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Probe links pro-ISIS hacker to military breach | TheHill

Centcom said the cyberattack did not access the military’s operational networks nor expose any confidential information. The digital infiltrators tweeted out military PowerPoint slides relating to China and North Korea, in addition to publishing military officials’ home addresses. The event was cited by President Obama on Tuesday as he rolled out new portions of the […]

Anonymous slog till mot Jihadistsajt | Utrikes | SvD

Det var i fredags som en video som uppges komma från begiska medlemmar av nätverket Anonymous publicerades på youtube. I videon syns en maskerad person som förklarar krig mot islamistiska extremister, och berättar att hackare nu ska spåra upp sajter och nätverk kopplade till terrorister och ta ner dem. – Vi, Anonymous runt världen har […]

USA-militär blev hackad på Twitter | Utrikes | SvD

Avsändaren lade även upp bilder på vad som framstår som olika stridsscenarion i Nordkorea och Kina. Även USA:s centralkommandos Youtube-konto kapades. Strax efter 19 stängdes båda kontona ned. US Centcom bekräftar intrånget, enligt nyhetsbyrån AFP. En talesperson för den amerikanska militären säger till NBC News att inget av materialet som lades ut av av hackarna […]

California cops sign contract to begin using massive biometric database — RT USA

NEC Corporation of America – a Texas-based IT firm that provides biometric services to commercial entities, law enforcement groups, and governments around the globe – announced on Monday that it’s been awarded a multi-year contract by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to provide the agency with specialized, state-of-the-art policing services, including high-tech facial recognition […]

Police “stingray” technology debate avoided with contract killing guilty pleas – Baltimore Sun

David Rocah, a senior staff attorney with the ACLU of Maryland, attended the hearing hoping to gain insight into how Baltimore Police are using the stingray. At least one uniformed officer was standing by to testify before the pleas were announced.Rocah said there will be more challenges to stingray tracking.”There has been an unprecedented degree […]

CIA covered up the truth about UFOs for decades | New York Post

The report, “The CIA and the U-2 Program, 1954-1974,” written by Gregory Pedlow and Donald Welzenbach, outlines the CIA’s involvement in the development of the U-2 spy plane. It explains how the testing of the planes led to a massive increase in UFO reports. “High-altitude testing of the U-2 soon led to an unexpected side […]

Here’s all the evidence the government will present in the Silk Road trial

Based on the evidence being presented, the government appears to have chosen a broad attack against Ulbricht. They’re including several pieces of evidence that seem to have no direct connection to Ulbricht except that they’re related to Silk Road. The government’s argument is that, as the site’s alleged administrator, Dread Pirate Roberts, anything that occurred […]

PressTV – Google alerts FBI to anti-police threats by Colorado man

Police, informed about the user by Google, say they traced the IP address back to Perez’s home. “The perceived anonymity of the Internet will not serve as a shield for espousing violence in violation of federal law,” Denver Special Agent Thomas Ravenelle said in a news release. Perez, arrested on Monday, has been under investigation […]

Sony Hackers Guardians of Peace Troll FBI, Anonymous Convinced Hack Didn’t Come From North Korea – The Daily Beast

Meanwhile, North Korea has maintained their stance that they weren’t involved in the crippling cyber-attack, and have proposed a joint investigation with the U.S. authorities in finding the culprits, warning of “grave consequences” if America continues to blame the Hermit Kingdom for the hacking. On Saturday afternoon, Guardians of Peace, the hacking group that’s so […]

Slip of an Officer’s Tongue Suggests Police Are Monitoring #BlackLivesMatter Protesters’ Cell Phones – In These Times

A member of an online subculture of police scanner enthusiasts caught the call as it came in on Chicago Citywide 6—the police band used for special events—and paraphrased it on Twitter. Protesters seized upon the information, widely sharing it online. Later that week, Anonymous published a video of the call and transcript, dramatized with music […]

BlackBerry & Boeing make self-destructing ‘black phone’ — RT News

Boeing has joined forces with BlackBerry to develop a high-security ‘black phone’, running on Android software. Designed for government agencies, it will encrypt calls, as well as destruct all its data if it is tampered with. Boeing, the American airplane maker and defense contractor, is already working on the so-called black phone, the Canadian mobile […] Gov’t To Launch Billion Dollar Surveillance Blimp

The project is called JLENS – or “Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System.” And you couldn’t come up with a better metaphor for wildly inflated defense contracts, a ponderous Pentagon bureaucracy, and the U.S. surveillance leviathan all in one.Built by the Raytheon Company, the JLENS blimps operate as a pair. One […]

Mass surveillance exposed by Snowden ‘not justified by fight against terrorism’ | World news | The Guardian

As human rights commissioner, Muižnieks has the power to intervene as a third party in cases sent to the European court of human rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg. His report is published the week after the UK’s Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) found that the legal regime governing mass surveillance of the internet by the monitoring agency […]

Surveillance Systems Are Getting Smarter – ABC News

The cameras were able to “talk” to each other, he added, so the target could be highlighted, making it easy for the next camera to pick up the chase. They could do that, without human supervision, even if the target’s face could not be seen. This would work anywhere, Hwang said, as long as the […]

Article 29: Nutzer sollen Device Fingerprinting zustimmen können –

In the future, users will be informed about Device Fingerprinting by online services and asked for approval. For the previously hidden data collection, the same rules apply as for cookies. That suggests the EU working group on Article 29. Device fingerprinting has been used for several years as an alternative to cookies. So wanted to on-line services are increasingly […]

Symantec Uncovers Sophisticated, Stealthy Computer Spying Tool » The Constantine Report

The research, published today, comes from the same team at Symantec that four years ago helped discover and ferret out the capabilities of Stuxnet, the world’s first digital weapon. It is believed to have been created by the combined efforts of the U.S. and Israel and used to sabotage the Iranian nuclear research program.The team […]

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