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IDF Continues ‘Acts of Genocide’ Against Indigenous Arab Palestinians Under ‘Operation Protective Edge’ As the International Community Observes | APNS Novaĵagentejo

US-Supported Israel Defence Forces Continue ‘Acts of Genocide’ Against Indigenous Arab Palestinians Under ‘Operation Protective Edge’ As the International Community Observes  APNS /North America [08.06.2014] – As the State of Israel began extracting its ground troops from the Gaza Strip on Tuesday morning in observance of another (72-hour) ceasefire, the SOI and factions representing the […]

Far-Right Islamic extemists release viodeo of decapitated Syrian soldiers

[] The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, also known as ISIL or ISIS, claims the bodies are from a battle at a Syrian army base in the northern province of Raqqa.According the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, ISIL attacked the base on Friday, leaving more than 85 bodies scattered around the site. At […]

US President supports Israeli ‘genocide’: Fidel Castro

The former Cuban president highlighted statements made by the Obama administration that reiterated its strong support for the Jewish state, which recently fought a 22-day war against the Hamas rulers of the Gaza Strip.In a foreign policy mission statement on its website, the US administration said its “incontrovertible commitment in the Middle East must be […]

חדשות – צבא וביטחון nrg – …מח”ט גבעתי לחייליו: “ההיסטוריה

תחת הכותרת דף מפקד לקרב מבצע “צוק איתן”, כותב וינטר כי זכות גדולה נפלה בחלקו לפקד ולשרת בחטיבת גבעתי בעת הזו. “ההיסטוריה בחרה בנו להיות בחוד החנית של הלחימה באויב הטרוריסטי “העזתי” אשר מחרף מנאץ ומגדף, אלוקי מערכות ישראל” מסכם מפקד החטיבה. “נערכנו והתכוננו לעת הזו ואנו מקבלים על עצמנו את המשימה מתוך שליחות וענווה […]

ISIS jihadists demolish mosques, shrines in northern Iraq PHOTOS — RT News

Maliki has sworn to defeat the jihadists; on Friday he stated publicly that: “Pulling out of the battlefield while facing terrorist organizations that are against Islam and humanity would show weakness instead of carrying out my legitimate, national and moral responsibility.”“I have vowed to God that I will continue to fight by the side of […]

8 Other Laws That Could Be Ignored Now That Christians Get To Pick And Choose

To hell with the Violence Against Women Act, when the Quran authorizes you to strike a disobedient wife, as illustrated in Chapter 4, Verse 34. And we don’t have to limit the freedom to Muslim men. As Deuteronomy 25:11-12 testifies, “If two men are fighting and the wife of one of them comes to rescue […]

‘New era of international jihad’ as Isis declares its territories an Islamic state –

The announcement will see the Isis now simply refer to itself as The Islamic State, and the group has called on al-Qa’ida and other related militant Sunni factions operating in the region to immediately pledge their allegiance.According to Isis’s chief spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, the declaration of the “restoration of the caliphate” was made after […]

Prescott S. Bush as Treasurer of Planned Parenthood First National Fundrasing Drive—1947

Prescott S. Bush as Treasurer of Planned Parenthood First National Fundrasing Drive—1947 Planned Parenthood fundraising letter of January 8, 1947, lists Prescott S. Bush as treasurer of Margaret Sanger‘s first national fundraising drive. At that time, contraception was against the law in Connecticut, and the state had a large Catholic constituency. In 1950, during Prescott’s […]

250,000 Qurans to be distributed at Brazil World Cup | Muslim World | Worldbulletin News

The Kuwaiti daily reported that the ministry’s Quran Board, known as Al-Qabas, will foresee the distribution of Qurans in Spanish, Portuguese, English and French at hotels, stadiums and various other public places.The competititon, which starts on June 12 and will run until July 13, will host the fans of 32 international football teams, including six […]

Constitutional horror: Clarence Thomas argues states can establish official religion

Thomas believes the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause does not apply to the states. The Establishment Clause is that part of the First Amendment that says “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”The Establishment Clause not only forbids the government from establishing an official religion, but also prohibits government actions that unduly favor […]

THOUSANDS Of Christians Organize AGAINST SARAH PALIN After Waterboarding Joke MOCKS Baptism – Democratic Underground

Faithful America, a large online community of Christians, has launched an effort to publicly denounce former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin after she mocked one of the religion’s most important rituals by comparing it to water boarding. Speaking at the National Rifle Association NRA convention last week, Palin had explained how things would be […] Hamas imposes Sharia law in Gaza

[] The law stipulates a minimum of 20 lashes for minor offenses, and a minimum of 80 lashes in criminal cases. The hand of a thief will be cut off; the death penalty will be reinstated for criminal offenders including homosexual practices, etc.The secular group Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine PFLP attacked the […]

Black Pastors Coalition Wants to Impeach Eric Holder for Support of LGBT Marriage – The Root

“The attorney general of the United States should be impeached over his repeated lawlessness in attempting to impose same-sex marriage throughout the nation,” the Rev. Bill Owens, president and founder of the Coalition of African-American Pastors, said in a press release. “It’s one thing to make a political argument that gay marriage should be the […]

Israeli Rabbis Warn Kerry of God’s Wrath | Consortiumnews

The letter said Kerry’s “incessant efforts to expropriate integral parts of our Holy Land and hand them over to [Palestinian leader Mahmoud] Abbas’s terrorist gang amount to a declaration of war against the Creator and Ruler of the universe.”The group of rabbis from the Committee to Save the Land and People of Israel warned Kerry […]

The Effects of Ignoring Systemic Racism | The Nation

This is what systemic racism looks like. Whether Kerrick or the officer who assaulted Manning have a personal animosity toward these young men because of their race doesn’t matter. What matters is the institutional mechanisms that degrade black life. Kerrick shot an unarmed Ferrell after receiving an emergency call that he was attempting to rob […]

Suit over Pa. stop for Arabic flashcards tossed – Houston Chronicle

Nicholas George sought to sue three Transportation Security Administration agents and two FBI agents over the August 2009 stop at Philadelphia International Airport, saying they violated his free speech rights and conducted an improper search and arrest based on the flashcards and a book critical of American policy in the Middle East.A district judge rejected […]

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