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threewayfight: U.S. fascists debate the conflict in Ukraine

The Ukraine conflict is in some ways a throwback to the Cold War, when many fascists — including the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists — joined forces with the CIA against the Soviet Union, despite their misgivings about the U.S. and western Europes liberal political systems. But even in the 1950s, there were some far rightists […]

Telling the Truth about Ukraine’s rising Anti-Semitic “Svoboda” Party: An Eye-Opening Experience – with Portents for Ukraine’s Future | Jewish & Israel News

A supportive message, posted on The Algemeiner site from “Aleks,” included a piece of news:  a Svoboda member of parliament, Mikhail Golovko, met in Germany with representatives of the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party NDP of Germany. In Germany, the NDP is shunned by other parties, has no seats in the Bundestag, and even has to […]

Israeli envoy opens hotline with Ukrainian ultra-nationalist – Diplomacy and Defense Israel News | Haaretz

In the meeting, “Dmitry Yarosh stressed that Right Sector will oppose all [racist] phenomena, especially anti-Semitism, with all legitimate means,” the embassy wrote on its website.“The parties agreed to establish a ‘hotline’ to prevent provocations and coordinate on issues as they arise,” it said.Yarosh’s troops had a decisive role in the revolution that forced Yanukovych […]

US to violate own laws by financially aiding Ukraine’s coup-installed govt – Moscow — RT News

Washington’s decision to provide financial aid to the coup-appointed government of Ukraine goes against the US laws, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said, urging American politicians to think about the consequences of supporting the radicals in Kiev.Ukraine’s ousted president, Viktor Yanukovich, said on Tuesday that the US plans to loan $1 billion to the country’s new authorities […]

National inventory of hate groups ranks Texas near top, with 8 in Houston – Houston Chronicle

While Texas saw a decline in the number of groups, it remained an extremist hot spot, with 57 hate groups listed on an interactive map, the third highest number in the country in 2013. California ranked first with 77, followed by Florida at 58.Texas has an even higher number of anti-government, or Patriot, groups, with […]

10.03.2014: Jagd auf Linke Tageszeitung junge Welt

Erst vor wenigen Tagen sei ein Mitglied der Kommunistischen Partei der Ukraine KPU bei einem Besuch in Kiew von Mitgliedern des Rechten Blocks festgehalten, zu dessen Basis verschleppt und dort zwei Tage lang übel mißhandelt worden, erklärte Sergej Kiritschuk von der revolutionär-marxistischen Organisation Borotba Kampf gegenüber jW. Erst auf beharrliches Drängen einer Frau, die auf […]

Организация Объединённых Наций: Помогите искоренить профашистских террористов захвативших власть в Украине.

Многие граждане Украины из-за лжи, воровства, насилия и убийств со стороны правительства Украины, ГОС служащих и других преступников поддались провокациям со стороны радикально настроенных террористических группировок действующих на территории Украины по всем областям и управляемыми кем-то сверху из иностранных профашистских террористических организаций.То, что мир наблюдал в Украине было ни что иное как бунт заключённых людей […]

KKK flag on Florida home prompts neighborhood outrage — RT USA

According to CBS Miami, the flag was taken down on Wednesday, although officials in the area ruled that legally he was allowed to keep it up. The man himself has declined requests to speak with the media, but his wife Marla Curly took the time to talk with CBS when a reporter arrived at her […]

Three Face Charges in Alleged Georgia Militia Plot | #Hatewatch

The plan called for a coordinated terror campaign that would cause mass hysteria and force the declaration of martial law, “therefore triggering other militias to join the fight.”During one online chat in late January, Peace, 45, spoke about an attack that was set for February. In preparation for the mission, the complaint said, “Peace encouraged […]

Anders Breivik: Mass murderer demands better video games and threatens hunger strike over jail ‘hell’ – Europe – World – The Independent

Breivik outlined the details of his requests to news agency AFP, where he insisted hunger-striking was a last resort after there had not been any improvements to his prison conditions.He said: “The hunger strike won’t end until the Minister of Justice Anders Anundsen and the head of the KDI the Norwegian Correctional Services stop treating […]

Feds Indict Klansman Who Designed Radiation Gun to Kill Muslims | Hatewatch

Glendon Scott Crawford, 49, was charged in an indictment last week with attempting to produce a radiological device, conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction and distribution of information related to weapons of mass destruction. Another suspect, Eric Feight, 54, was named in the original complaint but was not indicted. Both were arraigned last […]

Man accused of threatening Raleigh mayor linked to white supremacists ::

Police said Redner posted a message to that read “You make a joke about the U.S. Constitution but soon you will be on the other end of the barrel.” In the message, Redner also called the mayor an obscenity and told her to “watch out.”The name associated with the return email is “AntiZionist,” according […]

Canadian ‘Freeman’ Leader Arrested After Skipping Hearings | Hatewatch

Clifford is well known in the Canadian movement of sovereign citizens, which is composed of antigovernment activists who generally believe they do not have to follow most tax and criminal laws many sovereigns, in both the United States and Canada, refer to themselves as “freemen.” His videos, featuring Clifford holding forth on various means by […]

Profanity-Laced Video Shows ‘Patrol’ That Led to Craig Cobb’s Menacing Charge | Hatewatch

The videos are tagged on the Occidental site as “humor,” probably because there was no category for “pathetic.”Dutton’s wife, Deborah, shot the videos on Nov. 16, on a smartphone, as she followed the men, who were both armed with rifles, wandering the unpaved streets of Leith. The patrol came to a halt as Cobb shouted […]

Rise of The ‘Angry White Male’: Desperate & Insecure Whites See Years of Unfettered Privilege Slipping Away | PoliticalArticles.NET

“What is interesting here is that for decades, there was a stereotype of the angry Black male and now we are seeing something that looks like the rise of the angry White male,” the respected policy analyst and author said. “If one were to psychoanalyze this situation it may be that in Barack Obama, you […]

Racism linked with gun ownership and opposition to gun control in white Americans

a gun in the home and a 28 percent increase in support for policies allowing people to carry concealed guns.Each one point increase in symbolic racism a modern measure of anti-black racism was also associated with a 27 percent increase in the odds of opposing bans on hand guns in the home. After accounting for […]

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