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David Duke Compares Trump To Jesus Christ, Calls Him A ‘Hero’ For Remarks On Putininquisitr.com

#US and #EU #SeparatistGroups to Gather on #Moscow’s Dime – The upcoming conference will feature guests from #Catalonia and #Texas, but no #Chechens or #Uyghurs. By Casey Michel / July 26, 2016 / http://tinyurl.com/ybglspkq

Steve Bannon plans right-wing group in #Brussels POLITICO

Trump’s ambassador lobbied Britain on behalf of jailed right-wing activist Tommy Robinson | Reuters

Trump ambassador lobbied UK over jailed Tommy Robinson: report | USA News | Al Jazeera

Let Nigel Farage help build a bridge with Donald Trump, says Katie Hopkins | Daily Mail Online


SUMMARY: This delayed broadcast from the @TheAngryindian and 4th World Radyo goes further in questioning the Russiagate Scandal and asks how Indigenous and Afro-American populations fit into the Trump Administration’s painfully obvious programme to ‘Make America Gammon Again’ through the state-sponsored utilisation of racial-profiling against non-European citizens and residents within the United States; the indefinite detention of persons according to arbitrary legal and extralegal means and once brought into the system against their will(s) these people are subjected to physical and psychological including the reported use of psychotropic drugs and sedatives aimed and reducing resistance to what is happening to them and the social media influence of Russian-backed hacker-factories situated in Eastern Europe and the Russian Republic. @TheAngryindian also takes a hard look at some of the voices of the US Left angrily dismissing allegations of Russian-meddling as American Paranoia and asks why these ‘experts’, when appearing on alternative news media, seem to be more interested in fighting harder for Trump and Putin than they are for Black and Brown America. Is there a reasonable explanation for their questionable behaviour, especially following Trump’s treasonous performance in Helsinki? And after the Trump Administration decided to support British neo-Nazi Tommy Robinson with diplomatic pressure, (after supporting neo-Nazis at home) why, in a logical world, would US Leftists choose to thrown their lot in with the US Republican Party which is directly connected to the violent far-right? Is this the ‘new’ American Left? And how will Progressives and authentic Democratic Socialists deal with this while working to build a functional political party in the United States under Democratic Fascism?

EXTRAS: The usual mix of politically progressive PSAs; anti-commercial quirks; political sounds and archived news items; a brief corporate news clip with the Rev. William Barber, including illuminating commentary from independent broadcasters Benjamin Dixon, Joe Rogan and Mike Malloy.

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