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Canada nixes UN review of violence on aboriginal women – Manitoba – CBC News

Canada’s ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Elissa Golberg, offered a brief rebuttal to Belarus, but did not engage directly with the other countries that criticized Canada.”Canada is proud of its human-rights record, and our peaceful and diverse society,” Golberg told the one-hour session. While no society is entirely free of discrimination, she noted, Canada […]

Toronto firefighters axed over inappropriate tweets | Toronto Star

Three Toronto firefighters have been fired following a month-long investigation into tweets and other social media posts seen as degrading to women.The firefighters’ social media activity was in clear violation of city policies, and was not “in any way acceptable for city employees,” fire chief Jim Sales said on Monday, declining to go into further […]

Mexican women forced into sex 25 times a day – Times LIVE

Mexican women forced into sex 25 times a day – Times LIVE. The investigation was among several aimed at “blockading the repugnant sex trafficking corridor” used to exploit victims from Tenancingo, Mexico, said James Hayes, head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in New York. Tenancingo, an impoverished town in Tlaxcala state, has long been a […]

CIA begins weapons delivery to Syrian rebels – The Washington Post

The arms are being delivered as the United States is also shipping new types of nonlethal gear to rebels. That aid includes vehicles, sophisticated communications equipment and advanced combat medical kits.U.S. officials hope that, taken together, the weapons and gear will boost the profile and prowess of rebel fighters in a conflict that started about […]

Native women easy prey for traffickers | Star Tribune

A trafficked Anishinaabe woman in her late 50s said this to me during an interview in Duluth. She was 4 the first time she was raped. As one of five women who interviewed 105 Native trafficked women in Minnesota for the report “Garden of Truth: The Prostitution and Trafficking of Native Women in Minnesota,” I […]

Manning, prison and hormone therapy | Al Jazeera America

Allyson Robinson is a West Point graduate and former Army officer who in 2007 began her transition from male to female. She was, until recently, executive director of OutServe, an advocacy and member organization for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender service personnel.In an interview with Al Jazeera Thursday, she spoke about the case of Chelsea […]

Harris County deputy resigns amid allegations of sexual misconduct | Houston

Lisa Rodriguez said the deputy sexually assaulted her Tuesday while she was being questioned inside her East Harris County apartment. Normally, KHOU 11 News would conceal the identity of victims in these types of crimes but Rodriguez wanted everyone to hear her story.The deputy looked up Rodriguez’s information and found there was a warrant out […]

The old man’s still got it: Senior PC secretly filmed his sex sessions with 33 women – Australasia – World – The Independent

Police investigators found details of 33 women on his mobile phone. Sydney’s Downing Street Local Court heard that he would meet four of them on any given day, sometimes travelling between Sydney and Newcastle, 75 miles to the north. He also sent group texts to some of them.Osborn, who faces immediate dismissal from the New […]

2013 Gerald and Maas Suppressed News

      U.S.: on July 24, 2013, Lawyers Rights Watch Canada wrote the US Attorney General, Eric Holder, and Charles Samuels, Jr., the Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, concerning their obligations under international law to release Lynne Stewart from prison to receive the medical care she needs. Ms. Stewart at 73, is […]

Canadians, You Should Be Outraged | Hon. Carolyn Bennett

This story also highlights the need for the Prime Minister to give meaning to his 2008 Residential Schools Apology by working with First Nation’s, Inuit and Métis to deal with current unacceptable gaps in social and health outcomes for Aboriginal peoples. At the heart of this story is the fact that hungry Aboriginal children were […]

30mn girls risk genital mutilation: UNICEF – FRANCE 24

AFP – More than 125 million girls and women alive today have undergone female genital mutilation, and 30 million more girls are at risk in the next decade, UNICEF said Monday. Although genital cutting is on the decline, the practice remains “almost universal” in some countries, said the UN Children Fund’s report that spans 20 […]

Lawmakers Call for Investigation into Sterilization of Female Inmates | NBC Bay Area

State lawmakers called Wednesday for an investigation of the physicians involved in the sterilization of women inmates and raised questions about a federal prison overseer’s role in handling the matter. In a letter to the Medical Board of California, state Sen. Ted Lieu, D-Redondo Beach, said that The Center for Investigative Reporting’s investigation raised “troubling […] | Don’t join military, McCain warns women

“Just last night, a woman came to me and said her daughter wanted to join the military and could I give my unqualified support for her doing so. I could not,” the Arizona Republican, a Vietnam veteran and ex-prisoner of war decorated with Purple Heart, told the uniformed chiefs of the Army, Navy, Air Force, […]

Disgusting attacks from the Republican Party | Battleground Texas

When Battleground Texas launched three months ago, our mission was clear: to empower voters and expand the electorate. This stems from a deep and abiding belief that the future of Texas will be brighter when more people lift their voices and advocate for change in their communities. Recently, we heard someone give a much different […]

Working women should be molested: Saudi writer |

Abdullah Mohammad Al Dawood, who writes self-help books including one called The Joy of Talking, has stirred fierce debate this week via the internet microblogging service with the use of the hashtag harass_female_cashiers, to press for Saudi women to be forced to stay at home to protect their chastity. His campaign against official moves to […]

First Nations prepared to fight Harper government, Enbridge in international court | The Vancouver Observer

“Traditionally, non-indigenous folks would see chiefs standing out in front, but what the people didn’t know was that those chiefs took their directions from the women.” Now, with the Enbridge hearings taking place in BC and Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence entering her third week without food in Ontario, Goodwin said the struggles of First Nations […]

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