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‘Accusation drive’ – Indonesia president slams Australia’s gagging order exposed by WikiLeaks — RT News

WikiLeaks released a document Wednesday that it said was a court order issued by the Supreme Court in Melbourne on June 19.According to the document, the court had banned any disclosure or publication of information concerning 17 current and past heads of state, politicians and other senior officials of Malaysia, Indonesia or Vietnam in connection […]

Tony Abbott may have doomed Peter Greste to years in an Egyptian prison

In 2003, during the Howard years, Holly Deane-Johns was sentenced to 31 years prison in Thailand for possessing 136 grams of heroin. A large spoonful. Moves for leniency following the manifestly excessive penalty were either not made or not successful until after the Coalition left office.In December 2007, just days after the change of government, […]

Wynyard software to help police | Radio New Zealand News

Wynyard global marketing vice-president Saya Wahrlich said the programme would be targeted at law enforcement and border control agencies, and the analysis platform would have a range of different aspects to it.”So it’s definitely the advanced analytics capability that adds richness to different data sources so that investigators can see a more broad view of […]

Undercover: Spies hired to infiltrate anti-coal campaign

Fairfax has interviewed individuals directly involved in the espionage and multiple sources with detailed inside knowledge of the surveillance have independently alleged it was orchestrated by a company run by a former Australian military intelligence officer, Tony Groves, and his partner, Maria Topia.While their firm, the Centre for Intelligence and Risk Management, had direct operational […]

FBI’s case against Kim Dotcom revealed | Radio New Zealand News

The United States is seeking the extradition of Mr Dotcom and three other men accused of copyright infringement and money-laundering charges relating to the now-defunct Megaupload website.The summary includes email and Skype discussions involving the four accused.It details payments of up to $205 million moving from Megaupload users to the company’s accounts from which Mr […]

Fourth World Radyo: Talking Papua Merdeka! With Ronny Kareni and AKRockefeller | APNS Public Radyo

Summary: Intelligent Aboriginal Radio Exclusive: TheAngryindian speaks with Papua New Guinea PNG activists Bro. Ronny Kareni Melbourne, Australia / and AKRockefeller undisclosed location/ akrockefeller,com about the state of human rights, free speech and the viability of the current independence movement in West Papua. Bro. Kareni is a grassroots organiser working with the the Freedom […]

Beware the Teaparty Down Under: Abbott is a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing | vegasjessie

In order to appear as equally sexist, misogynistic and bigoted as his American Teaparty counterparts, Tony Abbott has a rich history of chauvinistic bullying in his C.V. His attempt at mirroring candidates like “legitimate rape” failed Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin are evident in this quote: “When it comes from Julia Gillard, the unmarried, current […]

ICAC: Former Liberal minister Chris Hartcher had ‘secret computer network’

A source familiar with Mr Hartcher’s office has said the then shadow cabinet minister bought computers that were installed in his electorate office at Erina on the Central Coast.The source said there was one computer connected to the official parliamentary network but that ”every other computer in the office was a computer that was bought […]

How the Waihopai Three beat the Crown « The Daily Blog

After the Snowden revelations the Supreme Court would also have been more aware of how instrumental the Waihopai station is for feeding phone intercept information to the National Security Agency to help it target the drone strikes which kill so many innocent people.In March 2010 a Wellington District Court jury found the Waihopai Three not […]

Queensland police were aware of abuse allegations in 1970s, commission hears | World news |

\”We were aware that boys in state care and from some institutions had in fact been flown to Sydney.\”Jefferies said he had a hazy recollection a chef was involved in the allegations, but could not speak to whether the man lived in Paddington, New South Wales.Working for Queensland\’s Juvenile Aid Bureau from 1968 through 1989, […]

#Maori culture could be trademarked by TPP multinationals

Imagine a world where indigenous knowledge, language and customs are outright owned by multinational corporations and copyright enforcement is heavily backed by government police forces. Once the TPP is implemented, this sadistic dream could very well ooze into reality.Land, language and family are the pillars of everything Māori the Indigenous Peoples of Aotearoa New Zealand, […]

Maori Party Says More Kiwis Surveilled During Operation… |

\”I\’m concerned about those who are not necessarily associated with Operation 8 and I\’m concerned about some of the individuals that have been named – not concerned about them but about the fact that they\’ve been surveilled on and also some of the organisations,\” he said.\”We should be quite rightly be concerned … that individual […]

Locked Up Warriors – 101 East – Al Jazeera English

One in two prisoners is indigenous Maori even though they only account for just 15 percent of the population. Maori are overrepresented in all sectors of the criminal justice system due to soaring rates of child poverty, school dropout, unemployment and family breakdown within indigenous communities.Many say going to prison has become normalised in Maori […]

Tony Abbott refuses to commit to spy code of ethics, flags security round table

Dr Yudhoyono revealed at a press briefing on Monday night that Mr Abbott’s letter did not include an apology, but rather a pledge to “not take any action in future that may damage or interfere with Indonesia”.Dr Yudhoyono would not release the letter, but spoke approvingly about its contents before saying there were “a number […]

The surveillance state: How Australia spies on its own

  Through rapid technology advances, the Australian security apparatus has grown to an Orwellian scale. This has not necessarily been at the design of any elected government but something the Australian bureaucracy was forthright in promoting.The executive government has only superficial control over the Australian surveillance system. It is fully integrated with the NSA apparatus […]

AFP: Britain violating Assanges human rights: Ecuador

Speaking during a visit to Paris, Correa said Assanges future was \”in Britains hands\” as the Australian-born activist marks almost a year-and-a-half spent holed up in the Ecuadoran embassy in London.\”If they want to keep him there for 30 years, hell stay there 30 years, but that would violate his human rights,\” Correa said.Correa maintained […]

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