Ray Cline and Sherman Kent, and received information from them. Alarmingly, this didn’t match CIA’s records. Between the two of them, only one “very brief report” had been filed relating to Kraft.

via The CIA’s private press pool was a secret even inside the Agency

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