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Jonathan Meese Acquitted; German Court Rules Artist’s Nazi Salute Is Form Of Artistic Expression

Jonathan Meese was acquitted Wednesday after a German court ruled that his Hitler salute falls under the category of artistic expression.”Art has triumphed,” the 43-year-old artist said after the verdict was read, reports the Agence France-Presse. “Now I am free.”Meese, a painter, sculptor and performance artist based in Berlin, is known for his scandalous demonstrations. […]

Students offered grants if they tweet pro-Israeli propaganda – Middle East – World – The Independent

The government’s hand is to be invisible to the foreign audiences. Daniel Seaman, the official who has been planning the effort, wrote in a letter on 5 August to a body authorising government projects that “the idea requires not making the role of the state stand out and therefore it is necessary to adhere to […]

George Zimmermans Biggest Defender: A Racist With a Criminal Past | Mother Jones

After the prosecution released surveillance video from 7-Eleven showing Martin behaving normally as he shopped for Skittles and Arizona Ice Tea just before his death, Taaffe went on HLN’s Jane Velez-Mitchell show and muddied the water. Something could have happened in the intervening minutes to change Martins mood, he argued. “Also, they found a cigarette […]

I CARE – Women play ‘major role’ in neo-Nazi scene (Germany)

And she is no exception, according to Renate Bitzan, sociologist and political scientist at the Technical University of Nürnberg. “Women perform a stabilizing role in the extreme right scene and make it easier for radical right-wing parties to attract members,” she says. Bitzan has identified several roles for women in the far-right scene, including designing […]

Police, protesters outnumber KKK at rally in N. Idaho | KTVB.COM Boise

The Aryan Nations released a flyer that appealed to people who, in their words, are “tired of illegal immigration,” or of “hate crime legislation designed to target whites,” and the “under reported non-white crime rate,” among other Klan talking points. City leaders approved the event even though some in the area did not want the […]

OPINION: Rand And Ron Paul Hide Racism In Libertarianism | Breaking News for Black America

Despite its nefarious history, Ron Paul has been a longtime supporter and friend of the John Birch Society, speaking as they keynote speaker at their 50th anniversary and holding rallies with them. Like The John Birch society, Paul has become a magnet for Neo-Nazis who support him online on sites like Stormfront. Paul even has […]

the tap: Hollywood’s secret pact with Hitler

The list of institutions and industries that have been accused of whitewashing their links to the Third Reich is long, including various governments, the Vatican, Swiss banks and American corporations like I.B.M., General Motors and DuPont. Now a young historian wants to add a more glamorous name to that roll call: Hollywood. In “The Collaboration: […]

Canadian Gold Coins, Other Assets Going to U.S. Neo-Nazi Group | Hatewatch | Southern Poverty Law Center

The National Alliance, the group that long dominated the American neo-Nazi scene but has shriveled since the 2002 death of its founder, is close to receiving a Canadian bequest that may be worth as much as $1 million, reliable sources say. The money comes from the estate of Robert Harry McCorkell, a longtime Canadian member […]

French Jewish vigilante group comes out of shadows | JPost | Israel News

The attack last August, filmed by a television crew shooting a documentary on LDJ, was one of at least 115 violent incidents that critics attribute to the group since its registration in France in 2001 — a year after the eruption of the second intifada in Israel and the sevenfold increase in anti-Semitic incidents in […]

Assange on Snowden: He’s a hero, we’ve been in contact — RT News

Assange – who has been holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in the UK and is running for a seat in the Australian senate later this year – approved of Snowden’s actions calling him “a hero who has informed the public about one of the most serious events of the decade, which is the creeping […]

Nazi-Naming Dad Fights for Right to See His Son | NBC 10 Philadelphia

“I’m going to tell the judge, I love my children. I wanna be a father, let me be it,” Campbell told NBC10 Monday before court proceedings. “Let me prove to the world that I am a good father.” The closed-door hearing at Hunterdon County Family Court in Flemington, N.J., was being held to determine whether […]

INTERNATIONAL – Muslim religious leaders deliver emotional prayer at Auschwitz for Holocaust dead

The emotional visit was part of a Holocaust awareness and anti-genocide programme organised in part by the US State Department’s Office of International Religious Freedom. Of the six million Jews killed by the Nazis during World War II, a million were murdered at Auschwitz-Birkenau, mostly in its notorious gas chambers, along with tens of thousands […]

Engineer at Elite Army Weapons Lab Tied to Racist Groups | Hatewatch | Southern Poverty Law Center

A young research engineer at the U.S. Army’s elite chemical and biological research laboratory in Maryland has close ties to two racist groups espousing white nationalist views, one of which has called for a homeland for white people. John Stortstrom, a mechanical engineer who works for the Army at its Edgewood Chemical Biological Center ECBC […]

Tumblr is a great service. But… — Aboriginal Press News Service (APNS)

03.10.2013 ‘That young man, Nolan, I really don’t like him. He rides too well. He knows a lot. And he has no heart. It’ll be a sad day Airey when England’s has her armies officered by men who know too well what they are doing. It smacks of murder’. — Lord Raglan to Sir Richard […]

Ohio Neo-Nazi Busted for Weapons Was Tracking Jewish, Black Leaders | Hatewatch | Southern Poverty Law Center

A convicted felon from Ohio with neo-Nazi sympathies and an illegal arsenal of assault rifles, semi-automatic pistols and other weapons was tracking Jewish and African-American community leaders in Detroit before his recent arrest by a federal anti-terrorism task force, according to a report by Michael Isikoff of NBC News. “The FBI averted a catastrophe in […]

Black Nurses Banned from Caring for Child in Michigan Hospital | Alternet

In Michigan, a neonatal nurse reports that she was removed from her job because a Swastika-tattooed father who didn’t want his daughter treated by any African Americans. The nurse, Tonya Battle, had been working at Hurley Medical Center in Flint, Michigan, since 1988. Yet when a newborn girl came into the neonatal intensive care unit […]

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