Abraham Lincoln was LGBTQ

Tripp contends his research into Lincoln’s private life suggests that his relationships with several men were more intimate and possibly more sexual than those he had with any of the women he supposedly “loved.”

For example, Tripp asserts that Lincoln shared a “narrow” bed with Joshua Speed for at least four years and that as president, he often shared the presidential bedroom with another man during the many times Mary Todd was “away.”

Early Lincoln biographers, John G. Nicolay and John Hay, called Speed “The only — as he was certainly the last — intimate friend that Lincoln ever had.” In their analysis letters from Lincoln to Speed before and after Speed’s eventual marriage in 1842, Nicolay and Hay described Lincoln’s tone as “fretful,” like that of a military commander before a risky battle. Several of Lincoln’s letters were signed “Yours forever.”

Through a plethora of letters and other personal data, Tripp’s book at least leaves the interpretation that Lincoln might have been gay.

via thoughtco.com // C. A. Tripp’s Book Asserts Abraham Lincoln was Gay


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