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Equation Group: NSA-linked spying team have software to hack into any computer – News – Gadgets and Tech – The Independent

The group’s tools are complicated and expensive to develop, the report said. They are used to infect victims and steal their data, and are developed to go unnoticed.Most of the tools are Trojans, which are implanted secretly on users’ computers and then give the group access to them.Once a drive is infected, the only way […]

Ban on Government License Plate Cameras Nears in Montana – Hit & Run :

A year ago, the Department of Homeland Security killed a solicitation for bids to establish and maintain “a National License Plate Recognition (NLPR) database service” after a chorus of public outrage. The DHS plan may actually have been duplication of effort, since the DEA already has a national license plate scanning system maintained with the […]

Meet the serial failures in charge of protecting America’s online privacy | PandoDaily

Little known to most Americans, ambiguous language in a communications law passed in 1986 extends Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizure only to electronic communications sent or received fewer than 180 days ago. The language, known as the “180-day rule,” allows government officials to treat any emails, text messages or documents stored on […]

Former Colombian spy chief to face charges over phone tap scandal | euronews, world news

Colombian Attorney General Eduardo Montealegre said an arrest warrant had been issued by a judge of the Superior Court of Bogota, several months ago. The accusations against the spy chief threaten to further tarnish the legacy of Uribe, for years the United States’ staunchest ally in Latin America and credited with crushing leftist rebels once […]

NSA secretly uses scapegoats, data mules and innocent victims’ PCs for botnets | Computerworld

As for digital war strategy phases, surveillance is apparently so common that the NSA doesn’t even rank it above “Phase 0.” After Phase 0 detects vulnerabilities, “stealthy implants” are used to infiltrate enemy systems and allow for “Phase Three” or “permanent access.” We previously looked at the NSA’s ANT catalog, which contains exploits the NSA […]

New Radar Devices Let Police “See” Inside Homes / Sputnik US – News, Opinion, Radio

Advocates of the technology say it can provide critical information to authorities preparing to storm buildings or rescue hostages. The Range-R can provide real-time, on the ground intel about any persons activity within that 50 feet range.But that kind of omniscience is exactly what worries privacy advocates.“The idea that the government can send signals through […]

Swiss Government forced to reveal destinations, cost of surveillance exports | Privacy International

The decision by the Federal Information and Data Protection Commissioner comes on the heels of consistent pressure from Privacy International, Swiss journalists, and several Members of Parliament on policymakers, government officials, and companies in Switzerland over the past year and a half. The commissioner’s decision was the result of a FOI challenge filed against the […]

Police “stingray” technology debate avoided with contract killing guilty pleas – Baltimore Sun

David Rocah, a senior staff attorney with the ACLU of Maryland, attended the hearing hoping to gain insight into how Baltimore Police are using the stingray. At least one uniformed officer was standing by to testify before the pleas were announced.Rocah said there will be more challenges to stingray tracking.”There has been an unprecedented degree […]

New Jersey judge rules to allow cops to entrap suspects using Instagram — Society’s Child —

This is, of course, not the first time that social media and the law have intersected. Agents, officers, and lawyers have used Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites to gather intel and evidence in cases, resulting in varying degrees of public outrage. The DEA was scolded by Facebook this past October after it came to […]

Le cadeau de Noël du gouvernement aux internautes : la surveillance – Le Point

La mesure de surveillance, pudiquement nommée “accès administratif aux données de connexion”, avait été votée fin 2013 et entrera en vigueur le 1er janvier 2015. Dénichées par notre excellent confrère Next INpact, qui évoque “un décret qui sent le sapin”, ce sont les modalités de sa mise en oeuvre, tout aussi importantes, qui ont été […]

Hackers Who Shut Down PSN and Xbox Live Now Attacking Tor 

The hacker group appears to be attempting to dominate Tor’s relays to the point where it can comprise anonymity. Tor keeps you anonymous by bouncing your communications around a network of volunteer nodes. But if one group is controlling the majority of the nodes, it could be able to eavesdrop on a substantial number of […]

Slip of an Officer’s Tongue Suggests Police Are Monitoring #BlackLivesMatter Protesters’ Cell Phones – In These Times

A member of an online subculture of police scanner enthusiasts caught the call as it came in on Chicago Citywide 6—the police band used for special events—and paraphrased it on Twitter. Protesters seized upon the information, widely sharing it online. Later that week, Anonymous published a video of the call and transcript, dramatized with music […] Gov’t To Launch Billion Dollar Surveillance Blimp

The project is called JLENS – or “Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System.” And you couldn’t come up with a better metaphor for wildly inflated defense contracts, a ponderous Pentagon bureaucracy, and the U.S. surveillance leviathan all in one.Built by the Raytheon Company, the JLENS blimps operate as a pair. One […]

Surveillance Systems Are Getting Smarter – ABC News

The cameras were able to “talk” to each other, he added, so the target could be highlighted, making it easy for the next camera to pick up the chase. They could do that, without human supervision, even if the target’s face could not be seen. This would work anywhere, Hwang said, as long as the […]

Police to be given new powers to seize Internet data – ITV News

Home Secretary Theresa May said the measure would boost national security. She said: “The Bill provides the opportunity to resolve the very real problems that exist around IP resolution and is a step in the right direction towards bridging the overall communications data capability gap. “It is a matter of national security and we must […]

Global Internet Gumshoes Say They Broke the Super-Privacy Tool Tor

Originally developed to protect U.S. Navy communications, Tor is regarded by America’s most skilled cryptographers as a formidable technical adversary. The NSA has targeted Tor users in efforts to undermine the network; its continued integrity is one of the main battlegrounds in efforts to maintain the possibility of anonymous online communication.The discovery of a server […]

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