Press Release // #YPG International: The Game is now on. And the battle ground is the entire world now – Enough is Enough!

#YPG International: The Game is now on. And the battle ground is the entire world now – Enough is Enough!

We call on all our comrades, who fought with us against ISIS-Turkish fascism or who considers to come here and to become our comrade in our struggle against the Turkish invasion or who appreciate our fight against terrorism, fanaticism, and imperialism of the Turkish state and of those who are openly or covertly supporting the Turkish occupation of Afrin through selling weapons or making business deals of any kind, to join or to organize protests in front of Turkish embassies, consulates, representations and collaborators of the Turkish state of any kind all around the world NOW.

The way it is done is not important at all as it has to be done right now, right there! Our objective here is that they have to learn by an excruciating pain that they cannot operate easily and contribute shamelessly to the fascist Turkish state machine from now on that they from now on cannot boast about what the Turkish army and ISIS Al-Qaeda gangs have been doing in Afrin.

Just take your YPG flags or whatever you need and let them know that you refuse to watch slaughter of children and unarmed people you protected yesterday or you are willing to protect with your life tomorrow. That you are not going to let them to trample on what has been achieved in Rojava in the name of democracy, ethnic and religious diversity, womens liberation and revolutionary ecology.

Let them know that you are not just going to sit and speculate when those who tried to kill you yesterday or who might bomb you, stab you, run over you with trucks tomorrow are massacring innocent Kurds, Arabs and Christians. That you are not going to allow those despicable fanatics would set up their headquarters over the blood of your comrades and unarmed innocent people and would commit new massacres by killing you, your friends and your own people in your own country. That we, your comrades in Afrin and Rojava are ready to defend Afrin to the last drop of our blood, to the last strand of our hair, to the last smile of our children, and to the last wall of houses that stands.

That we, as YPG-YPJ and QSD forces are ready to sacrifice ourselves and ready to defend the dignity of being a free human beeing. That you are proud of the war you fought and you will not fail your comrades, your people and the land you shed your blood and sweat for. And that we know very well that our enemies are vampires, they are cannibals. However we are vampire hunters. We are cannibal gunners. The game is now on. And the battle ground is the entire world now.

Long live resistance of the Age in Afrin!

Biji Serok Apo!

YPG International, March 10, 2018.

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